Friday Sharing w/You

Friday, August 3

Hello Friends/PengYiu,

It’s been a long 7 months, traveling, holidays and a bit lazy… Is Friday, taking a break to update my New Quality Journey.

I hope to use my website to make the boring quality management subject more glamorous through my funny-bone &bees website. I hope you like my little bees it was designed by my artistic son, and he also designed my companylogo.

My company logo represented a Forward, Successfully & Yearning Business & Management Consultancy. If you sit back, take a slow deep breathe, hold your breath & stare at my company logo, you will have the same feeling like me. You enter in the battle field, (the greensquare) you Fight Strong (FS) and put in Quality Work and the “Y” Yearning outward for Quality life .That is the interpretation of my company logo “FSY Qualipreneur” – instilling Quality in Business and achieving Quality Work; Quality Life/

The Quality Series page will be my new QJ – (Quality Journey) that I hope will able to inspire more young, mature or stubborn minds to embrace the quality discipline. My goal is that everyone should be able to achieve Quality Work; Quality Life. For those who know me, I seldom reinvent the wheel in my Quality & HSE improvement approach; my trademark is Always Copy Shamelessly. Give you an example on how I copied shamelessly. If you are a Singaporean, you are damn lucky, you have CPF fund. That is you have an ordinary fund, a special fund and a medisave fund. I copy the same method for my personal financial approach. I also have CPF Funds.

“C”ommitment fund – save and die, die never touch it even raining day, if you need money borrow from friends (zero interest) and you draw it out @55 & go holiday like me.

“P”rofit Funds – do a bit of investment buy gold bar.

“F”uck–It Fund – when the environment is tough you can do something with it. (I am not dirty to use this word, just sexy)

Since people like my devil advocate Friday sharing. I have included it in my website. I hope to use this page to challenge liked–minded people on subjects that people in the corporate jungle said, Daniel is too sexy to discuss, now I can.

For a Start: On the Quality Journey

Every manager has enough quality input, but the output is a major issue in most of their organization systems, processes or people, (the so call internal customer).Why? Because most company still can effort to throw away 15%–20% of their profit to waste. We should be able to save this wasteful money if we put our hands together to does it get right the 2nd time. First things first, we have to cut down on usage of meaningless clichés to improve quality – such as; Dothings right the first time; we have internal & external customers, etc. By–the–way,it is hard to believe that I am saying “We never do things right the first time, we do thing right the 2nd time” Also, we don’t have internal customer. Consultants always used this meaningless clichés that you have internal & external customers. If you follow the consultants advice that you have internal customers, you will not able to sustain a quality culture because internal customer is one of your major constraint & also one of the many root causes that when the time is bad is okay to lay off thousands of them.

For a Start: On the safety Journey

You heard many managers use meaningless clichés, the most common one is – “Safety First”. Managers who shouted and displayed safety first slogan are the one who have the most injuries in their work area. Safety is never first, you can’t priority safety. In business our first priority is to make more money, not safety, otherwise you are fire.

I am going to be a DEVILadvocate in my new QJ series. At the end of the day if nothing go RIGHT… I just turn LEFT and hide in my SOHO…no want can shoot me now !……..and I can laugh out loud ….yeeha,

You can visit me in my Facebook – “Qualipreneur Foo” Nowadays, I kind like the Facebook, because once a while I meet my ex–colleagues in the Facebook (company banned Facebook, but most of their employees are in Facebook, what a joke)…………. By–the–way, Facebook makes the evening lively.

If somewhere my grammar don’t read correctly, kindly rephrase for me, we learn together. I learned that consultant don’t need good English,they need to provide BS. (Better Service, not the “BS” you are thinking…yeeha)

I sell the gaps that is missing in–between home to work, vice versa

Give me your feedback, till today is a gift for me to change and grow.


Something Amazing is coming… New-QJ (Quality Journey) -
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