Friday Sharing w/You

Friday, September 14


 Friend /朋友 / Kawan / நண்பர்

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for visiting my website, read my FSY’s Page and give me feedback. Feedback is always a gift for me to be a better person. The most heartening thing for me this week is to read your feedback stating my initial  FSY is  

First Share Yourself  Philosophy.

Your approach to be a source of shared thoughts and information identifies you as someone who is confident in oneself and wanting to impart your life’s journey to those who are walking through theirs.

我打心底地感谢你浏览我的网站和我的FSY网页, 这一周最让我振奋的事是阅读你以我名字所写的“First Share Yourself—先分享自己”的哲学反馈。你分享想法和信息的方式可看出你是个很有自信的人并希望通过你的生活经历来影响你身边的人。


MY DAD , MY ROLE MODEL – Stopped schooling at 14, but he went on to earns a degree…

Stopped schooling at the age of 14, but he went on to earns a degree and become a Regional QIP & HSE Manager in an American MNC. Today, he left the title behind and becomes a Qualipeneur to fulfil his dream to help more people to achieve Quality Work; Quality Life.

This is a good week to pen a story about my DAD; MY Role Model, with my 2 siblings as it is my Birthday, Sept 13. Also, because my dad loves the number 13, that is how we landed staying on the 13th floor with the house number 38. Literally if you can speak in Cantonese, the local dialect for these 4 numbers 1338 means “Once born you are rich”. My dad always says he is never poor, he is never rich but he is knowledge rich.

It has been a winding road for him to becoming a Regional Manager from a humble Machinist. My Dad, the 55-year-old stopped studying after completing his primary school. He has no more moods to continue his secondary school studies after his mum and dad passed away, so he left schooling. With no higher education, he started working at the age of 14 as a trainee in a small metal engineering company earning just enough for his daily lunch box, a pack of cigarette & a bottle of Guinness stout. After completion of his National Services at 21, he joined a Japanese Engineering Company as a welder cum fitter and that was a turning point for him to learn a useful skill to becoming a Machinist in an American MNC. Learning for him did not stop after completing his basic supervision course as he went on taking his Industry Engineering Diploma. Although he did not make it, he went on to pursue the Advance Diploma courses in Total Quality Management and Business Administration until he gets his Degrees. Not forgetting that he has to puts in 5 years of English Language course studying in the British Council. Otherwise, he will not be writing this Friday Sharing w/You. We are used to accept his broken English & Grammar once in a while. For a Primary six drop-out who can clearly articulate this intention that matters most than broken English & Grammar. He still remembers his English teacher, Duncan Watt. Every night he never fails to watch the English Channel for the News, because his teacher is the News reader during his time. My dad only watches his boring channel.

His story not only touches our hearts, but touches many too; those that have attended his QIP workshops still can recall his teachings. If you are one of them, you will agree with us. My daddy said “I hope through my First Share Yourself storytelling method, people will learn not to give up when they meet obstacles and adversity. We are not material rich, but we are knowledge rich in our hearts to continue the Quality Journey.”  That is the reason why my dad left behind the Corporate title to continue teaching and sharing of Total Quality & Safety, so that more people can have a Quality Work; Quality life to the end.”

From us, his children.
Cheryl, Clarissa & Desmond

My dad likes to play with 3 letter words, especially his initial ‘FSY’ and thank God, we are lucky that he didn’t named us using his initial FSY. Otherwise we will be Felicia, Sally & Yonny.


The Funny thing about Zero Defect (ZD).
Any products that are engineering designed are funny because the drawings are done by computer and are really precise but, the actual assembling of the products are done by hands. Because of that, there will bound to be human made errors of sort in the final products. Management always wanted to strive for zero defect products and they are obsessed with perfection. But, in the end the shop-floor people have a terrible day and aren’t focus ‘properly’ therefore we have human made errors here and there. Too bad as the Engineer has to accept a certain amount of Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) products. If you watch the latest movie ‘Total Recall” you will understand that we aren’t building robots to replace human yet. Accepting a little human made error is okay so long as it is within the AQL. Also, if you empower the powerless to improve the environment, changing it in a way that makes it more suitable and pleasant for people in the shop floor to work is a way of Quality Work; Quality Life.

