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Friday, October 5

Happy Friday,

It can’t be Friday already!  I’ve not done nearly enough work for the week.

TGIFThank God I’m Financial Bliss

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about happy people is that they live within the dollar they earned.  and they have no mortgage, thus they have no fear.  Remember, “If you have no mortgage, you have no fear.”  In the Quality Improvement Process (Now I changed it to QJ) Workshop.  I always teach ‘A dollar saved is a dollar earned” The 5th QJ principle – “Wastes Not” is a very powerful principle to adhere to if you want to achieve Quality Work, Quality Life.




October is already here that bring the Mid-Autumn festival .

All these Festivals (whatever, Christian, Chinese, Hindi, Muslim & etc) including the Singapore National Day celebration which the Singapore government spent  million of dollars each years are Intangible Cultural Ritual.  Why the need to spend so much money? You can’t measure the ROI, yet you have to fire the fireworks up into the sky, it is a ritual that wins the ‘FEELING’ of belonging to a great country, society or organization. That is why I always believe that Culture Wins over strategies. It is only happy & successful employees make the following parties successful: customers, stakehoders & suppliers.  Great mind never think the same. And if everyone think the same, someone is not thinking. Sooooooooooooo, it is okay to disagree with me, that where I got my free coffee & Chocolate Souffle over our discussion if you want to explore further.  























God give us 3 warnings

My friend passed away the other day and told me in my dream that it is not fair. I told him God is fair, God always give people 3 warnings before He takes you back. You don’t notice it because you ‘Hao Lian’ (The Hokkien phrase mean BS-Boastful & Showy) that you are healthy. The following is only an example to illustrate my point , I am not a doctor. If a person had their 1st stroke, it is already the 2nd warning. You ignore the 1st warning when you got it and when another stroke hit, you thought that is the 2nd time, but too late it is the 3rd time and in most cases it is a bye-bye. God take you home and you claimed it is not fair. Nobody get sick straight away, that is why when I am in the Corporate Jungle, I never accept my staff medical certificates for fever, running nose, headache, etc. These are all PTO (Plan Time-Off) cases. I am a tough boss but never difficult to work with. All illnesses or sicknesses come with symptoms and if you see it coming, you should take action to overcome it. Example: If you are mentally stress, never go to sleep, it will make you worst. Just go for a walk and refresh yourself. If you are physically stress after hammering bolts and nuts the whole day, you shouldn’t  go to a gym or karaoke, instead have a good warm bath and sleep early.
As in the Chinese phrase: 生, 老, 病,  死 (Sheng, Lao, Bing, Si) – born, old, sick & die is a journey that all of us cannot avoid but it can be a Quality & Happy Journey if you allow me and join me for the bicycle ride. Remember…God always give you 3 warnings, look out with fresh eyes.  


A bit of current affair on the Singapore PSLE - Primary School Leaving Examination

The current Singapore National Conversation hot topic discussion on the Singapore  Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).  The 10,000 pounds Elephant in the room.  I believe the PSLE is not the “be-all and end-all” or the only train to take to be successful in our life journey. Take me for an example. I haven’t done well in the PSLE during my time. Some people even bombarded crude remarks directly to my face that I am a useless P6 drop-out!  I ignored them totally. Look where I am now! Anyway, I didn’t take any of the so-call education trains. I just playfully ride on my QJ bicycle on my own term & my own Quality life Journey.  Today, @55, people said I am lucky. I accepted that I am lucky because I am always FSY, Friendly, Strong & Youthful.  There are many different education vehicles  that you can take. If you don’t like the old traditional trains, you have the options to take modern MRT or buses.  You can  take the QJ bicycle mode with me too! But to make that big shift, you need to slice the 10,000-pounds  Elephant  into the following: (Do you know how to put this 10,000 pounds Elephant in the fridge in 3 steps?) 

