Are you aware…? 你有意识到…?

Are you aware of your Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) risks in your workplace and the consequences for not complying to Occupational Safety and Health Act?  (On the left is the Laws of  Malaysia’s OSH ACT 1994 (ACT 154).  The OSH ACT is for protecting employees against risks to safety or health in connection with the activities of person at work.


Do you know that you have to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act in your country or site? 



Don’t need to look any further….不需要再进一步寻找…

Finding someone to best fits your needs in the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS), you can outsource the development but your legal liability cannot be outsourced. That is the reason why you should engage FSY Qualipreneur to assist you.

 寻找某人去满足您对职业安全和健康管理体系的执行需求?您可以通过外部资源来开发体系,但您的法定责任无法由外部资源代劳。这就是为什么您需要FSY Qualipreneur来帮助您。


We will work together and providing hand-holding sessions with your employees to:  


  •  Identify and evaluate significant environment aspects & impacts, and work hazards identification and Risk Assessment.   识别和评估重大环境因素和影响以及作业隐患识别和风险评估
  • Development of plan to address & control significant aspects & hazards identified.  发展计划去处理和控制重大因素和所识别的隐患
  • Identify applicable OSH legal regulations & conduct of HSE parameters testing.   识别适用的职业安全和健康法规和对HSE指标进行检验
  • Identify training and development needs and conduct training relevant to the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.   识别培训需求并开展职业安全和健康法规要求的培训
  • Develop OSH management system documentation.   建立职业安全和健康管理体系文档
  • Implementation of OSH management system.   执行职业安全和健康管理体系
  • Monitoring and measurement of key performance indicators.   监测关键业绩指标
  • Full HSE system deployment.   全面的HSE体系部署

What will you get?   您将获得什么?
We will develop and implement an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) to meet your country or site OSH specific requirements.   The OSHMS consisting of 17 elements with a continual improvement life cycle of four high level processes, namely the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. The OSHMS aims to identify, assess, evaluate, and implement adequate control measures to eliminate or minimise occupational safety and health risks at your workplace.


The OSHMS Elements  职业安全和健康管理体系要素

Element 1 – OSH Policy, Objectives and Organization.
Element 1 – 职业安全和健康政策、目标和组织
Element 2 – OSH Work Practices. 职业安全和健康作业实践
Element 3 – OSH Training & Competency. 职业安全和健康培训和能力
Element 4 – Group Meetings. 会议
Element 5 – Incident Investigation & Analysis. 事故调查和分析
Element 6 – OSH Rules & Regulations. 职业安全和健康规定
Element 7 – OSH Promotion & Recognition. 职业安全和健康奖励和认可
Element 8 – OSH Inspections. 职业安全和健康检查
Element 9 – Maintenance Regime. 维保机制
Element 10 – Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control.
Element 10 – 隐患识别,风险评估和控制
Element 11 – Control of Hazardous Substances. 对危害物质的控制
Element 12 – Occupational Health. 职业健康
Element 13 – Emergency Preparedness. 应急响应
Element 14 – Legal and Other Requirements. 法律法规要求
Element 15 – Documents and Records Control.文档控制
Element 16 – Management Review. 管理评审
Element 17 – Non-Conformances, Corrective & Preventive Actions. 不符合、整改和防范行动

Congrats! You’re one step closer…


Home Safe, Work Safe. 平安回家, 安全工作,

Entrusting FSY Qualipreneur with the development & implementation of the OSH Management System that can mitigate workplace risks and compliance to your country or site specific OSH ACT as well as to embrace the beliefs that your employees deserve to have a Fun, Safe & Younique workplace. The most important reason to make your workplace a Fun, Safe & Younique environment is your employees return Home Safe; Work Safe.

托付FSY Qualipreneur开发和执行职业安全和健康管理体系,能帮您减少工作场所中的风险,能帮您符合您国家或现场的职业安全和健康法规要求,能让您的员工拥有一个有趣、安全和独特的工作场所。让您拥有一个有趣、安全和独特的工作场所最重要的原因是让您的员工安全工作、平安回家。

Your Return of Investment (ROI) is Making More Money.



