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Friday, September 7

September is already here!

For many of us, that means 8 lazy months had gone, year-end is almost here, and it’s time for some to get serious about budgeting for 2013.

What I have done lazily in the last 8 months.  I am still a bit lazy and just wanted to travel a bit more with my wife and family. We completed Japan, Korea & Taiwan. We took our funny wedding pictures in Taiwan.  You can view it in my  photo gallery. My whole family of five also brought my mother-in-law to Hong Kong & Macau on a 5-stars hotel treat for her 80 years old birthday for 10 days. We will be traveling again from Oct 15 for a month to Japan and US covering LA, LV, NY & Canada.  I am supposedly to be traveling in September backpacking with my son to China to track my father’s hometown in Hainan Island but have to cancel it due to the small project in NJ Johor.

 My best achievement so far, is getting this website up and begin sharing with you.


The Quality Journey is not so CHIM! (Hokkien for Difficult)

Let’s explore on these 4 Hokkien words ‘CHIM’ a.k.a. difficult on the Quality Journey. The 4 letters CHIM stand for

  1. Continuous improvement
  2. Heart, Head & Hands
  3. Investigative mind
  4. Mindset




The Quality Journey is all about Continuous improvement

Forget about reengineering, reinventing or even about Quality Transformation. It is going to costs you a fortune, disrupts your operations. Your managers and employees are going to be skeptic about where you are heading. Instead, you just need to concentrate on the most successful and Make More Money ways of doing things. The Continuous Improvement Process – made famous by the Plan, Do, Check & Act cycles (PDCA). I am adding an ‘E’ to enhance the PDCA cycle in the Quality Journey that we are going to embark together, if you allow me.  The ‘E’ is not the same as the ‘E in the e-mails that everyone takes it aseasy-mails and start flying the unnecessary emails around making you hook on the blackberries or smartphones 24/7. The extra ‘E” that I am adding stands for Execution is to enhance the PDCA’s cycle. Plans or PDCA are good things to do but without Execution it is not going to increase your productivity, quality, safe working environment and profit margins. 


The Quality Journey is all about Heart, Head & Hands

Importantly, you don’t need sophisticated technologies, complex procedures or expensive equipments to benefit from the Quality Journey. It is all in the Heart, Head & Hands of the people in the organization. The Human Resources Department claimed that they are your important assets, so use it. If not, it is a big waste and believe me…it is a lot of wastes. There are 2 groups of people within the organization. There are people that make money and those who don’t. People who develop, produce and sell products are making money for the organization. The people who do not make money are those who sit on top of the money makers. No matter how hard these people may work, they do not directly make money for the organization. If money makers stop work, the organization will suffer. Sad to say, the non-money makers often think that they know better and are better qualified than the money makers because they are better educated. They often make the money makers job more difficult. The best & simple solutions are always in the money makers Heart, Head & Hands.


The Quality Journey is all about Investigative minds

How to be playful involving your employees to have fun so that they are enthusiastically participating in the investigative ways of encountering the magical power of standardization? When we mentioned the word investigation, our minds go straight to problems solving reactive mode. Why must we wait till we have pain then to start investigating and take actions? I started this section with the words playful and fun. Yes, investigative mind starts with a playful & FUN mindset. An investigative mind is Focused and able to pinpoint abnormalities. Uniquely it creates the quality problem visibly. Needless to say, self-disciplined of a plan-do-see approach to maintain a clean, orderly & safe working environment is the magical power of standardization.


The Quality Journey is all about Mindset

A successful organization doesn’t waste millions of dollars reengineering or reinventing and start tearing down the established processes in their organization. In the Quality Journey, you will learn to achieve phenomenal business successes by doing simple little things. It is all in the mindset. The Japanese, called it “Kaizen”. In fact, the word is originated from China 改正 and it was the Japanese who introduced this Continuous Improvement Process, a commonsense low cost approach to the Western Management.  But most western Management wanted to complicated things.

The Quality Journey is not about Quality theories or how much Quality knowledge you may gain. It is not ‘CHIM’ a.k.a difficult as long as you practice it daily. The Quality Journey is a mindset, a Frame Of Reference to sustain your competitiveness for success.

Our mindset must change that is we must Put Quality First and not SQQDC (Safety, Quick, Quick, Delivery & Cost, should be priced).

The primary goal is Quality, no matter how safe, attractive your price and delivery terms are you can’t compete at all if your products and services lack Quality.

Don’t get me wrong that safety is not important. Safety and Quality are closely interrelated. Practicing a quality-first mindset requires managers to have a set of beliefs, principles, or opinions that strongly influence the ways the manager lives & works. Manager often faces the temptation to make compromises in meeting delivery requirements or cutting corners. In doing so, they risk the safety aspects and sacrificing not only products quality but the lives of employees. Put quality first add Safety as a value = Make More Money.


In  the Quality Journey, always keep things simple.  If it starts to become complicated, then stop, evaluate, simplify, regroup and start over.  Stop listening to those who wants to complicate things. Take action quickly on the simple ideas, as  demonstrated in the pictures, applying a simple idea using a lever it can lift up your heavy workload. Success is always simple. 





Coming to this page soon… Learn the 5QJ  principles from me



All the art works is done by my son. It is always good to involve my children in my Quality Journey.

You never achieve thing alone, people help you along the way, so give credit when credit is due.


Forget about the half empty glass (optimistic) or half full (pessimistic), you have to empty (fsyimistic) your glass every day to unlearn & relearn and we learn together.

Today FSYQualipreneur motto, “Don’t Keep everything, Share anything – every rubbishes I shared, someone found a gem in it” ………