Friday Sharing w/You

Friday, August 10

Home makes Japanese Rice Chicken Patty Burger, better than Most Burger. Simple to make, healthy & quality home cook food.


Now there are 2 Entrepreneurs in my family, one is the world famous Qualipeneur, who want to instil quality in business. The other is Yummypreneur – she want to instil yummy food into your stomach. We are calling this Japanese Rice chicken patty burger “Mummy Burger” You can place your order once my website is ready. And the fun part is that you collect yourself at my SOHO, only on Saturday from 2-4pm.

My new toy that make Fresh Dry Quality Food.

I am the lucky one, with a  wife always supporting behind me, and make simple yummy  food for me


If you wonder why mimi (my wife) & meme (is me) are so great of a couple – the secret is we do everything together in the trench, we study, observe, argue, explore, expand, discover and @55 we still do things differently – taking our wedding pictures again…

I change the old adage a little bit to make it measureable – ‘Ren Sheng Duan Duan Yi Bai Nian’  人 生 短 短 一 百 年

In my quality workshop, I teaches that everything we do must be measureable otherwise there is no value in doing do it – To achieve Quality Work; Quality Life you have to stop doing things that is not measurable.   Quality work, Quality life or Quality food all are measurable – ‘ABUDEN’ !!!

Make full use of your time here, only 100 years….. Very, very short.  I left half to go…

Don’t think different, instead doing something different.

Stay tuned for many more to come…