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Friday, February 7


Teamwork hardly work because there is no “I” in “Team”!…

Picture this…I have a job and a boss, I go to meeting with him occasionally. At the end of each meeting, the same ritual takes place. Not only my boss but everyone else goes out of the door saying that everything they did at the meeting could have been done in the last 10 minutes. Back at our offices, my boss goes into a bit more details than what happened in the meeting. This same ritual has been going on now for what seems like eon. I finally got tired of listening to it and decided to ask my boss, supposedly we take these boring meetings that have been going on for years a little bit further. What are the three things these groups of people need in order to operate differently from what they are doing now? What do they need to have? My boss a MBA and bright man said “They do not know how to solve problems. They can’t think together, They can’t plan. They do not know how to work as a team.” He ended with the best part “even they did know how, they do not want to do it anyway.” I was amazed.

In my 33 years of corporate life, I been with many teams and meetings which were the same old, same old… Someone opens it with irrelevant comments then, someone either asks a question or states the nature of a problem and some smart-Alec in their mind think what a joke, sure or not, we have such problems in our organization! Another team member argues that what have been stated is not a problem. This is followed by a debate on the nature of the problem. Finally, the team leader decided that the originally stated problem is indeed worth discussing. A few members offered different analysis of the problem. A comment was made that the analysis is biased. Someone said that this team needed to be sent for a workshop on ”FunShip” (Igniting Fun Leadership @Work). She shared a story of how fun it is in the “FunShip” that she attended with a fun organization named FSYQualipreneur. One alert team member voiced that they had wandered far away from the problem. Someone else make another attempt on the analysis of the problem. One member commented that it is easy to analyse the problem but is difficult to solve it. At the end of the meeting if you are the leader of the team, you probably throw your pen down and walk out of the meeting room in disgust.

Have you been to these type of meetings? They are terrible and time eater without any resolution to the main core problem.

Lately, I overheard more of these terrible and time eater meetings. Someone told me that there are too many meetings in an organization. The most frustrated ones are the weekly/monthly departments meeting. The boss cuts off discussions after one minute. At other times, he lets it run on and on. Sometimes he wants his staff to buy into a decision he has already made up in his mind. Other times, he couldn’t care less and let the meeting go on and on or what his staff think. Then there are other times he wanted to go into fine-line details that is driving everyone into crazy and panic mode.

There is no need for such meeting. There are learnable and teachable skills and processes for conducting quality meeting that get everyone participating and sharing their wisdom.

Enter the FSYQualipreneur workshop method that works.

Facilitative Leadership
Social Operating System
Youniquely Fun @Work.

Between the rigidities of rules and the different levels of participation spectrum on the right hand and the world of Free & Fun participation on the left hand, lies a big rock to be crashed. On one side of the big rock is an old social style and the other side, a radical new social style and not forgetting inside the big rock itself are many images and value changes. This radical shift of the old/new Social Styles are explore in-depth in my new Quality workshop, The UQJ journey that achieve Quality Work; Quality Life. To find out in details, please do drop me a line at to explore further.

There is no “I” in “Team”!… that’s the reason why teamwork hardly work. If you are looking for ways to motivate your team and need a leader to lead them so that the team is able work more effectively, you just need to add an “I” to become iTeam…meaning “I lead the Team!”

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