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Friday, November 11


2016 FSY Week 46 - Be Restraint

Hello Friday Friends & PengYiu,

Please join me in advocating:

Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


Quick Quotable

Putting FSYD&FSY together:

The (F)Fastest, (S)Safest & (Y)Younique Way to (D)Double your money is to (F)Fold it & (S)Stick it in (Y)Your wallet.


Quick Question

What is Resilience?

FSY answer:

Enough people coalesce in putting enough small things into the next big thing.


Before Sharing,

First things first,

Thank for reading,

I write for myself & for my grandchildren but if the story helps you, share it around. As always, (F)Friday (S)See (Y)You…… here again.


Today Sharing:

@60 Part: #2 – 60s FSYs taglines & Quotes.

Today, November 11th, Double 11 or 11:11 four characters “!”  Become a (F)Festival for (S)Single (Y)Young people.  And awesome timing that Alibaba turned an obscure day into a $5billion shopping extravaganza.

 Any Taglines with 4 characters, 4 letters or 4 words wins


Make America Great Again

Make Money & Love Safety

Quality Work & Quality Life

Friendly, Strong, Youthful & Discipline

Taglines, slogans, quotes or proverbs are short and pithy sayings that express some traditionally held truth. They are usually metaphorical and often for the sake of memorability.

Below are other 60 FSYs taglines & quotes, hope it makes sense.


  • (F)Foo (S)Siang (Y)Yian, (D)Daniel is my name
  • If You reverse FSYD You become Dysfunctional
  • Wishing you a (F) Fruitful & (S) Successful & (Y)Younique 2017
  • FSY born with (F) Funny bones which are still (S) Strong & (Y)Younique @60
  • FSY always  (F)Fill You with (S)Smiles &  (Y)You will (D) Dented by FSY
  • FSY always (F)Friendly, always (S)Sharing ideas with  (Y)You
  • FSY always (F)Friendly (S)Strong &  (Y)Youthful
  • FSY always (F)Focus (S)Safety & (Y)You
  • (F)Fun (S) Social & be  (Y)Youniquely You
  • (F)Forever (S)So (Y)Young
  • (F)Forever (S)So (Y)Younique
  • Whether (Y)You are (F) Flourishing or (S) Suffering, Be strong  (Y)Yearn forward
  • FSY starts posting (F)Friday (S)Sharing with  (Y)You since March 2012
  • F) Five cent  (S) Saved is  (Y)Your earned five cent
  • FSY philosophy of life: be (F) Friendly, be (S) Simple, (Y)Younique, & (D) Don’t hurt others to benefit (Y)Yourself.
  • (F)Fall, a (S)Slip will lead to (Y)Your Trip to the hospital
  • (F)Flexible yet (S) Stubbornly optimistic &  (Y)Youniquely pessimistic
  • With (F)Facts & (S)Statistic,  Yet (Y)You are still unconscious bias or conformed bias
  • To (F)Focus to (S)Share and not to (Y)Yield
  • (F) Failure or (S) Success, blame (Y)Yourself
  • The (F)Flip (S)Side of (Y)You might be better.
  • (F)Feeling, (S)Set time for coffee, (Y)Younique trustworthiness
  • Repeating (F) Familiar (S) Stories with  (Y)You
  • (F)Failure make a (S)Stronger  (Y)You
  • (F)Foundation of (S)Success start  (Y)Young
  • (F)First things first to be (S) Successful  (Y)You have to orient your future
  • FSY is not just (F) Fearlessly (S) Serious with (Y)You…FSY want to build the (F) Foundation of (S) Sustainability with  (Y)You.
  • For (Y)Your (F) Future (S) Start working on (Y)Your tasks today
  • Be (F) Frugal, (S) Save & (Y)Yearning for Quality life retirement anytime.
  • Always Be (F)Frugal, always (S)Save, & (Y)You enjoy life
  • Don’t (F)Focus on (S)Shaming & Blaming (Y)Yourself
  • (F)Fight or flight  (S) Starts with (Y)You
  • If You wait for the (F) Future You will not (S) Succeed;  (Y)You will probably fail.
  • (F)FSY believe that to be (S)Successful the key is  (Y)Your (D)Discipline
  • Most people (F)Feel services here are still  (S) Stinking, (S) Sunk, (S) Suck, that’s(Y)You.
  • (F)Forget about your weakness. Focus on the (S) Strong side of  (Y)You
  • Sharing (F)Funny (S)Stories with(Y)You
  • F)Fast & (S)Steady  (Y)You win
  • (F)Fat & (S)Slow  (Y)You lose
  • (F)Fast & (S) Speeding kills  (Y)You
  • (F)Few problems, (S)Still (S)Some (S)Signification problem for  (Y)You to transform
  • Replace (F)Fear with a (S)Satisfied Smile  (Y)You win people over
  • (F)Feel Good (S)Sharing with (Y)You
  • (F)FSY is (S) Sophisticated, (Y) Yet simply to understand
  • (F)Focus on the basic & keep things short & (S) Simple people will follow  (Y)You
  • (F)Follow (S)Siang Yian and (Y)You will be better than the best
  • (F)Flow chart Your processes and (S) Sustainability will follow  (Y)You
  • (F)Food, (S)Shelter and water that all  (Y)You need
  • After the basic need of (F) Foods, (S) Shelter & water other things are just (Y)Your wants.
  • (FFour (S) Self-help tips for (Y)You : FSYD
  • PDCA is the (F)Four simple (S)Steps  (Y)You needs in the Quality Improvement Process
  • When is the (F)First time people (S)Stop laughing at (Y)You.
  • Start with a (F)Few small (S) Steps to keep (Y)Your momentum
  • If you create (F)Fear & Intimidation (S) Soon all Your staff exchange different stories about (Y)You
  • (F)Face to face is better than (S)Sending sotong emails to  (Y)You
  • (F)Focus on the basic and make work (S)Simple for (Y)Your staff
  • (F)Forgive but don’t forget the (S) Suspension  (Y)You get
  • Be (F)Firm & (S)Stingy with  (Y)Your money
  • (F)Forgive yourself. (S)Smile at strangers. & (Y)Yearn toward Your goals
  • If you attend any seminar and if the front row is not for VIP, sit in the front row. You might be (F)Famous, or almost (S)Standout or immediately a (Y)Younqiue person.

Thank for reading

With gratitude

Until We Meet Here Next Friday… Be Restraint

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My FSY’s sharing is unscientifically and some are contributed by wife & children, friends, acquaintances. I write and share things that matter to me. I understand that everyone have their own opinions, views, & thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers. Nothing is true or untrue, most facts and data can be twisted to your favour.

To the authors, contributors and original sources, my thanks and where appropriate my apologies if I forget to quote your names.  If I took a page from your generous sharing and tweaked it into something else, something I hope will spread and the whole purpose is for sharing and sharing is caring.