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Friday, December 14

The apocalypse spoof that the world will end on Dec 21 under the Mayan calendar.  Weather the world will end tomorrow or Dec 21 by exploding into pieces, or the dinosaurs appear and eat everyone, or by the demonic hell beasts or by fresh eating zombies. If you know one thing about me it is this – Friendly, Spiritually & Youniquely me because today is me and me that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is me than me. And Thank you for being you.


I posted this question last Friday, This week I post again with an illustration.

What really keeps you up at night?

It’s not the mistakes that people made in the workplace but the non-compliant employee that keep you up at night. (Those powerless one)

When the powerless is not empower to change the things they know are wrong …………bad things can happen…. they go on strike

SMRT bus strike
From the powerless to the front page of The Straits Time newspaper
The SMRT bus strike by 171 drivers from China on Nov 26 may have lasted only 2 days. But I believe managers in the news need to do some soul searching about the powerless in their workplace.

With employee dissatisfaction at an all-time high and job security more uncertain and weak than ever, today’s managers must listen to the powerless. Your people are waiting to be engaged

In fact the Singapore Government is doing the correct thing of tightening the foreign labour. Because it has been next impossible to increase capacity without increasing headcount.  If you target and empowering the right people you can get significant increases in capacity without adding a single headcount. Is doable.

Reflect on this question – What’s the different about the last 10 years and the next 10 and what’s different today?  We are all in midst of big global change curve. We are hyper-connected and transparent. How we do things matter more than ever, because so many people can now see how you do things, be affected by how you do things and tell others how you do things on the internet anytime for no cost and restraint. We need to get back to collaborating in the old fashioned way, that is the challenge going ahead. So please empower the powerless and engage them.


My Holiday experience in Europe

Other than the 3 bad experiences we have had with pickpockets in Paris & Brussels, our holidays are awesome with a lot of things that we cannot experience or see back home in Singapore which I am sharing with you.

We started our holidays in mid-October from Japan through US & ended in Europe mid-December. We outsmarted the pickpockets by always staying alert and keep our passport & wallet intact as well as looking out for people following us. The only thing that we can’t avoid is that, too bad as “Chinese” we can’t blend into their environment and it is easy for them to single us out as tourists!

After having travelled for so much be it on business or leisure, I have learned that the best part is coming back to home safely and sleeping on my own bed. It’s the first time in a long time that I appreciate the safety of Singapore which most of us Singaporeans have taken for granted.

To view my holiday pictures log in to my Facebook @ ‘Qualipreneur Foo’ (private site) not ‘FSY Qualipreneur’ (this site is more for my business)

The 3 bad experiences.
The First incident happened in the Paris’ metro. There was a group of about 3 ladies & a man rushed in behind us. Whilst 2 ladies trying to engage my wife & elder daughter’s attention by asking for direction the other partners in crime picked my wallet and placed into another young lady’s bag. As I always clipped my wallet to a flexible string (I learned this trick from the Tintin’s movie & he is also my childhood’s favorite cartoon character as we have the same adventurous characteristic). I felt that my string was being pulled that’s when I traced it back to her bag. Most interestingly is that she still denied about the whole incident. All of them felt guilty & quickly got off at the next station before we could do anything.

The second incident is that out of nowhere we were surrounded by a group of young ladies posing as a fund raisers. 3 approached me & the other 3 toward my son, 2 each on my daughters and wife. We managed to brush them off. Thank God they got nothing out from except for the tissue packets that I left in my pants side pocket? This time, I put packets of tissue for whoever trying to steals from me again.

The Third incident is when we were in a train transiting from Brussels to Amsterdam in the 1st class cabin which our next holiday destination. We purchased the 1st class ticket so that we can be safer from the crowded 2nd class cabin that usually the locals travel in. Upon settling down, I put my backpack next to my seat then walked away to talk to my second daughter. Someone walked pass me and took it pretending it is his. Luckily, my eldest daughter shouted to me that my backpack was taken that he dropped it down and walk away. It is my mistake to let off my safety guard and thank to my eldest daughter for her alertness that saved my backpack. If not, my laptop and all my hard work saved inside my laptop will be gone! The train ticketing systems in Europe really need some tweaking. They should not allow non-ticket holders into the business class or first class and should not allow loitering outside these cabins. We observed 2 guys in hoodies loitering just outside our cabin all the way from Brussels to Amsterdam. We have to change 3 trains to reach Amsterdam and they are always following us and stay outside our cabin. It is not coincidence that they are traveling on the same route as us. Common sense & the tell tale signs like if they have the same 1st class ticket why are they loitering outside and not seated comfortably for 2 hours plus!?

