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Friday, September 9

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2016 FSY Week 037 - Be Serious

2016 FSY Week 037a - Buckle-up

2016 FSY Week 37b- Kill by flying rock

Hello Friday Friends & PengYiu,

Please join me in advocating:

Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


Quick Quotable

There is almost one time that is important – Make Money & Love Safety. It is important because it is the only time when I have the power.


Quick Question

Why does someone say love is blind?


I know, I know, 

Because True love needs F-S-Y


(S)Sharing, sharing is caring and love is blind because…

(Y)You don’t need an eye to see.


Today Sharing

Unintended Consequences?


People who do not like or want to buckle up (put on the seatbelt) when in the car, especially those seating at the back seat, think that accident only happens to others and not to them.  That goes for letting children sit on your lap when you’re in the front passenger seat, too. It’s just like putting the child as a shield, or “double” airbag protection.


Lately, while giving my friends or relatives a lift, I always have to remind them to buckle up. To my surprise, they always tell me that they never buckle up when taking other people’s cars or taxis.


They even asked me why is my car so special that they need to buckle up? In a jolly manner, I told them that I am a horrible and unsafe driver, and they better buckle up. I also joke that my car has a special device installed, so that the car will not move if the seat belts aren’t buckled.


There was once I had three friends sitting in the back seat. The one seated in the centre happily told me that he doesn’t need to buckle up as he is protected by the other two friends. He thought that he had 2 human “airbags” protecting him.


By the way, the most unsafe seats in the car are the front passenger seat and the centre of the back seat. If you need to know why, buy me a coffee and I’ll share it with you.


My 86-year-old mother-in-law is my role model. She automatically buckles up whenever I give her a lift. If an 86-year-old simply buckles up when she gets in the car, why you have to be told to do so?


The fact that it is a law that requires you to buckle up while in the car, and the children should be fastened to a car seat is not important at all. Rather, it is how you going to live with the consequences if an accident happens.


I hardly give advice because I quite naughty in the sense that I don’t bother. Buckle-up or not is your choice, but not in my car.


Another reason why I don’t bother giving advice to people is because although people know that wearing a helmet while riding an e-scooter, motorcycle, or bicycle can save their lives, they still feel awkward doing so. Some have their own story or reasons.


What will happen if the helmet law for the motorcycle is not established and enforced?


How about cigarettes which are addictive? Cigarettes burn a deep hole in a smoker’s pocket, as well as damages their health. Go ahead and advise a smoker to quit and see what happens.  I once told my friend that a cigarette has two ends, one end is lighted and at the other end is a fool. I believe you know what happen after my candid feedback. Another friend told me that he will quit once he smoked for 30 years because I set that minimum standard. He knew that I was a smoker and quit after smoking for 30 years. Yes, I am a smoker who start smoking at 14 years old but thank Buddha! After embarking on my unexpected quality journey for Quality work; Quality life, I became determined to quit in the year 2000.


There is no way to ask a smoker to quit, so a better way is to decrease cigarette usage is to increase the sin tax. And maybe, on the same note, a tax on sugary drinks will also have a huge impact on Quality Work and Quality Life.


Thank you for reading so far, here are something for you to think it through.


If you want to Make Money and don’t Love safety is okay. It’s your choice.


When  you put Machine + Man + Mindset + Motion = Accidents happen.


Even you Boleh (Can), Bodoh (Silly), or Sotong (Humdrum) driving at the ‘society-norm-set-speed’  limit, freak  accidents  happen. In this case, a rock “flew”.


So,  now the mother is alive because her child acted as a shield and save her from the flying rock.  BUT her life is going to be totally different as she has to live with the unintended consequences and the guilt of what she has done, and most probably will take MRT, Bus or Walk from now on. 


Memories never die.


And here my final 3 elements


I leave with you 3 powerful elements to explore further because I believe the humans among us can benefit from realizing that, in fact, we’re deeply incompetent at making certain kinds of decisions. These 3 elements will directly help you the reinforcements your need to get back to Quality Work; Quality Life.


1. (F)Financial 

2. (S)Storytelling,

3. (Y) Your Culture


If you had a few coins to spare for a coffee we can explore further these 3 elements


Thank for reading


With gratitude


Until We Meet Here Next Friday… Be  Serious


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