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Friday, January 4


Welcome to a new year a Fresh Start with You on each and every Friday.
I am happy working from my small humble SOHO to begin a new year.
My originally FSYD working principle still stay truth into the new year which are : Friendly, Strong, Youthful & Discipline
This new year is created through my connection living in a Grateful world with gratitude and in this 2013 new year I added – ‘HOPE’ as my new strategy.


Who had a Fantastic 2012?

Psy’s Gangnam Style is the year’s biggest cultural phenomenon with one billion hits on YouTube…. and counting

People know that exercise is very important but people hate it. But come to Gangnam Style which swept the world and nobody quite understands a funny man with a Funny Song & Younique horse-riding dance but still the world like it. Why people were just so happy doing it? It’s a form of exercise right and people are just so happy doing it

What lesson can we learn from Park Jae Sung?(Psy) and be part of your 2013 resolutions. Three words: have Fun, be Sociable and Younquie Signature Style !!!


2013 Resolutions
You will be happy to know that I have completed a list of 2013 resolutions
Be Frugal
Be have Fun
Be Focus
Be Smarter
Be Sociable
Be Simple
Be Yourself
Be Younique
Be Decisive
Be Driven
Be Discipline
Be Healthier
Be Innovative
Be a happy wonderer
Be Thriftier
Be Cleaner
Be Safe
Be Humble
Be Creative

The list is not for me, is for you.
You are right to say resolution is for self-improvement, so I made a list of things that you can do to improve yourself.
Oops ! You can also say this isn’t how it works.

Before you correct me…… I left Singapore for holiday to Thailand doing window shopping and in the evening looking into window 8, both windows are good for my wet-ware (brains) as I need raw materials (knowledge) for my Unexpected Quality Journey.

I don’t have any resolution or goal for 2013. I resolved to only one word “iHOPE”











The Unexpected Quality Journey (UQJ)

If Life is a journey and that we are all travelers on the road, and then why not joined me on this Unexpected Quality Journey (UQJ).
No matter how comfortable you are in. The constant change in the eternal environment makes you restlessness. But surprisingly, most people stay put in their little box which it was call cubicle in the work environment. Even if you do not go off on this Unexpected Quality Journey there is a voice continually nagging you with a cliché that always ask you to “think out of that box you are in”.

I am not going to into world religions. But if we agreed that Life is a journey and that we are all travelers. I would like to share that this Unexpected Quality Journey is the same as taking a pilgrimage. I believe today only the Islam maintains a strong and visible commitment to this ancient discipline. The Catholicism, the Jews, the Christmas, the Buddhism does take their pilgrimage to holy shrines and Holy land. But today the modern you and me we take a non-connected religion consumer-driven pilgrimage to Disney World. Perhaps we simply stay inside the box too long and insulate ourselves too much, that we have to that the risk to step out of the comfort zone to this unexpected Quality Journey. I am not forcing you to take this unexpected Quality Journey, there are many risks. But the journey will teach you not simply that is good to go on a Quality pilgrimage but that we are all Quality pilgrims. The journey does not just simply broaden your minds it offer insight into your own Quality Work; Quality Life.

Remember that box you are in, is not your own box, someone has sat there before you. In today WWW is all about your Quality Work, you can cheat yourself to certain point, but you cannot forever fence it without Quality Work.
We cannot achieve Quality Work; Quality Life by sitting inside the box in your comfort position. You can only learn them on the Journey, the Unexpected Quality Journey.

Let us begin… The call for action @



You don’t need to purchase branded stationery. I believe currently those highlighter that you are using each can cost more/or about a dollar. You can get 4 pieces for just $1.05 which serves the same need and better still you got 4 different color. 



What can a dollar ($1) buy you…

A lot of knowledge. If you miss the first copy, the Jan 1, 2013 Business Time newspaper, that is Tuesday copy. Die, die please go and get one. Read the Business Time Window on 2013

• A year on the brink
• The great bank escape
• Is state capitalism wining?
• Asia’s hard road
• A year of reckoning for France & Europe
• Weimar 2013?
• Europe’s crisis of values
• Emerging world rising
• Emerging economies eurozone crisis
• Brazil economic revolution
• America’s pacific rebalance
• The bilateral threat to free trade
• How to win in the war-ravaged Middle east
• Ground the drones this year
• Let there be more skin in the game
• The history of Russia’s future
• And Boh-Ta-Boh-Ti matters.
• The customer is NOT always right – only FSY is right

You see knowledge is the raw material your wet-ware (brain) need, without raw material your wet-ware is useless and once you memorized it you be able to compare the raw materials with your experience and draw many conclusions. Whatever conclusions you drawn are your learning that no one can steal from you.

Frankly speaking this way of learning is better than whatever education you have been to. That’s is why reading, next to meeting people is the single most effective way to learn not to flunk your life.

