Friday Sharing w/You

Friday, August 17

After almost eight months, I am still haunted by many of you to provide the answer on the brain teaser that I posted.


It is just a coincidence or I purposely choose today to share my imagination answer with you because it has the Hungry Ghost affect.

Although today is the 1st day of the hungry ghost month, it is still an auspicious day to do many things together, but you must be back home before mid-night, Your parent superstitious tell you it is ominous to be outside after midnight during this month – because you might meet some lost friends and or someone  (see my answer below) or  you might lost something on the way home, because  fearfully you  imagine someone following you, and in a rush, oops!, you drop one of your shoe, and as the story was told you go door-to-door to search for it…… but today, you might forget about it because we are in ‘BATA’ mentality (buy-and-throw-away) or if you die-die must find it, you can post the other half  on social-media to search for it – see any ‘sotong’ feedback to you.

Here is my imagination answer:

This is my answer, I did it in 5 as instructed. So, what are you thinking now?  Headless ghost or… The important thing is not what your eyes want to see. It is the thinking behind the thinking or the question behind the question. The correct answer is already there, you don’t need FSYQualipreneur to give you.

Sometimes it’s good to lose yourself in order to find yourself again.  If you are unable to find me is okay. With the social media platform we are always connected. So please drop by more often to visit me. And also you do not need to have a Facebook account to visit my Facebook, just click the Facebook icon  at the bottom right side . You will see more funny-bone stuffs I shared. It is better to have a Facebook acoount than you will be able drop into my private Facebook ‘Qualipreneur Foo”  where I share more learning stuffs with friends not public.

Visited by photo gallery, I will be adding more pictures.

Dare to do something different.

Are you aware that my name was on the football stadium in the London Olympic.