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Sunday, May 15

The Straits Times Evening Edition

Make Money and Love Safety is ABC – Above & Beyond Compliance

3 step to working safely
Prepare, Requirement, & Love Safety
To make the workplace safe is isn’t in the actual ‘work’, but to spend more time and effort invested in getting these 3 steps in place Prepare, Requirement, & Love Safety. And yet… We often get confused about which part is important, which is worth our resources, which is the point of the operations. Without a doubt, if the thing we built isn’t meeting requirement than all the other parts, will be uncertainty, it’s those that matter the most.

When in doubt, spend half as much time as you expect on the thing that matters most ‘people’ not cost, delivery, productivity(Boh-Ta-Boh-Ti) etc.

Prepare, Requirement, & Love safety and far more time on meeting requirement that actually matters.

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