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Monday, October 26

On my Saturday posting – The story that people lie to themselves,

I mentioned about a book that cost S$50/RM100  Yes, is a big difference in the pricing of the S$50 over RM100 for the book because you noticed it with your “frog’s eyes”.

I do understand where you are coming from. With today’s the exchange rate is at the ration of 1:3, if you are my Singaporean kakis and not willing to spare S$50 then it is okay to me that you pay in RM100.  Although, you have the frog’s eyes ability to process what you see, most people are unable to snatch a housefly out in midair with or without your tongue.

Question, why only the frog can and human can’t? Do you want to know the frog’s secret? It is inside this book. I am not sure what will you learn from this book BUT, I guarantee you will learn a lot! You have the choice to pay in S$50 or RM100, I am not in for the money but sharing things that are useful and not for free rather for a small fee to my retirement fund. I only have limited copies.

You have to invest in yourself by investing in books. Books are the best Return On Investment because I know that you can’t afford to hire 100 mentors or coaches but you can have 100 mentors’ or coaches’ books. These gurus share their tips and techniques in books.

After water, foods and shelter with the leftover money please buy books. Today, the world is richer than before. Even the poor people in your country can also buy a colour TV set and some beggars are richer than you.

Almost everyone in your country has what he/she needs – water, foods and shelter. The rest are just wants. If you have everything that you need, there is nothing left to buy except stuff that you want and the reason you buy stuff you want is because of the ways it makes you feel good or your peers have it.

Do you know why people drive a SUV car (refer to picture) rather than a saloon car?

Talk more if you have S$50 or RM100.

Car with QR Code