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Helpful Tips 004aWhy Safety yet to fly?

Safety harder fly because companies Revert Back to the “Profits First” Business Mold.
Many SME companies in Singapore that achieved Bizsafe certification but lose their way – and in similar fashion. First they attain BizSafe status with the Authority. Then they pursue growth opportunities at the cost of diluting their previous standards for safety. And they wind up disappointing, while falsely claiming they remain Bizsafe to the core.

Why Safety yet to fly? There are many incident & accident stories that you can learn If you subscribe to Singapore WSHC Bulletin –

Why Safety yet to fly? Is the pressure to improve productivity so intense Bizsafe companies eventually succumb, to unsafe work practices?

Why Safety yet to fly? Here are a number of reasons why so successful Bizsafe can throw that safety standard into the river,
1. a fight for control of the company direction
2. short-sightedness when a profit opportunity rears its head
3. don’t has in-house HSE expertise to keep the company on the right course.
4. a need to boost productivity performance due to external pressures

Why Safety yet to fly? …The question is also applicable to those companies who commit to the Bizsafe transformation journey and didn’t follow through. After all the dialogue, discussion and effort, they fail to operationalize their good intentions – again – leadership who invariably aren’t strong enough to stay the course and are unable to look beyond short term metrics and bonus drivers linked to short-term performance.

Why Safety yet to fly? Maybe some companies might just as guilty by putting most of the blame on the short term profit motive. Where is the board of directors in all of this? Where is the accountability? I find it hard to believe that in many organizations the board takes no responsibility for the failures of the safety culture.

Why safety yet to fly? Fearing an increase in safety incidents, managers then change the way in which they operate by implementing more rules, processes and conditions in the way they do business. The result? Everyone have to suffer the consequences. While I don’t believe that we should be firing employees at will, companies are better off without managers/supervisors who unsafe the front line people. It all boiled down and it all begins and ends with good safety leadership.

Why safety yet to fly? The safety foundation is built from the simple statement; Safety is held as a value by all employee. If leader believe that safety is held as a value my all employee than the product/service you’re delivering is the best solution to your customer. How can you ensure your company’s business is marketable, profitable and sustainable if safety yet to fly?

Why safety yet to fly? In any certification programs, the people who makes money are the auditors and hopefully companies will learn that a Total Safety Culture required no certification & audits because Safety is held as a value by all employee.

As teachers in safety we must eliminate the ideal that business is in business to make “money.” And help business owners understand that business is first and foremost the unselfish process of identifying a need and solving the problem to of their customer and meeting the customer requirements. Profit is motivated from that satisfaction and delivered requirement and a business must be profitable to survive…And this is where the disconnect occurs. Many believe profitability occurs from finding ways to exploit the short cut and cutting corner just to meet the audit purpose to maintain the bizsafe certification or any other certifications – ISO 14001, or OHSAS 18001 rather than continuing to make the workplace safer. It’s up to those gentlemen in the boardroom to highlight the true indicators of Quality, Productivity, Profitability, Sustainability and Safety! What were they thinking? Why safety yet to fly?

What I find is that no one successful company can be the idol for everything that’s wrong or right, safe or unsafe with business…In my Unexpected Quality Journey, I do my best to highlight strengths, challenges, opportunities and threats and pose the question, “How to make safety Fly?”

I hope the question Why Safety yet to fly? of thinking is worthwhile!


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Everyone loves quality 2013-Dec-29

Quality is not a department… It is an organization commitment

Friday - I Love Quality

 Quality requirement must exist for every function



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