The call for Adventure:


We guarantee that your employees will bring home Safety Values that they will ‘reset’ at their workplaces and have the discipline of getting things done safely.  我们保证,您的员工将把他们在工作场所所重塑的安全价值观带回家,并训练有素地安全地把事情做完。

Let’s talk safety…. Go to www.qualipreneur.com. Do contact me and drop us your request and we can explore further.

让我们来谈论安全… 请浏览www.qualipreneur.com,联系我们,让我们进一步探讨。


Development and Implementation of Occupational Health Safety and Environment Management System (OHSEMS)




Sustainability of OHSE Management System using the PDCA approach



The Documentation Hierarchy of the OHSEMS will consist of the following:

OHSEMS 的文档级别如下




The project will provide the documentation for the OHSE Management System, which includes the manual and relevant support procedures, i.e. levels 1 and 2 as shown in the Hierarchy of the OHSEMS in the preceding page.


Tentatively, we envisage the program should progress as follows,


Pre Start-up  开始前

In order to have a clear understanding of and to be aligned with your OHSE Culture, we will need to look at your OHSE policies, objectives and other relevant procedures, if any.  This will require us to visit your facility to familiarize ourselves with your documentation and your operations.


Project Execution 项目执行

Upon start-up of the project, we will meet up with your managers and engineers at the operations and work process level to develop the necessary OHSE Support Procedures.  This may require us to make a few visits to your facility, if needed.


 Post Project项目后

Upon completion and delivery of the OHSE Management System, we provide guidance and monitoring oversight as follows


1. Provide on-site coaching or training to familiarize your staff with the OHSE Manual and Support Procedures


 2. Visit your facility thereafter once a month for the next 3 months to audit and monitor the progress of the implementation of the OHSE Management System.


Support Services 支持服务

For OHSE-related audits of your facility by your customers or the authorities, we can provide pre-audit services and also be available for the audit proper, should our presence be required.

在你们的客户或政府部门将对你们工作场所进行相关的OHSE审核前, 我们可以提供审核前指导,必要的话,我们也可在场。


OHSE Advisory Service    

  1. Assist in the review of OHSEMS manual, policies, and support procedures.
  2. Provide support in OHSE audits of suppliers and vendors.
  3. Support and conduct OHSE training programs, e.g. risk management, manual handling, safe operation of machines, hearing protection, etc
  4. Provide support in the setting up and operation of the OHSE Committee.
  5. Attend other OHSE meetings convened to discuss OHSE issues.
  6. Assist in the investigation and review of workplace incidents.
  7. Advise on compliance with local OHSE legislations and requirements and implementation of OHSE management systems and policies.
  1. 协助审查OHSEMS手册、政策和支持程序;
  2. 为供应商和投标方的OHSE审核提供支持;
  3. 支持并进行OHSE培训项目,如风险管理、人工搬运、机器的安全运行、听力保护等;
  4. 协助建立OHSE委员会及其运作;
  5. 参加其他所召集的OHSE会议并参与讨论OHSE问题;
  6. 协助工作场所事故的调查和审查;
  7. 为遵循当地OHSE的法规要求和OHSE管理体系及政策的实施提供咨询意见。

 The call for Adventure: 一起来探险:

Invest in your employee safety by embarking on a safety journey with me to instil safety as a value in your business.


The Healthy Work, Happy Life workshops are memorable.  In the workshop, participants are encouraged to unlearn, relearn & to be playfulness. Playfulness is not about being foolhardy treating safety issues in trivial ways. What I mean by playfulness is to stay Focussed on the topic, Stay open to choices and Youniquley succeed without the need of excessive control by OHSE rules. 


The workshop helps individuals to think on their own and make sense of their experiences in the activities they involved.  They bring home Safety Principles and values that they ‘reset’ the workplace and have the discipline of getting things done safely.






Let’s talk safety…. Go to ‘contact me’ and drop me your request and we explore further.