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Tuesday, November 24

 FSY Tuesday Nov 24 2015 -Love

Oops ! is Tuesday, not Black Friday.

A Thanksgiving Day message for you and your family

In a couple days, just about everyone in the United States will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday of the year. And you too, should join in.

Someone said we live in the world where we have to hide to make love while violence (Example: events in Paris) is practiced in broad daylight…..

Today, there’s already an abundance of violence. So, let’s start practicing love, start a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Regardless of races, religions, cultures, beliefs or values, if possible please hide it and today’s a good day to download The Thanksgiving Reader. It’s free to share and is from Seth Godin…/TheThanksgivingReade…

Seth Godin mentioned, “We’re gratified at the huge number of families that have already downloaded and printed a copy. And the creative ways people are choosing to share it. A school in California printed a copy for each of their staff, and distributed them in beautiful folios.”

If each of us shares it with ten people this week, we’ll have created a new tradition of Love.

Nobody promised us a safe journey to the coffin. But we can create a great journey of love before we ended into any coffin. Maybe the only way to stop this violence is to Make Money and Love Safety.

Have a wonderful holiday.

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