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Friday, September 28

TGIF – Thank God, I’m Fantastic!

You don’t have repeated Friday. So, this week ask your boss for a space that you can create a Home Safe; Work Safe Awareness Board. Pin your family members, children, loved ones, friends, etc. to remind you to ‘Begin with the end in mind’.  Your reason to work safely is nothing to do with the company you work for. The company employs you to value-add to their products & services as well as to generate profits to their shareholders. Home safe is truly your daily reason while you are in your workplace. Empower the Powerless. 


Gone, But Never Forgotten. The ‘Father’ of Quality

Joseph M. Juran: 1904 – 2008 • Lived to be 103.

“Father” of Quality. Perhaps most importantly, he is recognized as the person who added the managerial dimension to quality.   When you follow the tried & tested Quality Journey methodology, you should be able to live 100 or more like the ‘father’ of Quality. That is the reason I rephrased the old Chinese phrase to make it measureable.  人 生 短 短 一 百 年 – Ren Sheng Duan Duan Yi Bai Nian (We live short, short 100 years).

I believe that nobody wants to die so don’t cheat yourself, follow me on this tried & tested Quality Journey to achieve Quality Work; Quality life.  Remember: 吃的好,睡的好,玩的好,活到老,死不了!人 生 短 短 一 百 年….在您的梦中里.

Dr. Juran wrote that the purpose of doing business is to improve the quality of society. He said, “Whatever you do make sure it improves society and don’t just do it for the sake of profits.” A true leader is not just there to leads a company. They must have a purpose.


The other “Father’ of Quality, W. Edwards Deming: 1900- 1993 – Lived to 93. When you practice the tried and tested Quality Journey methodology in the correct way, you will at least live pass to 90…yeeha!

One of his 14 Quality Principles (Out of the Crisis, Ch.2) clearly stated that don’t force the workforce by asking for zero defect and new levels of productivity. Such exhortations only create adversarial relationships, as the bulk of the causes of low quality and low productivity belong to the system and thus lie beyond the power of the work force.
His 14 Quality Principles are the basis for transformation of the industry. It will not suffice merely to solve problems, big or little. Adoption and action on the 14 principls are a signal that the management intend to stay in business and aim to protect investors, jobs & people, (Out of the Crisis). If I am allow to add one more principle to the 14. The 15 will be, To empower the powerless.

Never Forgotten, Still around & Young - Qualipreneur.

 My approach to be a source of shared thoughts and information identifies  that I am someone who is confident in myself. I learned that I must ‘First Share Yourself’ and wanting to impart my life’s Quality journey to those who are walking through theirs. 



The  5Quality Journey Principles in 3 languages



An old story worth repeating in the Quality Journey.

How fast time flies. With memories of our Quality Exchange Program held in Jakarta (2005) still fresh in our minds, the time has come for Malaysia to host this year event. After exploring various opportunities, we decided that this year Quality Buddy Exchange Program to be held in historical city of Malacca from the 13th -16th April 2006.

Malacca a highly versatile place comes night and day is the greatest trading port in all of South East Asia during the mid 15th Century. Founded by an exiled prince from Sumatra named Parameswara, it thrived as a port-of-call to many ship and merchants from China, India, Arabic and Europe. So illustrious was this sea empire, the covetous colonial power could do little to resist the temptation to conquer it. And so came first the Portuguese in 1511, followed  by the Dutch in 1641 and finally the British in 1824. We believe that this is a good place to get together, because Malacca is rich in history and the many relics of the past will take participants on a nostalgic journey that gives back 600 years of glorious and colorful past.

Late evening of 12th April 2006, 18 participants from Singapore, Jakarta and Malaysia set foot at Century Makota Hotel situated in the heart of town. After check-in into respective rooms, participants joint in for dinner savoring the various local delicacies.

 A short brief by our one and only Qualipreneur, Daniel Foo at the activity room with regards to the 3 days program agenda ended with the selection of Mohd Jali (The guy in Yellow T-shirt with the Penan Tribes, picture below) to lead the morning exercise. As we grapped a pair of skipping ropes, we peacefully proceed to our respective apartment and retired after the tiring bus journey.