Lessons learned from my Europe trips:
Am I in the wrong place at the wrong time?
My feeling was I am in the right place at the right time to experience this notorious Europe’s environment.

My experience in Europe offers a few important lessons as well.

First, please do take care, your holiday mood and the relax atmosphere sometimes caused you to let down your guard thus making you an easy prey for criminals.

Second, all countries is not without crime. For your own safety, you have to use some common sense. That is never hold a map on your hands while you are walking. Also, Don’t walk into any back lanes. All wallets, bags, etc must zipped and if possible hide them from visibility. Don’t carry branded bag when you travel. Bring body hugging wallet strap. Strap & hide your passport and wallet onto your body. A bit of old fashion and troublesome, but better safe than sorry.

Third, bring your own worn-off bag to put your branded items (Chanel, Dior, Hermes, etc) that you purchased. Try not to carry branded paper bag given to you.

Fourth, too bad as “Chinese” we can’t blend into their environment and it is easy to be singled out by them. Remember criminals have all their time, you don’t, so observe your traveling patterns and practices this 3 alphabets A,B,C -
(A)lways (B)e (C)areful. Never let your safety guard down.

Fifth, after 3 attacks, although we managed to foil their attacks we will never able to defeat them. If you are in the state of limbo, remember safety over money, cancel your remaining trip and fly home. Which we did. We have to spend around S$368 on oversea call from the hotel, about S$600 to get our air tickets reissued & rerouting our flight from Amsterdam to Singapore instead of our original booking that we fly back from Frankfurt. We also have to cancel all the pre-booked hotel stays in Germany that we are suppose to continue our holidays. A bit of money loss over safety is really worth to cancel the remaining trip.

Sixth, I believe that we understand the system review we use at work – “SWOT’ being Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats. These are usually see in the context of who we are and how we approach our work. They also apply to areas like holidays. Plan the travel, research the options and know the risks. Go, but know what might happen to you apart from seeing great locations and icons.
For now, no more Europe trip for me unless it is on business. Although Europe is off my list, emotional ties or the fear of unfamiliarity will not bother me at all because as a Qualipreneur, exploration, discovery & dreams are still in my blood. I personally can’t sit still with the traveling bugs biting me all the time…that is why I have planned my next trip for Jan 2013 to Thailand. Might be doing some teaching in February and off flying to Cambodia doing charity work in March thereafter to China, India and follow by New Zealand (another Family Holiday). You never, never know if you never ever travel to test your mental psyche & physical endurance and experience the bad or good, safe or unsafe environment, notorious city and not forgetting the beautiful classic style, rich historical city & the modern exquisite cuisine and the fascinating destinations in this unique world that we are only here temporary.

For travelers alike
Take off whenever you are ready, the city of your dream is out there, see what we can’t at home, and bring home not the same experience. Keep clam & carry-on traveling….fsy




My Petty Neighbour

After my Europe Experience, back to my “MIC” Neighbour’s Experience

My MIC neighbour complained to our town council about my little Jack fruit (Nanga) plants. The town council visited my unit on Tuesday, Dec 11 at 9:48 a.m. She notices that my plants are not obstructing the common corridor and there is nothing wrong with my beautiful little fruit trees.  In fact, the town council inspector was laughing that it is only a small issue so she closed the case.  With the inflow of more MICs, I believe that our town council personnel will be very busy and stressful in handling such petty neighbour’s issues. We have to bear with this new unreasonable MICs in our neighbourhood.

Wow!!!  Having lost her case with the Town Council regarding my little Jack fruit plants, the same MIC lodged another complaint that my little Jack fruit plants lured a lot of mosquitoes into her room.  Then…the town council sent a pest-controlled inspector this morning, Dec 12 around 10 a.m. to check on the situation. As usual, the inspector found zero mosquitos’ breeding. I asked the inspector who has complained about this issue. He said my neighbor at unit XXXX. After two failed complaints, look at the above picture. She is so childish that she has moved four of her potted plants next to my Jack fruit plants. I was not even offended by it because she doesn’t realize that by doing so, she is actually beautifying my area more. I am waiting to see what is her next move?

Maybe, she will make a police report on me or probably meet with our MP and complain to him??? Whatever it is, I am all ready for this challenge. Yeeha! Her hubby is a really nice and friendly guy therefore I pity him in having this childish MIC as wife and get this type of shit.

Why I planted the Jackfruit Trees?

