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Friday, September 21

TGIF, Have a QualiFriDay 

You don’t have repeated Friday, so do something different today.  Break-off from the culture of over-working, go home on time while the sky is still bright, or if you decide to break-off from work much earlier to go for a walk @ Bukit Timah Hill at 4pm, give me a call @97803895. 

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The Quality Journey Framework that works!

If you follow closely the recent National Day Rally and agenda by Singapore Government, the Singapore Conversation and let your children play in pre-school. All these follow a framework. If you sit back, get a fresh glass of water and study my QJ framework, did your eyes blink? That is the same QJ framework that is working. You have to PLAY, you have to have DIALOGUE, COLLABORATION, B-CREATIVE and ADAPT, like it or not you have to change.  One thing for sure will CHANGE in the next 20 years, more Singaporeans will work and study in NJ, Johor. The tide will change as now you see Johorean working in Singapore. What is next? 20 years later, you see Singaporeans flocking to Johor. I am one of them but I will be 75 by then, retiring there….yeeha!!!

Interestingly, this moving to NJ, Johor questions are not in the “ASK THE PM” website. Singaporeans are told to submit questions for the Prime Minister and they will pick the best…( So far most of the questions are okie-type and the answers are already out there because they are all about spending more money. And it is easy to solve, just increase the taxes. Singaporean will only grumble for 3 months and adapt it (4th box of QJ framework)  I mentioned, if money can solve a problem it is never a problem!!!

My QJ framework starts with PLAY. I have been advocating that adults need to play. Adults want to play with toys too! But, they are shy and worry about being frame to be childish. My Quality workshop seminar room is always converted into a kindergarten for adults. I have 8 luggage of toys for adults to play. The aunties at Orchid Country Club who helped me, love the ways I set-up the room. My workshop is mostly held in a country club setting to get away from the harsher-bush of the industries work environment. Play is an important part of our Quality Journey that is why parents should not worry too much. Rote Education is bad for children. Why worry too much of your children? They will leave you some day. Remember these 3 phrases, write it down on a piece of paper, burn it, mix with water and drink it.

1. The first10 years they need you;
2. The next 10 years they judge you;
3. Another 10 years they don’t want you… So be it. Don’t worry.

My wife never likes my FSY Qualipreneur’s philosophy of “Let your children enjoy their childhood.” To me, as long as they don’t take drugs and gamble away my retirement fund, they are my good girls & boy.

I do have 3 children, today I lost them but, don’t get me wrong. They are no longer children, they are young adults almost hitting the 3rd 10 years, which they will eventually don’t want me – so how? I got a plan; today we are all jobless, seriously 5 of us are all jobless. We are all in the holidaying moods, why not? With the strong Singapore dollars, if you don’t travel this year where will you get such an opportunity? So, we decided to fire our bosses and work can wait. Family collaboration and (3rd box of QJ framework) bonding is important if you want to avoid the 3rd 10 years to happen. Spending one or two years together and not working of the 100 years you are here, is nothing. You have to do it before the children hit the 3th 10 years, also when you are still able to walk, not @85.

The call for adventure,

Adopt my QJ framework,

what are you waiting for…?

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Thank you for reading the page on my HSE service and your valuable feedback. I stated “Home Safe, Work Safe”. Your feedback suggested that the statement is not logical and should be rephrased to “Work Safe; Home Safe”. I understand where you come front as your logical flow means that you have to work safely then you will be able to return home safely. All this rote learning was created by our education systems forcing our round heads to wear a square mortar board. Can you put a square peg into a round hole?

Home Safe, Work Safe, the tagline intention forces you to begin with the end in mind (one of the late Stephen Convey 7th principles). Many times, people go to work and never return home or they return home via to the hospital before reaching home. In the working environment, risks are everywhere. There is no such thing as zero risk. You got work stress because your boss got work pressure . In the retail environment, your working shift is supposedly 12 hours but you put in 3 more unpaid hours to 15 hours. The pre-open & close-down hours are not included. Everyone have tight delivery schedules and not forgetting every business set-up is to maximise profits at the lowest costs. In the offices environment, what is the most important equipment? The answer: It is the chair. Don’t be shock because this is the least important things in your management’s budgets. They sit on a $1,000 plus chairs whilst you sit on a $120 chair. Oops, too bad as the measurement of the chair is not base on ergonomic but is based on the different backside. In the IT world, there are discussions on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). I hope in the safety world, we will start a BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) revolution.