Playfulness –  All work, no play makes Daniel a dull adult (read more below…)
Simulate dreams or imaginations – Surprise the unexpected, or a shift in perspective.
Learning not through the rote way  but the QJ way.
Explore with fresh eyes – no more homework. Change the word ‘homework’ to Evening Discoveries that make the 10,000 pounds Elephant disappear.

The proverb “All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy” may be an old saying but it holds more truth than we think. Play develops social skills and creative thinking. Play shapes the brains, opens the imagination and invigorates your soul. Play is vital for a happy & Quality life,

Of all the animal species, humans are the biggest players of all.  That is why gaming are the biggest market in today’s businesses.  We are built to play & built through play. When we play, we are engaged in the purest expression of our humanity, the truest expression of our individuality.

The other day, I saw my friend on the obituary page in the Straits Times… sad, as we aged, one by one will be meeting God.   The first thing strike me when I saw his picture is the recollection of my friend not because of any other things but, it is the time we played games/activities together. I believe one day, when I am with God teaching quality, the things you remember about FSY is the play activities that we have together.

Imagine the world without play……….  without a tree swing, without a box of crayons…. !!!

The key to a quality life is “Playtime”
When you build-in playtime into your work schedules, your childhood energy will amaze those around you and you can hardly believe your good fortune when someone responds in kind.


Drop me a note, if you want to learn the framework for PLAY.

In my Quality Journey Framework, we will start the wheel rolling by first going through  Few-steps of playfulness.







Day 1

On the bright morning of 18th May 2005 the Malaysia team via Singapore  to Jakarta, Indonesia on an ambitious tour to fulfill the joint QIP EXCHANGE PROGRAME. It was be a 3 days programme to be conducted at a place with a mystical name “PONDOK DAUN” surrounded with lush rainforest, a secret chest of ardent nature and adventures.  Together with our colleagues-Singapore team, we boarded an SIA Boeing 777-200 which left Changi Airport at 1250hrs. We were all sunk into the plush seats and having our lunch served by the ever smiling Singapore girls in their “SARUNG KEBAYA” attire. An hour later we were notified by chief stewardess to fasten our seat belts ready for landing.


The pilot made a perfect touch down at Soekarno Hatta Airport at 1330hrs local time. After passing through Immigration, we proceed to the Arrival Hall, where we were greeted “Selamat Datang ke Indonesia”, from the smiling faces of Budi Gunawan and Caroline Dameria. A mini bus was waiting to fetch all of us to our destination at Jalan Raya Cibodas.

Jakarta the capital of Indonesia is a Cosmopolitan city of over 10 million people. The city has a sprawling area encompassing 670km. The town was name Jayakarta by Fatahilah which means city of victory in 1527. During the Japanese occupation years, the city was officially called Jakarta. On 17/04/1945, Soekarno and Hatta proclaimed the country’s independence from foreign rule which has from then on become Indonesia Capital city

Today Jakarta is buzzing with its people doing everything to earn a living. We can feel the buzz even on the highways where street vendors will offer their delicacies to road commuters treading in the traffic jam. “They work hard for the money”.  All along the 3 hours journey, we enjoyed the natural surroundings including tea plantations, the ever busy food & a fruit stalls on both side of the winding road. As we reach Puncak Pas, we could feel the cool crisp mountain air. It was certainly a pleasant and solitude sanctuary, away from the big cities hustling and bustling activities.

Finally we reach Pondok Daun Resort And Spa. We disembarked from the mini bus dragging along our luggage, and were greeted by Daniel.  After the first shot group photo we were taken into the resort where we were briefed on our room arrangement. The green nature surrounding is astonishingly beautiful together with its unique traditional charms furnished rooms, simply awe was pure awe inspiring. Each room is carefully designed for comfort, floored with Chengal Wood, comfortable furniture and fixtures, with a distinct East-Asian influence, which made each room fabulous. Pondok Daun certainly offers visitor the cool mountain air, an abundance of luxurious vegetation, peace and tranquillity as well as other attractions such as horse riding, a nursery with exotic flowers and other facilities.  Before dinner, we mingled with each other sharing our thoughts and getting to know each other, then proceed with a satay dinner. We were then taken to the Activities Room where we sat on pillows. All of us did a quick self-introduction before we call the night off. The Chilly weather did little help to some of us to doze of peacefully.