What will you see in yourself in the next 5 years, how much will your life change? Do you have a plan for getting there? If not, you’re going to be exactly where you are today – only you will be 5 years older… I do have a 10 years plan (56-65). First things first, to put fruits on the table I am planting nanga trees (Jack Fruit) outside my HDB apartment. I believe within 5 years I should be able to sell many Jack fruits as I planted so many jack fruit trees. This will provide my basic retirement income until 65 where my CPF annuity starts to payout…yeeha.

Daniel, you are a crazy man! Jackfruits will grow into big trees when matured. You can’t have them at a HDB flat common corridor bearing fruits. You need to move to a kampung…!!!

These nanga trees are GM (Genetic modified) plants – in a scarcity environment we should start planting vertically up. If we can put people in pigeon holes up to 50 stories then we should be able to grow our foods & fruits, chickens etc up to 50 stories and not to depend on imports……. We are too comfortable depending on imports. Why wait till someone wanted to cut our water supply then we think of drinking our only waste!!!  That is the invention of NEWATER.

Two things that I didn’t see in the current National conversation are harvesting solar energy. We are a tropical country harvesting solar energy should be easy. The other is vertical growing our foods & fruits.

One other thing that we are wasteful is that we still use a 200 years old idea to flush good drinking water in our toilets and spent tons of energy to recycle it….. What a waste!!! Solutions are many out there. One idea is to use the airplanes & new train toilets – that is air suction….. Don’t tell me it is impossible. If our Government can install fiber wiring into all our pigeon holes, what else is impossible?


On Money

Keep a little
Spend more
Risk some
With inflation of about 4 percent and banks paying you less than 1 percent, you are losing purchasing power by 3 percent a year.   At his rate $1 million cash in the bank will decline in value to just $740,000 in purchasing power terms in 10 years time.  So keep a little for rain days and Spend more NOW. why wait till the end of the world on Dec 21.  And with Singapoe Dollar going strong again in 2013……. why work, holiday is the best way to go


Here’s to Your Quality
The work of your Heart
The work of taking time to listen to your customer
The work of taking time to understand the requirement
The work of taking time to stop the process if it does not meet the requirement.
The work of taking time to meet the customer requirement
The work of taking time to deliver the customer requirement


If you ask your wife for breakfast in the bed…. What will be her answer……. Stroll down for answer  


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If you ask your wife for breakfast in the bed…. What will be her answer……. “Sleep in the Kitchen

The only difference between who you are today and who you will be 5 years from now are the people you meet and the books you read.. Charlie “tremendous’ Jones

Interestingly someone say “Teamwork means never having to take all the blame.”

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better

Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more Skills

Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom

- by Jim Rohn, Speaker, Author, Philosopher.

No one has had more books devoted than Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of US. (Posted on Nov 19, 2012) Please go ahead and guess how many books? Answer: There are over 15,000 books about Lincoln in print.

Everyone have luck – Bad or Good

In Las Vegas there is no loser, only winners and donors

Life is not about big fish eat small fish or big fish that swims in small pond or small fish that swims in the ocean. Big or small fishes they all are still fish.

The late Stephen R.Covey 7 habits principle stated “Begin with the end in mind” The now FSYQualipreneur added onto this principle “Begin with the Beginning after the end is the mind.”

97% of people buying decisions are made on an emotional basis then later justified by logic. Because emotion stimulates the mind up to 3,000 times faster than rational thought processes.

Hone your skills not from the internet but from the area of your interest

Writing on the wall: “A life time of training for just 10 second” …Jesse Owens, the American track star in 1930s

If today, Chairman Mao Zedong is still alive in China. What happen to China?

‘Everything is possible’ is this a good value or.. ? Share your thought with me…Someone say – This isn’t a good value because everyone thinks it’s possible to do your utmost to eliminate what you don’t want or get what you want

If communication [leadership] is to change behavior, it must be grounded in the desires and interest of the receivers …Artistotle

Hard Gifts are often used to grease the wheels of Guanxi, the Chinese term for relationships that help win jobs and promotions.

Soft Gifts are feedback, You accept all Feedback unconditionally, Massage it & make Choices and change your behavior according to the results you want.

Qualipreneur; is the hyphen connecting the world of Quality & Business.

If Singapore were to disappear today what would the world miss?

Life is Twist & Turn, you fell once you stop cycling on the QJ Bicycle.

My SOHO (Small Office. Home Office) has no door, But the imaginative door is always ajar to listen to fresh quality stories that seems boring at first but its starts to get interesting……fsy

All roads lead to FSYQualipreneur success….Yesterday I am Good, today I am @ my best, tomorrow I will be better…. fsy.

We block our effectiveness not because we have questions but because we think we have the answers.