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StopworkPain, Problem, Action & Prevention = Discipline

Making the workplace a Healthier, Safer & Environmental sustainable is difficult.

In any workplaces, they are a series of problems including Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Do we want to moan about them or solve them? Do we want to teach our employees to solve them?

Discipline is the basic set of tools we require to solve these HSE problems. Without discipline, nothing can be solved. With only some discipline, we can solve only some HSE problems. With total discipline, we can solve all these HSE problems in the workplace.

What makes these HSE problems difficult is that the process of confronting and solving problems is a painful one. Problems depending upon the nature of the business evoke in us the frustration of balancing the other operation elements of costs, deliveries, quality or productivity. Indeed because of the pain that events or conflicts caused us, we call them problems. Since operations processes pose an endless series of problems, our workplace is always difficult and is full of pain as well as joy.

Yet, it is all this whole process of meeting and solving HSE problems that the workplace has its meaning. HSE problems are the cutting edges that distinguish between an unsafe workplace and a safe workplace. HSE problems create our courages and wisdoms; it is these HSE problems that we grow mentally and spiritually strong to do the right things for the people and the planet. We challenge and encourage the human capacity to solve all these workplaces’ HSE problems. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving these workplaces’ HSE problems that we learn to be better. It is for these reasons that leaders and managers learn not to dread but actually to welcome the HSE problems by actually welcoming the pain of the problem.

Most of the companies are not a Total HSE Culture per se and they just work toward meeting the minimum requirement set by the authorities. Almost every company to greater or lesser degrees attempted to avoid HSE problems in their facilities procrastinating or hoping that their HSE problems will just go away by ignoring, forgetting and pretending they do not exist. Some even take short cuts to skirt around the problem rather than meet them heads on. They tend to attempt of getting out of the HSE problems rather than suffer the pain through it. As the saying goes – “no pain, no gain”.

My parents gave me a very useful name with the initial ‘FSY’ I added a “D” for Discipline.

As I stated that discipline is the basic set of tools we require to solve the workplace HSE problems. It will becomes clear that these tools are techniques of pain. It means that we will experience the pain of the problem in such a way of working through them to solve the workplace HSE problems successfully by learning and growing during the process.

When we teach ourselves and our employees discipline, we are actually learning how to maintain, sustain and also to make the workplace Healthier, Safer & Environmental Friendlier.

What are these disciplinary tools? Below are 4 points:
1. Acceptance of responsibility;
2. Balancing;
3. Commitment to the truth;
4. Dedication to a Total HSE Culture.
The problem lies not in the complexity of these tools but in the will to use them. For these are tools with which pain is confronted rather than avoided. If one seeks to avoid pain, then one will avoid the use of these tools of discipline.

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