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FSY StickersIf safety would fly one day …

This requires questioning the relevance of the current safety training/education in the workplace. An application of the psychology of adult working and their motivation. A change in the way companies regards Safety over Profit, Productivity, Cost and Dateline.

Working safety in the workplace is not just about sending workers for safety courses and seminars, having your SMS certificated to an institution/Standard, conducting tabletop risk assessments or creating more safety procedures, rules and regulations. It is centrally concerned with the evolution of an ethos in which safety self-development at all levels is encouraged and permitted to feedback into the process and practices that maximize safe working environment in a business sense.

If safety would fly one day …we also should not be supporting the following common statements toward working safely.

• Safety First.
• Safety Culture
• Practice makes perfect
• Zero injuries should be our safety goal
• Your Bonus is in your safety.
• Change attitudes, change behaviour
• Everyone is responsible for safety
• Stop and think safety
• Safety is our number priority
• All injuries are preventable

Gestation of a Safety Adult Learning Process (SALP)
The SALP is a mean to enable companies to maintain and enhance the workplace safety in the face of technological, economic and social changes. We need to gestation a holistic approach in developing an adaptive, cohesive, innovative, integrated, and participative within a framework of resourceful human. We need to develop a set of safety competencies within the individual, group and organizational in management safety adult learning journey.

The following is a brief sequential process of a SALP:

(F) Focus on the present.
The first stage of SALP is to identify the way in which you, the group and the task force would like to see the future perfect. Suppose that tonight you go to bed and sleep as usual. During the night a miracle happens and you suddenly see a Heathier, Safer workplace and an Environmentally responsible work ethic in your organization and you able to manage it as well as you would like to do, but you are asleep, so you don’t know that the miracle has happened, so when you come into the office tomorrow morning. What will the first thing you Feel, See, touch, smell or even taste that the miracle has happened.

To make your beautiful dream come truth, you need a complete picture of your safety management system, structure, policies and procedures of what training and learning is presently done, and how it done.

(S) Seeking support and develop a safety learning team. (In my unexpected Quality Journey I called this group the “Activist”) You cannot implement the SALP by yourself or your own team of Safety SME. You may not in a position to influence those who have power over you, especially those who are concerning with productivity, deliverable and profitable. Establish a group of Activist, whoever appear most appropriate to jointly develop the safety goals, frame of reference and time frames. They are not formed to threaten or destroy your current safety system or structure, but they can mobilize a lot of energy and produce creative ideas. Whatever the starting up method, it eventually involve as many employees a possible across all levels to generate commitment and interest.

(Y) Youniquely Shared Safety Vision.
Before you kick start your SALP, there must be agreement on the need to change and the direction which it should headed – Your future prefect.

A shared vision must benefit all employees and cannot be imposed because it demand commitment from all employee or it is no value. It cannot be created by the CEO and his/her small group of senior executives spending a weekend at Bali and with a vision statement written on a tablet. Nor can it come from a small group over a beer garden team-building attempting to impose their own agenda.

Interestingly, do you believe that team-bonding can be sustainable through beer drinking cum brainstorming activity with your team? It happens, we do it occasionally on Friday evening in my Setia Johor office. try it.

Creating a shared Safety Vision is a process of open discussion through a few focus group of workshops (FSYQualipreneur facilitate these focus group workshop.. drop a request to meet up to explore further – in an open participative discussion and dialogue, then a Shared Safety Vision become a driving force for the following:

• Towards a Healthier workforce
• Towards a safer workplace
• Towards an Environmentally responsible work ethic.

(D) Delivering an ethos for a Heathier, Safer workplace and an Environmentally responsible work ethic.

Once the above F-S-Y are identified, now is the time to prioritize the needs and establish now the needs can be met with detailed discussion and evaluation of the safety training options. Concurrently, other assessments must be feed into the framework. Such as looking at internal or external resources or joint delivery systems. Employees core skills or competencies that they need to perform the work safely.

Many employees bring to the workplace a lot of experiences and competencies to perform the tasks in their job. But they find it difficult to analyze their skills set required to perform that task. If they are going to involving in working safely, they must be able to identify those skills and how they should be used in working safely.

Developing a Heathier, Safer workplace and an Environmentally responsible work ethic involves change of mind-set, practices and structures. Change always create pain. Appreciation must be given when misdirected activity, temporary setbacks and false starts happens because all these are in the learning process.

A Safety Adult Learning Process (SALP) gives employees the opportunity to develop enhanced safety skill-set and competencies. A sense of purpose and a workplace that value safety. It is the company’s responsibility to provide a Fun working environment, providing safety tools, and a Younique opportunities to develop a set of safety skillset. The result is a self-reliant safe workforce that your competitors will jealous. Because an organization culture that drive safety values cannot be copied shamelessly. Even if they copy shamelessly, or consultant used the term ‘best practices’ they are just ‘copy-smart” they never ahead of you.

If safety would fly one day … in your organization… what will it look like when you step in on Friday morning.

It’s always good to receive your feedback, feedback is a gift for me to change to a better Qualipreneur.

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