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Friday, December 21

Dear all,
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I am sharing this message with a heavy heart.

The apocalypse spoof that the world will end on Dec 21 under the Mayan’s calendar didn’t happen. But for the children and parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut it ended on Dec 14.
Like you, I am sick with grief over the horrific murders that took place. It cannot be understood, explained, nor too complicated to think that any human is capable of such unacceptable acts as the ones that took place last Friday.

Today, as we are counting down to the Finest time of the year, the Sounds of celebration & Yuletide season. I asked you to count your blessings and cherish the time you have with your loved ones. Hug your children and YOU ! Children hug your parents. Don’t forget ‘today’ is also call “present” because it is in fact a gift. Cherish, today, the present, the gift.

Yes, rules and regulations have to be tighten but will not prevent another tragedy only “sharing our caring”. As we cherish, today, the present, the gift, give the world a gift of caring each and every day.

Today, can we declare caring and loving in all areas of our life? Can we make the commitment to investigate our life and allow caring, harmony and love to flow where it is missing?

How do you become caring & loving, good, truthful & beautiful in life and not do evil things or flunk your life. Pick  the answer you like. You can pick more than one.

  • by teaching (knowledge) 
  • by practice (forming habit) 
  • by nature being born 
  • by force
  • by tighten/increase rules and regulations
  • others_________ If you choose other, give examples

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The HobbitAn unexpected Journey

If you have left over money after buying foods & fruits. Watch this movie – The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey.

What can we learned from the story of 13 Dwarves, a Hobbit, a Wizard and a Dragon. (The western is also superstitious not to have 13 dwarves on this unexpected journey, so they have included 1 hobbit to make it to 14 instead of 13). This unexpected journey to the middle-earth lead us to 3 things – The Good, The Truth and The Beautiful. Watch this movie as you will fall in love with the heroes and their values. It will enlarge your imagination and fertilize your soil of soul so that you become the kind of people who doesn’t flunk in your life and be good, truthful & beautiful…We will explore more after you watched this movie.

What we needed is more Quality old stories to start our unexpected journey not to the Middle-earth but to a Quality-world of Good, Truthful & Beautiful…that is Quality Work, Quality Life…. Let’s us begin doing so…in 2013!

Stories are meant to be shared and not to bring into grave with us. In my hope that my Friday’s sharing with you on every Friday will initiate fruitful dialogues and enter into an adventure of Fun Sharing & Yearning in a fallen world that is nevertheless filled with meaningful purposes of good, truth & beautiful. What we need, in short are stories


Sharing an email I sent to the marketing manager of a local bookstore, 

Why ask your repeated customers to pay for memberships?

Dear Sir
A good day to you

I have received the membership renewal notification for the Privilege Card (775710) and yet I have to pay for a year renewal fees at $21.40. I am not going to renew for it unless it is free.

Last year, I have no choice but to sign for your membership because I received $600 of your bookstore vouchers from my colleagues as gift. The only reason I paid $21.40 for your membership because the rebates of my purchases at that time covered the membership cost of $21.40. Also, since those gift vouchers are only for purchases made in your store therefore I have no choice but to spend that $600 vouchers. Interestingly though is that I am not allow to use these vouchers to pay for the membership fee! I believe the $600 vouchers are of cash value because the transaction is using cash to purchase your voucher. I have to fork out hard cash for the $21.40 and I was told by your staff that it is the house rules. Frankly speaking, this rule will definitely pushes me away from your boookstore unless I received another gift vouchers because there are many other bookstores that I can get my books from that I can still get membership for free plus relevant discounts.

Recently I was in New York and went to Barnes & Noble Booksellers. When I was about to make payments, the cashier asked me to sign up for the Barnes & Nobles membership for free plus I got a 10% discount on the spot for all the books that I purchased. Even after I told her that I am just holidaying in New York and might not be back again, she insisted that I should be their member to gain the privileges because I can subscribe to their website to continue buying from them online. On top of that, I can use the membership to get the discounts available to me with free shipping.

That means you will lost a customer. If you want repeated loyal customer like me, please do away with your house rule. I believe bookstore love repeated customer like me who still like to purchase hard copy books and not e-books. So, why ask your repeated customers to pay for memberships?

Most companies do not know why they lost their customers because some customers either they died, they never complain or never give you a second chance by providing feedbacks before moving to another bookstore. Today, it is your lucky day. I will not go back to your store that is unless like I have mentioned above that I get another gift vouchers for your store but still I would like to inform you the reason for my not returning.

