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Friday, October 7

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 2016 FSY Week 041 - Be Loved

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Hello Friday Friends & PengYiu,

Wow!!! October started and it is the 41st week of the year.

Everyone deserves a great weekend.

It’s Friday, but please become less busy and don’t act busy

Nap or walk is the new hustle.

Do less with less. When you slow down to do things deliberately, or when you do things right the second time, you save time. Not Boh-Ta-Boh-Ti or productivity is dead.

BTW, if you have $5,665 I will teach you why and how you “do things right the second time” saves you time and instills Quality Certainty into your work process.

After (F)Food, (S)Shelter & PUB water, the rest of your expenses are (Y)Your wants and not needs. Please don’t promote another type of water, Kangen water, kango water, neo water, karoo water, Kaneo, Hydrogen water, Nano Artesian Water. I am just like OCBC, (O)Only have (C)Coins & also (B)Buddhist (C)Coins, or (O)Only (C)Can (B)Borrow (C)Coins.

If we meet, first things first, buy me coffee… I don’t listen to people that they claim the following:

Related to me
Want to work with me – “Collaboration is dead”
Want to sell me something – water again … Oh, My Buddha!
Other than the above I will listen. With free coffee, I will surely listen more.

You can stop now, take a break, sip your coffee and read later…

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Please join me in advocating:

Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


Quick Quotable

There are lots of iffy reasons to start a company. But there’s only one Quality reason, and I think you know what it is: Make Money & Love Safety.


Quick Question

Do you agree? If you see a man holding the car door for his girlfriend, either the car or the girlfriend is new


Today Sharing:

Monkeys gathering – Sunday, Oct 9, 2016

Besides the fairytales that we have heard from Disney, there is the Monkey Journey to the West, one of the few from the great classical novels of Chinese literature. This weekend, there will be a group of monkeys that will not follow the classical journey to the West. Instead, after 48 years of wondering around, they have decided to refocus and journey to a country club.

With the monkey journey to the west, we also learned from that there is 3 wise monkeys adage

  • Hear no evil,
  • See no evil,
  • Speak no evil  or


  • Hear more,
  • See more,
  • Speak more

Out with the old adage;


Here’s the new version I created: 

  • Think of an idea
  • Spark that idea
  • Gather to make it happen and …there is a fourth monkey, check it out.


One monkey

  • Thinking of Tampines Primary school class of 1968 P6 Monkeys
  • Spark a few monkeys to swing along
  • Gather all the monkey together on Sunday, Oct 9, 2016

Intriguingly, these monkeys are all in their 60s

It isn’t often that I say this, but I wanted to thank the one monkey that thinks of the 60 Birthday Bush of gathering the Tampines Primary 6 class of 1968 and the committee who swing along to make this happen.

Thank you again and see you on Sunday

Every year I ask myself what is the one thing that I’ve never done in my life that I want to do.

And this year there is no different and my son said my DAD is always different from others and Yes! My (D)Dad  (A)Always  (D)Daring  and @60, he Bungee Jumped in New Zealand on my birthday, April 20.

Beside the bungee jump, the thing that I’ve never thought of and done before in my life will be meeting so many monkeys from my primary six class of 1968 this coming Sunday. After 48 years of missing in action, and as one the monkeys that said it is going to be a day where we reminiscence our childhood experiences, let it be an unforgettable event for many of us. Let us treasure the few hours we are going to spend together. Perhaps , the next big gathering could be 10 years from now, when we are in our 70s.

Probably @70 I will go the skydiving.

We don’t need to wait another 10 years or another cycle (12 years) for the next monkey years to meet.

We can be connected via Facebook!

 For the monkeys who are present this Sunday. (Below is worth repeating)

 I like to share my ideas, wherever I go, I bring these 4 questions along with me:

  • What?
  • So What?
  • Now What?
  • What’s next?


On October 9, monkeys gather together.

 So What?

I don’t know, hopefully, (F)Fun, (S)Same old question, or (Y)Younique Questions – How are you? got married, how many children are you? grandpa or grandma? what are you doing?  You retire!!!

Now What?

On that day, we will probably say hello, eat a bit, and share one or 2 stories.

 What’s next?

You go your way, I go mine… that’s the end or……

On the last question, I do understand baby boomer like us shun social media. But my son told me that the best way for all these monkeys to stay connected is through Facebook.

My suggestion is that we create our own Facebook Group to share our stories, any updates, or any rubbish worth sharing. I believe there are monkeys who are skilled in IT, the Internet, or social media, that can create this Facebook Group and we all can join and stay connected.

I believe with the FaceBook Group it will add value to each of us. After 48 years of missing in action, we should start to share more about ourselves before we end up in the coffin. After I left the Corporate world, (31, Jan 2012) I started writing a bit every Friday and posted, My daughter told me that she archived all my Friday Story W/You to share it with my grandchildren once I am not around. Click to continue reading…

I am not retiring yet, just wanted to refocus because after 33 years in a boring, stressful & Boh-Ta-Boh-Ti (Personally, I disagree with the Singapore so-called productivity movement that why I always associate it with Boh-Ta-Boh-Ti) Corporate jungle it good to be lost for a while, and hopefully to renew my new self.

We have to leave the old stories behind and restart a new story after 60.

Join me on the unexpected quality journey…yeeha!

Keep Sharing & Sharing is caring.

Thank for reading

With gratitude

Daniel Foo

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赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


Most people turn their heads when they see my Younique one and only car

Thank for reading

With gratitude

Until We Meet Here Next Friday… Be Loved

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