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Friday, March 3

2017 FSY Week 009 - Reflex


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Are Your Policies Helping Or Hurting your Employee’s Engagement in Working Safe?


We have often heard so much about the corporate statement that “We want you to stop doing things that don’t focus on working safely.”


Additionally, someone said “Our safety policy has to be more specialized. We have great safety incident and accident data; we just aren’t using it, and our employees are not motivated to work safely. We need to love them back.”


You need to shift from traditional corporate policies to People-Centric-Process (PCP) improvements and reinforce two important elements:




People-Centric-Process companies must figure out how to engage employees  on their terms throughout the Unexpected Quality Journey.  In order to become a People-Centric-Process company, old metrics and models need to be thrown out… It doesn’t work that way anymore.



As improving employee experience becomes a bigger component of corporate strategy, more and more Supervisor/Managers/Executives (SME) will face the decision to commit their organizations to a broad People-Centric-Process  transformation.


The company that embarks on the Unexpected Quality Journey to Make Money and Love Safety put both money and policy behind its commitment to better its employee experience via corporate policy. The People-Centric-Process Excellence has to be high in all rankings.


The company that embarks on the Unexpected Quality Journey to Makes Money and Love Safety spend the time to evaluate it People-Centric-Process. In addition to creating department focus groups, a company should also conduct a quarterly inter-department survey with employees from different functions. Each department should receive a short summary report detailing what’s working and what needs improvement.


To sustain Make Money and Love Safety is to be understandable that employees are always looking for Supervisor/Managers/Executives (SME) who are dependable, will take care of them, and have a dedicated area on its site for successful safety stories.


Your three takeaways:


1. Make it a priority to challenge your corporate policies and procedures to determine whether they are creating obstacles or facilitating employees’ ability to provide a better and safer working environment that employee experiences.


2. Regularly engage employees at the workplace to feel the employee experience and conversations to determine what is and isn’t working. Listen, Observe, Verbalize & Engage (LOVE) to learn and make changes.


3. Do you have a formal Unexpected Quality Journey to Make Money education/training to make sure your Make Money and Love Safety strategy is put into action, with clear benchmarks to measure success? If the answer is no, fix that right away by engaging FSYQualipreneur.


Corporate policies can’t deliver a great employee experience in any part of the organization. Without a People-Centric-Process holistic approach, you are really only hoping that you can deliver a better & Safer working environment. 


It is now no longer an option that Supervisor/Managers/Executives (SME)  in any industries challenge their corporate structure to understand whether legacy policies are building barriers to, rather than enabling, employee engagement.


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感恩Today, Joyful Tomorrow… fsy


It’s no secret that 感恩 leads to more gratitude.


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Make Money & Love Safety


赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦


Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


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