Many bookstores have been closing down in Singapore and I hope your store is going to be here for a long, long time. Do remember that Johor, Malaysia near us has a few big bookstores and that is where I will be going soon because I go to JB once a week to see my clients (I am a consultant for quality improvements and Health Safety & Environment ) plus books there will be cheaper due to the exchange rates.

It is not the $21.40 I am petty over with, it is more on the emotional part of having the feelings being special your membership card mentioned privilege. I don’t see there is any privilege when you have to pay $21.40. Privilege means customers get special treatment like I get when I travel on Singapore Airlines being their members.

Losing one customer maybe okay to you, but in the long run if this keeps up then what will happens? Your guess is just as good as mine. Nowadays, books are being sold on social networks that very soon younger generations will rely more online than on hardcopies. My three children who are young adults are already into ebooks so what about their children in the future?

I am still a hardcopy book lover that occasionally do read on ebooks…so basically it is your choice to win me back or lose me for good. Being a consultant in the areas of Quality improvement and Health, Safety & Environment helping company to make more money, I am just sharing my thoughts with you.


How to make a cold chicken pie hot?
Step #1 open door of oven toaster,
Step # 2 put the whole box of chicken pie inside the oven toaster,
Step #3 switch it on & turn to the required timing.

After a while, I heard my wife shouted Fire, Fire…I got charcoal chicken pie instead!

The above picture shows how to make a hot charcoal chicken pie & the below shows how to start the fire.

So, let us go through the steps on how we can start a small fire @home?

Step #1 open the oven toaster,
Step # 2 put the whole box inside the oven toaster,
Step #3 switch it on,
Step #4 you got fire!


Un-Learn, Re-Learn - The F-S-Y’s RULE

I am using these 2 examples to illustrate a very powerful learning tool. If anyone can follows this F-S-Y’s rule consistently, he/she would learns to be more street-smart than the education he/she gets in school.

Focus -You Focus on something that you are doing or reading on an article.
Sense – Then you sense and remember it. You keep on thinking about it on how or why the fire started etc.
Youniquely you compare this experience using your memory bank (wet-ware) and you come to conclusions of whether the fire you started by using a toaster is a helpful source or is it dangerous because it will burns your house down? Both conclusions are real knowledge and no one can steals it away from you.

In many of my Quality Journey(QJ)workshops, I always left the participants to find out their own answers in the exercises and activities. If you have attended one of my QJ workshops, then you will be able to reflect that this F-S-Y‘s rule has always been used.

Let’s go back to the process of peeling & eating the banana exercise to illustrate the point of F-S-Y‘s rule of learning again. I believe you can still remember the banana you eat in one of my workshops. You peel & eat the banana. (Focus) You Sense, the process of peeling the banana . Then you Youniquely compare why you peel the banana your way and learn a new way of peeling the banana. I believe today, you are still peeling the banana in the new way you have learned and not doing it in the old way. That is the real knowledge you learned.

When you start to use the F-S-Y‘s rule, your friends around you will suddenly think you are flicker-minded because you tend to change things all the time. Not to worry, in fact your wet-ware start to un-learn, re-learn and reason things all the time. By the way, if your wet-ware is not doing reasoning then it is considerate almost useless. Tell your friend that you are not being flicker-minded but computing the processes by Focusing, Sensing and Youniquely comparing to have different opinions from the one that you originally have at the time. In retrospect, you now have another alternative course of action.

I hope in 2013 you do more self-learning using the F-S-Y‘s rule to keep your wet-ware young and active. Always seeking answers on the hows and whys on things.


I have one question – why lately this word ‘new-normal’ surfaces very often in our newspaper? Does anyone understands the word ‘normal’ means? What is considers as normal? For the fun of discussion, I believe moving into 2013 nothing is ‘normal’ or ‘new-normal’. I would say we are in a ‘no-normal’ situation. This brings you back to my last Friday’s posting on the question – What’s the difference of the last 10 years and the next 10 and what’s different today? We are all in midst of big global change curve. I believe we have to wait another 10 years to see things become normal.


Take out a pen and paper then write down 10 things that you are thankful for the last 11 months.

1. I am so thankful for my comfortable bed at home after my long traveling schedule.
2. My first Thanksgiving dinner with my ex-colleague’s family in Houston.
3. I have 56 birthdays and still counting.
4. I have “onsen” (hot spring bath) experience with my son in Japan.
5. The family’s bonding that we have during our fight and fright experiences in Europe.
6. My family bonding is shown in our giving and receiving love whole-heartedly during our holiday trips.
7. Towards the end of our holidays we still arrive home safely when things started to crack.
8. I have sufficient means and ability to live a simple life.
9. I take back my life from the hustle and bustle of the corporate jungle.
10. I still walk and read books so that my Hardware, Software (physical/soul) and Wetware (brain) are still Functioning, Sanity & Youthful. 

