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Friday, February 21

FSY---Qualipreneur-(saved-for-web-&-devices) Something For You Feb14This is my first time celebrating Chinese New Year abroad – Below are a few pictures to share…& to see more @

The cold long holidays in New York (Feb 1 to 15) keep me thinking about “The BOX” – Do you have a BOX to think out of “The BOX?

We are bombarded by the phrase “Think Out of “The BOX“ but what BOX are we referring to think from?

So, let’s start with “The BOX” that you have as I believe everyone should have “The BOX“ at least. If not, then you must first create your own BOX.

My thoughts about The BOX’ are your daily work:

1. Daily Work encompass the time you spent at work.

2. Every person should have some forms of daily work which if it is not boring then it should be an enjoyable tasks that you are comfortable with, as it gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

3. Daily Work is what you provide to your team and enable support and provide an opportunity for the managers you served.

4. Daily work is some forms of Standardizing that makes it easier for customers and colleagues to work with you. Daily Work does not need to be boring.

Before you can think out of the BOX, your BOX has to meet the 5 Cs -

1. Clarification – You need to set a minimum standard which is explicit.

2. Commitment – Your Level of commitment is expected.

3. Connection – Your daily work is connected or supporting the next process.

4. Contribution – Your daily work should somehow contribute to the bottom line.

5. Consistent – You need to do it right every time.

The BOX“ is a way of defining a work structure. Not in the sense of a rigid hierarchy or rigid methods but an understanding of Why things are done your ways.

The BOX“ you have is the basic understanding of your work flows that you must have to provide autonomy for the team’s decision making.

Creating “The BOX“ is imperative for future development. Without “The BOX“there can be no improvement, If you want to think out of “The BOX“, You have to first create ”The BOX

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