Whatever, wherever, risks are everywhere so long as any things that move added with the human factor create incidents and accidents. The amount of educating on safety awareness we have today can only mitigate the risk of an incident or accident to happen but will not be able to totally prevent it.

By shifting the word ”home” in front and making Home Safe as a Value shifted everything. If you are able to force and focus Home Safe then everything will fall in place. Begin with the end in mindTruly HOME.  If you disagree with me, we go for a cup of coffee and  chocolate souffle to explore further.
Why playing with words are important?

Google, it is not a verb or a noun. It is just an internet company’s name. But by their branding marketing strategy, today it is acceptable as verb and noun.

What happen if you get a headache? What do you take? Most people will pop one or two ‘Panadol‘ – that is really interesting. How can a company cure your headache? We take paracetamol to cure our headaches. That is the power of words!

Most of us are just plain lazy accepting what people told us. The so called “grandma’s stories or old folks’ tales”. Most of the old phrases needed to be tweaked a bit in today’s world, especially on the Quality Journey, if you will allow me.

Practice make perfect. If you practice the wrong things it becomes bad habits. Just like smoking, it becomes a perfect practice and you wasted money. (my 5th principle – Wastes not)  You just need to add one more word to this old cliches and it change the whole world. It is only Correct Practices Make Perfect.  We just left the London 2012 Olympic behind us, did you learn anything from this event? It is the years of Correct Practices Make Perfect mindset that push these Olympians’ to aim for that moment in their lives, the Gold medal! Did any of these Olympians’ aim for the silver medal?  – NO. Did you know that the most painful and disappointed Olympians are the Silver medalist more so than the bronze medalist? You hardly see the Silver medalist smile, only the gold and bronze.

This Mandarin phrase was tweaked by me to make it measurable – 人 生 短 短 一 百 年 Ren Sheng Duan Duan Yi Bai Nian (We live short, short 100 years).

Good, Better, Best, this meaningless clichés that your teachers and parents drilled you to be a good boy/girl, get a better education and the best will come…maybe at 85.  By shifting the word Best into the middle – Good, Best &Bettermake you more successful. You started good, and leapfrog to be the best and better than the best…that is a Qualipreneur’s mindset.  When you in the Corporate jungle, somehow you are given nickname, I have a few: Daniel become Da Niu (Bull, 大牛), Enforcement officer, (for my HSE part) a frog, etc. They gossip that I am not a human, rather a bull or even monkey, as I like eating bananas, the frog, who leapfrog out of a well, from a Machinist, jump, jump,& jump to become  Regional HSE Manager. The moral of my story is to do good thing, always be at your best and be better than the best.

The Sun rise from the East and set in the west…. What a joke your teacher teaches you. Does the Sun ever move? Actually, it is the Earth that rotates. You don’t need an MBA to learn the solar system.

ASAP – This is the most interesting 4 letter words. Someone once walk into my office when I was still in the Corporate Jungle. She puts a document into my in-tray with a sticky note that she needed it ASAP. (By the way, I only have an in-tray as I never have a out-tray in my office, my out-tray is the waste-basket). I took the document and put into the out-basket.  To me, it shouldn’t have landed in my in-tray because ASAP is interpreted “As Slow As Possible” in my dictionary… Amen! The next morning, this lady came to my office for the document. I told her it is done and inside a different basket…. Lesson learned!!! Make a rubber stamp as shown and get your requirement right, The 2nd QJ Principle

In my 33 years in the corporate jungle, I teach people not to say “sorry” unnecessary in my quality workshop. I told them not to use this word ‘sorry’ for 6 months. Guess what happen? They hardly make a mistake. Most of the time it is the environment that created the mistakes not your effort, don’t say ‘sorry’.

Question time: If today, Chairman Mao Zedong is still alive in China; what will happen to China?