If you have trouble coming up with 10, think smaller. But don’t be lazy because it’s the time of year you look back and set new hopes for 2013.

Once you done the 10 things that are thankful for 2012.  I would like you to ponder on this few “HOWs” and try something different in 2013

  • How to get your management to understand a radical new ideas in 2013?
  • How do you transmit concept, behaviour, mindset, and skills that are barely understood in the first place?
  • How do you tell managers/employees and explain what they have done in 2012 has been redundant?
  • How do you increase capacity without increasing one single headcount in 2013
  • How do you instill Quality & safe behaviour by not creating more policies, rules & Regulations?
  • How do you get, not just acceptance, but enthusiasm and Right Actions?

2013 belong to those who take the Right Actions. Right Actions does not mean exact, equal, the same right action other take, or proper. Right Actions, oops! ..Email me at to take you into 2013 with the Right Actions that will allows you to walk the path of Quality Work; Quality Life. Let us begin the Unexpected Quality Journey


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My FSY sharing is unscientifically and some are contributed by wife & children, friends, acquaintances. I write and share things that matter to me. I understand that you have your own opinions, views, & thoughts. Please keep it to yourself because there is no right or wrong answers. Nothing is true or untrue, most facts and data can be twisted to your favour.  To the authors, contributors and original sources, my thanks and where appropriate my apologies if I forget to quote your names.       

I also understand that everyone’s attention span is very short and if you read till here, I would like to say thank you for staying with me till the end. It might be rubbishes to some people but I do know that there are some gems hidden to be picked in all rubbishes… Hope you have pick one or 2 gems?

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If you believe that the population is getting older, you’ve never been to a shopping mall on a weekend….Doug Larson, United Feature Syndicate. From Reader’s digest, April 1994

If you don’t like the phrase “Empower the powerless” then change it to “Enabled the powerless” . Peter Ducker said “To try to build an organization against the weakness (powerless) frustrates the purpose of organization.”

If you ask your wife for breakfast in the bed…. What will be her answer……. “Sleep in the Kitchen”

The only difference between who you are today and who you will be 5 years from now are the people you meet and the books you read.. Charlie “tremendous’ Jones

Interestingly someone say “ Teamwork means never having to take all the blame”

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better
Don’t wish for less problems, wish for ore Skills
Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom
- by Jim Robn, Speaker, Author, Philosopher.

No one has had more books devoted than Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of US. (Posted on Nov 19, 2012) Please go ahead and guess how many books? Answer: There are over 15,000 books about Lincoln in print.

Everyone have luck – Bad or Good

In Las Vegas there is no loser, only winners and donors.

Life is not about big fish eat small fish or big fish that swims in small pond or small fish that swims in the ocean. Big or small fishes they all are still fish.

The late Stephen R.Covey 7 habits principle stated “Begin with the end in mind” The now FSYQualipreneur added onto this principle “Begin with the Beginning after the end is the mind.”

97% of people buying decisions are made on an emotional basis then later justified by logic. Because emotion stimulates the mind up to 3,000 times faster than rational thought processes.

Hone your skills not from the internet but from the area of your interest

Writing on the wall: “A life time of training for just 10 second” …Jesse Owens, the American track star in 1930s

If today, Chairman Mao Zedong is still alive in China. What happen to China?

‘Everything is possible’ is this a good value or.. ? Share your thought with me…Someone say – This isn’t a good value because everyone thinks it’s possible to do your utmost to eliminate what you don’t want or get what you want

 If communication [leadership] is to change behavior, it must be grounded in the desires and interest of the receivers …Artistotle

 Hard Gifts are often used to grease the wheels of Guanxi, the Chinese term for relationships that help win jobs and promotions.

 Soft Gifts are feedback, You accept all Feedback unconditionally, Massage it & make Choices and change your behavior according to the results you want.

Qualipreneur; is the hyphen connecting the world of Quality & Business.

 If Singapore were to disappear today what would the world miss?

Life is Twist & Turn, you fell once you stop cycling on the QJ Bicycle.

My SOHO (Small Office. Home Office) has no door, But the imaginative door is always ajar to listen to fresh quality stories that seems boring at first but its starts to get interesting……fsy

All roads lead to FSYQualipreneur success….Yesterday I am Good, today I am @ my best, tomorrow I will be better…. fsy.

We block our effectiveness not because we have questions but because we think we have the answers.