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Wednesday, November 11



It’s a lazy Wednesday for those who extended your Deepavali Holidays or taking PTO (Plan Time Off is also mean for people who took Medical Leave for no reason)
Yesterday, attending my friend Deepavali celebration in Johor is awesome.
With good foods, friends and conversation I managed to sell 2 more RM100/or Sin$50 book. It is the leap of faith or authentic storytelling that make them willing to part-off their Rm100 without me disclosing the book title and author name. I coined it “No-Name” Book.
By the way, that is the last 2 of 10 books I sold in his house. I will probably have to re-order another 10. Anyone who has the leap of faith with me will have to wait until X’mas time for my next shipment.

Question Time:

“Do your Story Align with Your action or lies” – with just RM100/Sin$50 you will able to tell authentic Stories (like me) that align with your actions and no more lies




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