Day 2

The second day began with a light exercise on the field. The first outdoor activities began with the hunt for our own stars. Everyone must find their own four different coloured paper stars which were hanged on the tree branches or shrubs. As we walked along the tracking path other colleagues call out names  when they found the stars and in no time we manage to get all the four coloured star although that was not in the game plan.  Well, teamwork prevails. Next, we were made to locate our name which written on a pebble. The pebbles were not placed along the trails, but at an unknown location. Everyone had to think out of the box to locate it. We found them scattered along a swimming pool. With great perseverance, the last pebble were picked.

After a heavy breakfast, we proceed to the activity room and subsequently all of us were divided into groups with the right mixed of participants from the three countries. The ice breaking was playing the Bingo game. An interesting game where we need to learn 3 interesting things from our colleagues.

We continue the session with an interesting topic on behaviour “why is it so difficult to change our habits!” The basic success in a change environment will be the people mind set and there is no doubt why we need to change our mind set. As we all have different needs and gifts and given that no man is an island, we must synergies, share our ideas and try not to argue for the sake of wanting to wins..  We also touched on the importance of 5’s and the two pillars of Safety and Quality that will provide us with peace of mind. We were also told to re-learn, un-learn and want-to-learn to upgrade our skills and knowledge. Daniel reminds us to focus and used the FMC&S method which is Facilitating, Mentoring, Coaching & Storytelling.

We also touched on Basic Quality, Requirement Quality and Excitement Quality in order to understand what we want. Daniel also encouraged us to use mind mapping a technique for organising information is more effectively than the common way of writing notes in sentences.

Then all of us sat together and using the given materials and a photo frame, each of us create our imaginary self and to express our values in frames. The results were amazing. It was a time tunnel where we go back to our kindergarten days doing what children like to do, draw, cut and paste. Actually, it was a test on un-framing, re-framing, to unblock our mentality to see think with fresh eyes.

Daniel taught us on Transaction Analysis Communication, He told us that when 2 people meet, six people are involved.  In which level do we want to play during our conversation: Authoritative, Be-present or Childless?  It is the understanding of the inner self, the outer self and a situation of stimulants against responses.

The next agenda is high-tea at Puncak Pass. Before we leave, Daniel explained to us on the assignment of storytelling by using the eight icons. We reached Puncak Pass a tropical highland retreat with view prefect for inspiring lofty boardroom ambitions. We indulged in a typical English tea tradition and served together with their famous recipes of Dutch delicatessen such as paunekuek, pisang bakar served in their traditional way. Strategically Puncak Pass offers exciting experience to enjoy delicious meals and breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. After taking our group photographs and having done our brainstorming on the story telling topics we headed back to Pondok Daun.

After dinner, each group performed their story telling presentation in a skit format. We all learnt that the first 40-seconds of the opening is the most important parts in the storytelling process. If the team failed to inspire the audience with its message and unable to create emotions, the story telling will fail. Daniel also touched on the powerful learning technique from nature where we can adopt the technique of free association, unstructured and experimental learning.

Day 3

The day started with the morning light exercise and “Chasing the ball game.” After breakfast all participants step forward to share their 3-2-1 of what they learned yesterday. Then we proceed with the brains storming on the ‘Essence of Quality” questionnaire by adapting the Kopitiam (Coffee-shop) methodology. The most important element that have been discussed during this session are the action items that each teams will take back to implement.. We then proceed to have lunch at the restaurant which served Sundanese food with its specialty Ikan Gurame.  OOps! is Friday again,  our Muslim colleagues proceed with their Friday prayers and will meet us later in Santana facility, while the rest make their journey to FMC Santana facility.

