Quality Journey

Today, to sustain product quality & services, the Quality Management System is no longer about developing a quality culture, training staff, setting quality standards and service blueprinting. You have to adopt a holistic approach. You need to redesign the Social Operating Mechanisms to improvement external customer experience. Quality and Human Resource professionals need to collaborate to revamp Quality produces, HR polices to develop, engage and motivate a workforce committed to lifting the quality standard and customer delightful experience.


How to do:

The Quality Journey (QJ) approach is to instil Quality in every process in the business system. It may not come easily to everyone and can be daunting endeavour. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Participate actively in the Quality Journey. (QJ)
  2. Re-establish requirement with your colleagues (there are no internal customer)
  3. Compulsory volunteer is the key word in the Quality Journey.
  4.  Collaboration, you can’t do it alone
  5. Creativity is the essence part of the QJ
  6. Create an intranet Quality Club in the organization. Social media has grown from strength to strength and can help to  connect more with colleagues outside of work. It is all about building effective relationships
  7.  Be prepared to invest time and effort to cultivate a trusted quality relationship within the intranet working social operating mechanisms. The Approach: PDCA & Execution! Execution! Execution!



  1.  积极参与质量之旅。 (QJ)
  2. 重新建立同事间的要求(没有内部顾客)
  3.  志愿是质量旅程的关键字眼。
  4. 协作,你不能单独进行
  5. 创新,是质量旅程的重要部分
  6. 在组织内部创建质量俱乐部。社会媒体已经越来越强大,可以连接更多工作之外的同事。这就是建立有效的社会关系
  7. 准备投入的时间和精力在内部社会运作机制里去培养一个值得信赖的质量关系

The Approach: PDCA & Execution! Execution! Execution




The call for Adventure:

Invest in your employees by embarking on a quality journey that instils Quality in your business.

The Quality Work, Quality Life workshops are memorable.  In the workshop, participants are encouraged to unlearn, relearn & to be playfulness. Playfulness is not about being foolhardy treating quality issues in trivial ways. What I mean by playfulness is to stay Focussed on the topic, Stay open to choices and Youniquley succeed without the need of excessive control by rules.

The workshop helps individuals to think on their own and make sense of their experiences in the activities they involved. They bring home Quality Principles and values that they ‘reset’ the workplace and have the discipline of getting things done.









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