Friday Sharing w/You

Friday, May 19

2017 FSY Week 020 Regroup

Hello Friday Friends, 朋友, Kawan, Dost & PengYiu,


Quick Quotable

Quotes are told in a few words that impact to our soul. Quotes are not meant to be read lightly. Quotes can change your life only when you choose to be deliberate when you read & think it deeply about them.


This week Quote is:

As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life.” -Buddha


Question for Reflection

How Can I let people know that I appreciate their work?


One-Word Practice

Resolutions Don’t Work But One Word Practice Does:

This week, that word is:



Today Sharing:

Have your children ever ask you, “What did you do at work today?”


How will you answer this: in a meaningful way, or just summarize the activities you did? First, you open up your email in the in-box and you check your boss’s emails if there is any. You read some junk emails, send a few emails and talk with some people. You spend the day trying to align and simplify work processes, investigating any accident reported, do a root-cause analysis, facilitating discussion in a staff meeting and developing the strategy for the department. Do these things sound interesting?


Whether to your children or anyone, it always very difficult to explain and describe how you spent your day at work meaningfully, and it is even worse if you are like me to explain to my own children about Make Money & Love Safety. It’s hardly a great topic or story to start off.


I will try my best to explain it in a meaningful way.


Make Money & Love Safety (MMLS) is a hybrid of Science, Art & Real skills of (F) Focus (S) Support,