Too bad today we are all electronic connect, through social media. And we hardly pick-up the phone and call old friends for coffee. That is why I instill my friends that we have to meet in personal every month to drink coffee or over lunches to share stories. But most of you wait until someone die and we meet at that funerals.


If you still wondering what Safety Commitment Message to express  in 2013?

I resolved to only these three little words “Sharing is Caring”



“If you make it a habit not to blame others, you will feel the growth of the ability to love in your soul, and you will see the growth of goodness in your life.” …Leo Tolstoy

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember this whole thing was started by a mouse.” Walt Disney, Animator, Film Producer


I hope you have enjoyed what I have shared
I would like to hear your thoughts
I can be reached at
Sharing Is Caring…
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My FSY’s sharing is unscientifically and some are contributed by wife & children, friends, acquaintances. I write and share things that matter to me. I understand that you have your own opinions, views, & thoughts. Please keep it to yourself because there is no right or wrong answers. Nothing is true or untrue, most facts and data can be twisted to your favour. To the authors, contributors and original sources, my thanks and where appropriate my apologies if I forget to quote your names.

I understand that everyone’s attention span is very short and if you read till here, I would like to say thank you for staying with me till the end. It might be rubbishes to some people but I do know that there are some gems hidden to be picked in all rubbishes… Hope you have pick one or 2 gems?


 If you keep Reading, I will keep Sharing

 Friday, See You here… Every Friday



Rearrange the letters in the word LISTEN’ to discover the related word 

I teach something called The Law of Probabilities, which says the more things you try, the more likely one of them will work. The more books you read, the more likely one of them will have an answer to a question that could solve the major problems of your life.. make you wealthier, solve a health problem, whatever it might be.     …..Jack Canfield, Success Coach

Technology is a good servant but a bad master

Last Year  ================2012=================

If you learn nothing else from reading all my Friday FSY postings, it is okay. Just remember this from Confucius’ thought  …is that law control the lesser man, but right conduct controls the greater man.

Here’s to Your Quality 
The work of your Heart
The work of taking time to listen to your customer
The work of taking time to understand the requirement
The work of taking time to stop the process if it does not meet the requirement.
The work of taking time to meet the customer requirement
The work of taking time to deliver the customer requirement

If you believe that the population is getting older, you’ve never been to a shopping mall on a weekend….Doug Larson, United Feature Syndicate. From Reader’s digest, April 1994

If you don’t like the phrase “Empower the powerless” then change it to “Enabled the powerless” . Peter Ducker said “To try to build an organization against the weakness (powerless) frustrates the purpose of organization.”

If you ask your wife for breakfast in the bed…. What will be her answer……. “Sleep in the Kitchen”

The only difference between who you are today and who you will be 5 years from now are the people you meet and the books you read.. Charlie “tremendous’ Jones

Interestingly someone say “ Teamwork means never having to take all the blame”Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better

Don’t wish for less problems, wish for ore Skills
Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom
- by Jim Robn, Speaker, Author, Philosopher.

No one has had more books devoted than Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of US. (Posted on Nov 19, 2012) Please go ahead and guess how many books? Answer: There are over 15,000 books about Lincoln in print.

Everyone have luck – Bad or Good

In Las Vegas there is no loser, only winners and donors

Life is not about big fish eat small fish or big fish that swims in small pond or small fish that swims in the ocean. Big or small fishes they all are still fish.

The late Stephen R.Covey 7 habits principle stated “Begin with the end in mind” The now FSYQualipreneur added onto this principle “Begin with the Beginning after the end is the mind.”

97% of people buying decisions are made on an emotional basis then later justified by logic. Because emotion stimulates the mind up to 3,000 times faster than rational thought processes.

Hone your skills not from the internet but from the area of your interest

Writing on the wall: “A life time of training for just 10 second” …Jesse Owens, the American track star in 1930s

If today, Chairman Mao Zedong is still alive in China. What happen to China?

‘Everything is possible’ is this a good value or.. ? Share your thought with me…

Someone say – This isn’t a good value because everyone thinks it’s possible to do your utmost to eliminate what you don’t want or get what you want

If communication [leadership] is to change behavior, it must be grounded in the desires and interest of the receivers …Artistotle

Hard Gifts are often used to grease the wheels of Guanxi, the Chinese term for relationships that help win jobs and promotions.

Soft Gifts are feedback, You accept all Feedback unconditionally, Massage it & make Choices and change your behavior according to the results you want.

Qualipreneur; is the hyphen connecting the world of Quality & Business.

If Singapore were to disappear today what would the world miss?

Life is Twist & Turn, you fell once you stop cycling on the QJ Bicycle.

My SOHO (Small Office. Home Office) has no door, But the imaginative door is always ajar to listen to fresh quality stories that seems boring at first but its starts to get interesting……fsy

All roads lead to FSYQualipreneur success….Yesterday I am Good, today I am @ my best, tomorrow I will be better…. fsy.

We block our effectiveness not because we have questions but because we think we have the answers.