Someone preached ‘Create customers success’ other teach that customer is King. My feedback to these people is if customer is King, I am a little Buddha.
Your employees’ successes are more than your customers, don’t cheat yourself. You spend so much time interviewing, hiring, teaching & coaching that person. What is your intention? You hired him to make you successful. (Unless you don’t have these 4 skills - Facilitating, Mentoring, Coaching & Storytelling )If he is successful; you are!!!  If you are still wondering why you are still not successful? What will be your answer? Your customer is not successful thus you lost business therefore you fire the person you hired.  He/she supposedly to make your customer & you successful… so sad.   Yeap, we live in a real world of hiring and firing the wrong people.

We shouldn’t follow the rote way of learning. Each of us should find our own Sifu. I learn from my Sifu, The Buddha. He told me in my dream. “When you reach the shore, throw away my books and teachings.”  In my 30+ years  of Quality Journey, my approach to be a source of shared thoughts and information identifies  that I am someone who is confident in myself. I learned that I must ‘First Share Yourself’ and wanting to impart my life’s Quality journey to those who are walking through theirs.


If you are SME business owners in Malaysia. Please take note that there is  an OSH ACT 1994, (ACT 154) that you need to compliance.


Are you aware…?你有意识到…?

Are you aware of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) risks in your workplace and the consequences for not complying to Occupational Safety and Health Act in your country or site ? The OSH ACT (Shown on the left is Laws of Malaysia OSH ACT 1994 (ACT 154)) is for protecting employees against risks to safety or health in connection with the activities of person at work.

Do you know that you have to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act in your country or site?
Don’t need to look any further….

Finding someone to best fits your needs in the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS), you can outsource the development but your legal liability cannot be outsourced.  That is the reason why you should engage FSY Qualipreneur to assist you.
We will work together and providing hand-holding sessions with your employees to:

  • Identify and evaluate significant environment aspects & impacts, and work hazards identification and Risk Assessment
  • Development of plan to address & control significant aspects & hazards identified
  • Identify applicable OSH legal regulations & conduct of HSE parameters testing
  • Identify training and development needs and conduct training relevant to the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act in your country or site specific.
  • Develop OSH management system documentation
  • Implementation of OSH management system
  • Monitoring and measurement of key performance indicators
  • Full HSE system deployment

What will you get?
We will develop and implement an occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS) to meet your country or site specific  the requirements.  The OSHMS consisting of 17 elements with a continual improvement life cycle of four high level processes, namely the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. The OSHMS aims to identify, assess, evaluate, and implement adequate control measures to eliminate or minimise occupational safety and health risks at your workplace.

The OSHMS Elements
Element 1 – OSH Policy, Objectives and Organization
Element 2 – OSH Work Practices
Element 3 – OSH Training & Competency
Element 4 – Group Meetings
Element 5 – Incident Investigation & Analysis
Element 6 – OSH Rules & Regulations
Element 7 – OSH Promotion & Recognition
Element 8 – OSH Inspections
Element 9 – Maintenance Regime
Element 10 – Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control
Element 11 – Control of Hazardous Substances
Element 12 – Occupational Health
Element 13 – Emergency Preparedness
Element 14 – Legal and Other Requirements
Element 15 – Documents and Records Control
Element 16 – Management Review
Element 17 – Non-Conformances, Corrective & Preventive Actions


Congrats! You’re one step closer…

Home Safe, Work Safe.

Entrusting FSY Qualipreneur in the development & implementation of the OSH Management System that can mitigate workplace risks and compliance to the OSH ACT  as well as to embrace the beliefs that your employees deserve to have a Fun, Safe & Younique workplace. The most important reason to make your workplace a Fun, Safe & Younique environment is your employees return Home Safely.
Your Return of Investment (ROI) is Making More Money.


The call for Adventure:

We guarantee that your employees will bring home Safety Values that they will ‘reset’ at their workplaces and have the discipline of getting things done safely.

Let’s talk safety…. Go to  ’contact us’ Page and drop me your request and we can explore further.





Back to yesterday once more.

Seeing this old pouch, makes you wonder the time passes so fast and memories are still fresh of the Sports Day that we have as a family. I believe it is the only Sports Day that we have and organized by someone with the nickname Da Niu(大牛) who always have the initiative to push the envelope out of the norm!

For those who are there, I believe you can recall the yelling and cheering for the employees and family members at the Clementi Sport Stadium participating in all sorts of athletics programmes and tele-matches. It is really fun and enjoyable. The bonding and teamwork that we have is the Return of Investment (ROI) that management willingly invested.








































My excitement Quality is in the nook and read books.


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