Zero Defect is a mindset. It is not measurable. Therefore, it is not achievable. BUT if you use the Funny Side of You, Zero Defect can be achievable if you accept AQL as a set of requirement (the 2nd QJ Principle – Requirement). AQL is measurable, thus you can set your standard (the 4th QJ Principle – Standard). Whatever activity,  task or job we perform  in the Operations are processes (the 1st QJ Principle – Process) and all processes need a measurable AQL standard (the 3rd QJ Principle - Measurement). Any activity, task or job that is not measurable, should be thrown out of the operation window (the 5th QJ Principle – Waste Not).

The 5 QJ Principles work if you are Aware of it, Adopt It, Adapt to it, Accept it, Act on it and I guarantee you will Achieve Quality Work ; Quality Life… We can explore further.

We should not try to design a Zero Defect quality system in this present complex World. We should just set an Acceptable Quality Level World and make a better feedback loop to continue improving and adapting to the changing landscape. A good example of a better feedback loop to continue improving and adapting to the changing landscape is the Iphone from Iphone3G, to Iphone3Gs, to Iphone4, to Iphone4s and this week Iphone5 has been launched. So don’t stress yourself too much on ZD, instead stress on Feedback because it is a  gift for continue improving.

The Quality Journey is about the fable of my time spent in improving Quality Work; Quality life. (Forget for a moment on work-life balance.)  I would like to use the Friday Sharing w/You (FSY’s page) to tackle the serious topic of QWQL, so that you can understand the real meaning of QWQL because I feels it is an important issue with wide resonance. Everyone need QWQL whether you are a child or an adult even at your deathbed, you still think Quality from a different perspectives.

The message that I hope you will take away from the FSY’s page is that our bodies are beautiful designs to achieve Quality Life. In the QJ process, I too, internalized the tools & techniques and made changes to my life to achieve Quality Life.  For those who still push for work-life balance, good luck to you if you want to work past 60 years.  Yes, our bodies are made to live to 100 years (The Chinese phrase it correctly, 人 生 短 短 一 百 年 – Ren Sheng Duan Duan Yi Bai Nian – We live short,short 100 years) but average 85 years is a good measurement.  I believe there are many lovely places you want to see and travel, so why cheat yourself? Join me on the Quality Journey to fulfill  your dreams. There are all in your dreams as mentioned in my previous FSY’s page.  What are you waiting for? So far, I have been to 28 countries/cities. Visit my Facebook to see where I have been to and am still going… If you are smart enough, you can see my 2 humps camel concept to achieve Quality Life.  But first, you must start with Quality Work and stop grumbling  about Work-life balance.

One question before I pen off for the weekend.  Do you notice that the word Life is make up of ‘if’in the middle? In our life that “if’ does not need to be too Big or too small or to have too many ‘what ifs’

On the safety side someone said ‘LIFE’ is to Live Incident Free Everyday. 
On our Quality Journey, we  Live In Fullness Everyday.
For me, Life Is always Fun & to Enjoy.


Don’t keep everything. Share anything
You never have a repeated Friday so do something this afternoon. Have a Friday HSE toolbox meeting.  During the meeting don’t talk too much about yourself. Let others share their thoughts too. There is a difference between just talking about yourself (which could be boring) and sharing your experiences and learnings. Few people are confident enough to enter in the post-project Lessons Learnt sharing. People seem happy to be making the same mistakes over and over. Quality does encompass improvement as part of the PDCA cycle and we need all to share their thoughts. By First Sharing Yourself, the learning journey can kick off for others.  One of the things you can do is to get people in the office to share things that are safety-related in the Friday HSE Toolbox. Ask them to follow you when you talk about the things we do at home, like

– slip in the shower and resist getting a rubber mat for the floor – pride
– stand on a bar stool to reach a light bulb – practical

You need to create an atmosphere of openness to give others the freedom to speak up. Especially the powerless, so each Friday empower the powerless to share something and make every Friday to look forward to, especially my FSY’s page.


In this FSY’s Page, I write and share things that matter to me and I believe it is important. I understand that everyone’s attention span is very short and if you read till here, I would like to say thank you for staying with me till the end. It might be rubbishes to some people but I do know that there are some gems hidden to be picked in all rubbishes… Have you?


 See you here, next Friday