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Friday, August 31

Happy Friday

Sharing how things can be done using the Funny Side that You.

People told me, Daniel you are so lucky. That is true, because I am dreamer. In my dream I transform my way to success. That is why I have been repeating “We never do things right the first time, we do most things correct the second time. The first time is in the dream “
I believe that dream transform success. Is okay to disagree with me, but let me share with you how I applied it. Many of my good friends asked me to take the MBA together. I didn’t, because I learned that Business School give you only the theories of management, which is more than 100 years old. To be successful you don’t need a MBA, you need dreams, the ‘How’ appear in your dream to gives you the tools to implement the theories and make you successful.

It is a bit funny, not easy to understand because dream is more or less associated to insanity or was the work of devil, or was simply written off as meaningless nonsense not acceptable in the management practice. But in reality we need dreaming sessions. Trust in dreams for them is the gateway of the Quality Journey that we are going to embark together, if you allow.

The late Stephen Richard Convey, the 7 habits author (24 Oct 1933-16 Jul 2012) said it well “Begin with the end in mind” Everything started with a dream. When I was given the task to revitalize the Quality Improvement Process (QIP) Total Quality Management System in 1993, we started with the mission & vision session. It is a dreaming session which not many people know at that time. The mission & vision is the framework of dreaming session that forces the senior management and his team to focus on their personality, their values, who they will, what they want and integrate into the long term view beyond the present.

It is vital for the senior management and his/her team to integrate the aspects of his/her personality into the QI Process. The process of clarifying the mission & vision is to empower the powerless (your employee) to make decision that reflect the senior management values and aspirations.

In business, beside doing all this Funny Side of You things, I also always emphasis the 3Ms – Making More Money, (Refer below, the first alphabet of my MBA of a Leadership) In reality everyone must make money and there shouldn’t be a trade-off between the Fun & Business. By having a clear sense of your mission & vision and your personality you finding satisfaction within the whole organization, the sense of belong to a family and you are well prepared for stormy weathers. I always believe after the rain the will always be sunshine.

My MBA of a  Leadership that wasn’t thought in Business School:


M Make More Money – Leadership measurable goal
B Believe in people – Leadership is all about people not project
A Ability to lead – Leadership Work in…. Work with…. Work around…. People



No matter who or what you are, we all have dreams. In his ninth National Day Rally, our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Leong spelled out his dreams of Hope, Heart, and Home, help write the next chapter in Singapore Story. And no matter how we approach these 3Hs, whether we enjoy and welcome them or resent and try to avoid them, they are all inevitable, unless we die prematurely. All the 3Hs, appear in our dreams and will reflect how enjoyable or difficult we will find the whole experience. Indeed, dreams are often the way we prepare mentally and emotionally in our Quality Journey of life. They may prompt us to ask some of the serious questions about what happens to us when we die.

You too can be lucky and live your dreams …. In your Dreams 在您的梦中里


I started to polish up my Mandarin so that my  Chinese workshop participants can understand what I am saying.

On the first day  during one of the workshops in China, I started off with my first Mandarin phrase to perk them up by saying “ 我会说六粒的普通话 “  Supposedly to means,  I can speak fluently in Mandarin but I  changed it to I can speak ‘six pieces Mandarin. Which meant, I spoke in broken Mandarin.  My participants laughed heartily and were refreshed. Not too bad in getting their attention, right?


This year 2012, someone said it is the year of 独眼龙 (one eye dragon).


We live short, short 100 years 人 生 短 短 一 百 年 Ren Sheng Duan Duan Yi Bai Nian
I rephrased it to make it more measureable. “We live short, short 100 years” 
To achieve a measurable short, short 100 years life… go for quality food, have quality sleep, have fun, longevity & immortal….in your Dreams
吃的好,睡的好,玩的好,活到老,死不了!人 生 短 短 一 百 年….在您的梦中里


One kill is too many to blame each other.

Those roads (Lim Chu Kang, Kanji, Loyang, etc) that most cyclists like to go were done long time ago are narrow. At that time, we have fewer vehicles on the road and the vehicle sizes were slightly smaller. Not many of these roads have yet been widen for today’s environment. Today, our lorries, trucks, buses and cars are getting bigger; therefore cyclists sharing these roads are putting themselves into their own risk. One suggestion though I know is not workable and many will disagree. That is all cyclists should pay a one-time road tax so that LTA have enough money to widen these old roads with cyclists’ lane.

I believe anything that moves regardless of vehicles, MRT or people create incident or accident and there are no such thing as zero preventive measurement. Risks are everywhere. As human, we are all reactive creatures. If there is no pain, there will be no action or prevention. This is the Motto every one of us live with, including myself. When there is pain, we will firstly look into who to blame, shame and justify. Next, we are good in fixing things as though we have preventive measurement in place. Even we have these preventive measurements, incident or accident will still occurs because as I have mentioned anything that moves regardless of vehicles, MRT or people bound to create incident or accident.

These are my suggestions and only you can make it happens by…

Focus on what you are doing and don’t multi task if you are on the road whether you are driving, walking or cycling. If not,

Stay at home. Yes, there are still risks at home (mosquito bite, slip and fall, etc) but it is still manageable. Or

Youniquely download a risk assessment form from WSH website and does the risk assessment before you leave your home. If you need help on Risk Assessment drop me a feedback @


Below poster is for sharing. I have created the poster for my participants who have attended my Behaviour-Based Safety workshops. One thing that I don’t understand is why these signages are  put in our nature parks and on all public roads.