Day 1

Our morning dreams were interrupted in order to be on time for the morning exercise. It lasted for an hour ending with jogging around the hotel compound.

After breakfast we gathered at the activity room for the kick start of the workshop. Daniel welcomes all participants and mentioned that this is the third QIP Buddy Exchange Program to which the three plants will be able to experience more interaction, learning and bonding. This year agenda will include HSE elements as part of the activities.

The ice breaking session starts with introducing ourselves with our colleague by writing his / her behavior style on to a “star” shaped sticker. By doing so, we will be able to understand each individual characteristic and demands. Each participant’s color of ‘stars’ were paste on the board through out the program. Daniel then asked us to write out our individual strength and weaknesses and then persuaded us to throw away all our weaknesses because in life we always blame our own weaknesses.

Afternoon session started with the 5 elements of STARS towards achieving the goal of Quality Journy  He further invited us to apply the 5 elements towards Quest to innovate….

to Serve…. to Teach….to Aim….to Reap….to Smile…..That’s what we are here for!

He further shared with us his thought on Quality Journey using the concept of multiple intelligence. He stress that we cannot do things alone and always look outside the process. We should know our business best, not waste time, forget outside competition and look at our own internal communication which could easily create a mess. He also thought us about managing change which is the most challenging aspect of today’s work environment which can turn into a positive and negative impact on employees.

In order to think out of the box, we need to first think inside, our own box and get rid of all the old thinking and habits. The message is very clear, there is nothing permanent except change. The metaphor life cycle of the butterfly, from the egg to the cocoon and then into the beautiful butterfly is the best illustration of change. Change is happening all the time, our job is to identify and amplify useful change.

We continue the session in the afternoon searching and looking at our very own blind spot. It is something what we do wrong that we don’t know. We are to list down our own blind spots and set targets to do the personal change. The topic on ‘Focus Solution & You’ is very interesting. It tells us to stop doing something that doesn’t work and proceed to do something different. By having our own solution we can discover what works for us and then do more  of it, but if we look at past problem, then we are likely to be locked into problem  focused mode of thought. It is alright to some extend but it is less useful when issue involves interactions between people. In looking at the fundamentals of focus solutions, it is important to stay focus on the solutions and not forced the solutions. We are also taught on how to use the 6 tools staying SIMPLE.

We were also taught the Force Field Analysis, where we have to analyze our Driving Force versus the Restraining Force. This can be achieved by identifying the driving and restraining forces by accessing the strength of each force, and determine the force over which we can control and influence, and then develop action plan for each of the situation.

The last topic was interpersonal communication. We understand that communication skills are important and in what way it can affect our relationship and many other dimension of our lives. Unsatisfactory relationship can lead to a variety of physical and physiological problems which can affect our health and quality lives.

To end the evening session, Daniel taught us the art of juggling what is important is not only the correct method of juggling but the moral of juggling.

After dinner we continue the session with another Fun learning event. We are divided into two groups. Each groups were represented with a manager and a supervisor and the rest are assemblers. The task of the manager is to provide all the information’s and requirements to the supervisor to build a model from the original sample which is hidden in one corner. The supervisor will only allow making 5 contacts with the manger to get the exact details. The assembler will wait for the instructions from the supervisor to layout the detail assembly of the model.  WWW.Com is What Went Wrong on Communication? The final result didn’t tally with the model with many missing parts. This is where knowledge, process control and communication play an important role, strategy is another factor. In fact both teams can combine effort to build the models by having the two managers and supervisor delegating the different roles. The biggest mistake by both teams was not taking the opportunity to look at the model earlier which was displayed on the table. The fun ended at 10.30pm. It was a long day but a fruitful one. To recover the mental exhaustion, we proceed to the karaoke session where we sang our hearts out.

