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Friday, October 26


The Quality Journey  is constructed around an all embracing Feedback, Managing cycle. The concept behind the model is simple. You become self-aware by accepting uncontaminated feedback which you process within three core management dimensions – Leadership, Communication, & Innovation.

You operate in your department as a leader, communicator, and innovator. You get feedback from your efforts in each of these three dimensions which you can either ignore or learn from.

If you want to improve your operational effectiveness, you will choose to analyze your feedback so that you can make necessary changes to your behavior. Personal effectiveness is improved by investing time in thinking about how to change what you do and what you say (behavior).

Employees who invest little time in this activity (you probably know some in your department) rarely change what they do and say – and their results often reflect their behavioral consistency and inflexibility.

So spending time analyzing your feedback and making changes in the three dimensions of leadership, communication, and innovation will improve self awareness and enhance personal development. In this way the model is generative, which means that you are constantly generating your own learning and development in all 4 key dimensions:

1.Self awareness
How well you know yourself; what makes you tick; creating direction and setting outcomes for yourself; being a role model and improving your capability to integrate new learning?

How you organize yourself and the methods you use to motivate, direct, develop and get the most from your team?

How you connect with yourself and with others?

How you provide variety, create new ideas and foster an environment of learning and innovation?

You manage, get feedback,  and change behavior according to the results you want.



There is still a  missing element on this Feedback loop - Feedback, Managing & “C”  Don’t miss the following Friday for the missing element “C” to complete the cycle.


Time for ABC




Like Foods & Sleeps, plaY is important to our development. 

















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In this FSY’s Page, I write and share things that matter to me. I understand that you have your own opinions, views, & thoughts. Please keep it to yourself because there is no right or wrong answers. Nothing is true or untrue, most facts and data can be twisted to your favour. I believe it is just a passing cloud & when the rain stop sunshine will appear..fsy

I also understand that everyone’s attention span is very short and if you read till here, I would like to say thank you for staying with me till the end. It might be rubbishes to some people but I do know that there are some gems hidden to be picked in all rubbishes… Hope you have pick one or 2 gems?




Writing on the wall: “A life time of training for just 10 second” …Jesse Owens, the American track star in 1930s

If today, Chairman Mao Zedong is still alive in China. What happen to China?

‘Everything is possible’ is this a good value or.. ? Share your thought with me…

Someone say – This isn’t a good value because everyone thinks it’s possible to do your utmost to eliminate what you don’t want or get what you want

If communication [leadership] is to change behavior, it must be grounded in the desires and interest of the receivers …Artistotle

Hard Gifts are often used to grease the wheels of Guanxi, the Chinese term for relationships that help win jobs and promotions.

Soft Gifts are feedback, You accept all Feedback unconditionally, Massage it & make Choices and change your behavior according to the results you want.

Qualipreneur;  is the hyphen connecting the world of Quality & Business.

If Singapore were to disappear today what would the world miss?

Life is Twist & Turn, you fell once you stop cycling on the QJ Bicycle.

My SOHO (Small Office. Home Office) has no door, But the imaginative door is always ajar to listen to fresh quality stories that seems boring at first but its starts to get interesting……fsy

All roads lead to FSYQualipreneur success….Yesterday I am Good, today I am @ my best, tomorrow I will be better…. fsy.

We block our effectiveness not because we have questions but because we think we have the answers.