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Saturday, October 24

The story that people lie to themselves.

Good morning to you on a lazy Saturday morning.

I was doing my morning reading on this glorious Saturday morning and came across this story on Straits Times Newspaper.

My question is – Why Jenny Bakery (a Hong Kong Bakery) draws long queue in Singapore?…/jenny-bakery-draws-queue

The story that people lie to themselves.

Truly great stories succeed because they are able to capture the imagination of large or important liars that spread the words. You are just paying for flour, wheat, sugar, maybe saturated fat, and other ingredients which are not good for you.
People lie to themselves and buy things they want and not what they need. Needs are practical and objectives. Wants are irrational and subjective.
No matter what you sell and whether you sell it to business or consumers, the path to making more money is in satisfying wants and not needs. Of course, your products must be tasty and really satisfying the wants, not pretend to. Sugar or Salt do make things tasty – Read my “Salt story” this coming Friday at
If you have S$50 or RM100 to spare, I will pass you a book on why most of you are liars and not good in telling great stories. Postage included within Singapore and Malaysia.
Actually, we are not liars don’t get me wrong. You believe things that aren’t true or put in another way – Many things that are true are true because you believe them.
Talk more, if you have $5,666 for a 2 days workshop (on Quality Improvement Process or Make Money & Love Safety) or you just want to read a book @ S$50 or RM100.
Before you give me your $50 or RM100 for the book.

Here a question for you, your boss, your colleagues, or your customers – What is your story?
If what you are doing matters, then I hope you will take the time to tell a great story. A story that resonates and a story that can become true.

Great stories sell like Jenny Bakery.