At the Santana facility, we were amazed of what we saw during the facility tour. The facility maintained a high standard of housekeeping with machine tools well organized. The Canteen and Surau were well planned and managed.  After visiting the facility, we proceed to dinner at its most acclaimed Pulau Dua Restaurant situated at Taman Ria Senayan. The restaurant serve gourmet dishes and everyone enjoyed the night as we savour  the meal.   After dinner what’s next? ask the ladies – Shopping-loh.  We were pleasantly surprised by the sights, tastes and experience of our journey so far. But as we found to our delight, Indonesian was not quite done with us yet, and had more secrets to share. We went to Plaza Indonesia to feel the modern shopping arcade where the affordable colleagues spend their Rp at Hard Rock Café, while others mingle inside Sogo to flip through the price taggings.

Day 4

Fully geared with our backpacks we headed for Cibodas Gate. Yes, we are ready to explore Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park. We hit the trail at 7.30 am. It makes one feel like one is going back into time to enjoy the natural rain forest with its rich eco-diversity and inspiring beauty. We wasted no time in testing our stamina where we reached the first pit stop the Telaga Biru situated 1.5km up from Cibodas Gate. Next we have to walk 2.8km to cibeureum waterfall where there are three waterfalls formed cascaded over a dramatic cliff. We will visit the waterfall during the return trip. We have to go up to the hot water spring.  For those who hardly walk with Daniel at the Singapore Bukit Timah Hill, their head is light & begin to feel weak as they face the cold morning with its chill-to-the-bone gusts of air. The trail is tricky, sometimes slippery and mentally demanding as it requires careful footwork and undivided concentration. It was not easy but we were amply rewarded for our efforts. The rewarding sight of the hot water spring which has high sulphur content is good to cure rheumatism.

After reaching the half-mark of the 3,000 meter high mountain, we had our packed lunch and ample rest. (The mountain was conquered by Daniel in the year 2009) we then headed down back to cibreureum waterfall. The descend is no easier. As we pick up momentum and without the frequent gasping, we were able to enjoy the mountain vegetation, green and thickly covered with moss. With only 0.5km to go, most of the people  heels start to twinkle & the calf muscles stiffen. We had to salute the younger  who overtook the older without even applying their brakes during the descend. When all of us reached the rest point of cibeureum, the ones with the extra energy proceed to the waterfall. While some group milled around snapping photographs, the more rambunctious ones jumped from the cliff towards the pool of waterfall.  Everyone  feel great & the water is so pure and really refreshing.

When finally all of us reached Pondok Daun, feeling exhausted and some injured, we understand that climbing Mount Gede is not a child’s game, but all of us took the challenge and we conquered the 2,150m journey.

To reward the tough challenge, the night event turn to be a much more relax with a cozy barbecue dinner. Wow! It was well decorated, the foods were great and the live bands were simply awesome. The three teams did an outstanding performance especially Daniel who sang the Malaysian version of the Quality song.  For the organizing committee, thumbs up for the outstanding job.


Day 5

We packed our bags and after thanking our Santana friends we proceed to Jakarta. By mid-day, we reached Hotel Dusit Mangga Dua where we had lunch at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant where we feast our senses to the Szechwan Cuisine. We won’t be able to resist the famous Dim Sum and many other tempting delights. There is also a King crab being displayed in one of the aquarium.


The free and easy activities were held at Mangga Dua Shopping Complex. It is a virtual shopping paradise offering wide range of merchandise with bargain able prices. We experience a unique shopping adventure with retail outlets dedicated to different traders from flashing colours of textiles, shoes, handbags, you name it…

Having spent all our Rp, is time to head for the Airport.  For Santana staff, we thank you for your warmth hospitality and we are touch by your tranquillity.



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