Day 2

Day 2, morning exercise was leaded by Florence Ling. The horses is doing legs exercise not the participants, that lead us to a playground to search for our butterfly which was planted in the ground with our name inscribe on it. It was quite an easy task because of the size of butterfly which is easily visible.  After breakfast we were again back into two groups. We used the Focus Solution And You (Another FSY QL tools) tool complete format to brainstorm to find out in the scale of 1-10 where we are now in QJ and what would it take to bring us one small step higher.

At the end of the day, the enthusiastic participants discussed and formulated an action plan for QJ on competency, compliance, assessment, supervisor and employees linkage and last but not least to promote positive improvement to value the achievement and success stories.

TGIF, Is Friday. As Daniel always said, there is no repeated Friday, so this time he changed the program, In the afternoon, our Muslim colleagues proceeds with their Friday prayers, while the others did their discoveries in the historical city. After dinner some of us proceed to Jonker Street while it gives us a chance to shop, dine, walk through the ‘Pasar Malam” and be in touch with the locals. We also took an opportunity to visit the other tourist attraction and shopping mall. Malacca in all its coats of colors and magnificent structures in a spicy land of contrasts, where time dimension overlap  and great cultures live in harmony.

Day 3

There is no morning exercise today, after breakfast boarded a bus and headed to a place named Bounty of the Earth, ‘D Paradise Tropical Fruit World And Aboriginal Nature Village. It is a sprawling 168 acres of land boasting over 800 varieties of tropical, sub-tropical and continental fruits and vegetables, situated 43 kilometers from the hotel. We were greeted by a welcome dance performed by the Penan Tribes and also treated to a welcome drink of refreshing passion fruits. The site astonished us. We were separated into 3 groups and by driving a buggy, the three groups will challenge each other on a treasure hunt mission. It was well conducted and we had a lot of fun, learning the various species of Mother Nature.

After lunch we were treated to a Penan tribe dance where we also participate. The show ends with the prize giving ceremony and photo session with the tribe. We end the day with fond memories. D paradise may be mouthful but it will certainly stir our love for nature with its abundant floral fauna and indigenous in habitats.

Day 4 

After breakfast and with the extra over weight luggage, we check out and boarded the bus and headed to Johor. We arrived safely to a restaurant that offers an exotic collection of Chinese crusine. The atmosphere was awesome with traditional wooden structure stucked into the muddy mangrove swamp. The air was refreshing and the foods were splendid. The journey ends at the jetty. After lunch the Singapore and Jakarta friends proceed their journey to Singapore. It was a finale of warmth friendship.

For those who has withdrawn from activities that are conducted by FSY Qualipreneur, it is unfortunate that you have miss all the FUN (Fun, Unique & Newness) Sharing &  Yonique learning experience. When you reach the shore, throw away FSY Qualipreneur teaching and  venture beyond your own limitation to discover other possibilities. 



Goal setting.

What is the goal of the typewriter?
When I grow up I want to be a Computer
What is FSY Goal ?
FSY Goal is to be a Qualipreneur.
What is your Goal?_______ (one word)

The How of

Goal setting is as simple as FSYD

       Focus on your marketable skills
      Strength, what you like to do most. If you like to sleep – also can – Be Sleeping Beauty.
       You want what?
then Do what you want, there’s no try. …….. Truly Qualipreneur Spirit



Front Push, Back Push & a Strong Lift – If this rock still yet rock.  Never give up. There’s always a better solution awaiting you – My QJ way.



In this FSY’s Page, I write and share things that matter to me and I believe it is important. I understand that you have your own opinions, views, & thoughts. Please keep it to yourself because there is no right or wrong answers as facts and data can be twisted to your favour. Nothing is true or untrue,  it is just a passing cloud.  I also understand that everyone’s attention span is very short and if you read till here, I would like to say thank you for staying with me till the end. It might be rubbishes to some people but I do know that there are some gems hidden to be picked in all rubbishes… Hope you have pick one or 2 gems?

 If you keep Reading, I will keep Sharing

If the run chart shown a dip, I know it is time to stop
(The 3rd QJ Principle – Measurement)

See you here, next Friday