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Friday, March 18

 2016 FSY Week 012 -  Be Artistic

Hello Friday Friends/PengYiu,

As always, please join me in advocating:

Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


Quick Quotable

My job isn’t to give you advise and tell you what you should do. Most of the time you get enough bullshit from other people or Google. My job is to support you as you see yourself as complete, resourceful and capable person


Quick Question

What do you do with your employees questions? Do you see them as a task, hassle or an opportunity?


Today Sharing:

I sent in a few job applications without a resume. The reason I stated is that I don’t have one because I have been working for one company for the last 33 years.


If the HR needs to read something about me, they can go to my website:


On the topic of job interviewing, I am trained in this area in my previous job and thereafter I develop my own (F)un, (S)erious (Y)ounqiue interview style.


I play a game (colour coding) with the interviewee before he came to my office for the interviewing, Most of the time I use a two man style of interviewing. My advisor will do the technical skills set questionnaires (the boring part), and I just look out for the interviewee’s pattern and behaviour.


I can easily tell whether the interviewee rushed for the interview, whether the interviewee is prepared or bullshitting. I always employ people that are the opposite of my style.


Don’t employ people that you like or have the same style, because great minds never think alike. The adage that great minds think alike is untrue because in reality all great minds want to outsmart the other great minds.

I am also a blunt person. Once, I sent interviewee home with strong constructive feedback why they didn’t get the job.


I am a funny yet non-nonsense leader and if you are an “AVERAGE” candidate, you would have failed badly, because I don’t need average people around me. Employing average people is meaning because they are not here to make money for you and love safety.


A true fact about average people: they give you an average result. I only employ the “D” type – I classified people into D,C,B,A (Doer, Complaint king, Bullshit, & Average/Arrogant).


I recalled that I sent home someone who come for an interview with an average mindset. I believe he took my constructive feedback and came back after 2 years when I started to expand my department and employ more people, he got the job the 2nd time around and today he is a manager in my ex-department.


Just like the reality show “VOICE” if the participant failed during the 1st blind audition, the 4 judges will give the participant constructive feedback.

Hopefully, if they go home, do their reflection and work on the feedback they will probably get a chair turn the second time round.


I always believe that God put me here to use me to make other people dreams come true. Maybe that is the reason why I always love to help and develop people whom I have met, I normally ‘dent’ them with a few of my (F)unny, (S)trange & (Y)ounique out-of-this-world thoughts and hopefully they get the (F)eedback, and do (S)omething (Y)ouniquely.


Interestingly during my time, my peers/managers asked me how come my staff hardly resign on me. My department turnaround is zero for all those years. I can say that all my ex-staff that I hired stayed with me for over 3 years.


Also interestingly, when I retire from the corporate world, half of them left too. Someone said that when you left, the system left with you. I would agree.


Every new employee goes through the 3 stages of the (F)orming, (S)torming, (Y)earning toward Normalizing before they can Perform – to Make Money and Love Safety.  If you take care of the first three stages, they will perform and most likely stay at least 3 years with you and for me anyone stays over 5 years is a bonus.  I went for a job interview the other day.


For me, work isn’t just about benefits, holidays and getting paid. As a self-qualified job interviewer myself I try to find out about how serious my future employer will be about Make Money and Love safety.


The HR asked me for a resume. I told her I don’t have because if I am nothing but a resume which by the way can be copied and scanned shamelessly than you are hiring an average worker, I told her I am an Artist. She was shocked! But I am hired. I think she checked me out on my website – 


At the near end of the interview, she asked me if I have any questions for her. BTW, never ask FSY you got any questions because FSY has a ton of it.


I told her I got a few for her:        

·        What are the dangers of my job?·        

·        Are there any other hazards such as noise, radiation, chemicals that I should know about?·        

·        Will I receive job safety training?·        

·        Do you have safety meetings?·        

·        Is there any safety equipment I’ll be expected to wear?·        

·        Will I receive safety training in how to use it?·        

·        Will I be trained in emergency procedures?·        

·        What do I do if I get hurt? Who is the first aid, person?·        

·        What are my health and safety responsibilities?·        

·        Who do I ask if I have a health and safety question?

·        What do you do with your future employee’s questions?

Hopefully, after I left her office, she will do some reflecting on the questions, does she see them as a task, hassle or an opportunity?


Maybe she will not ask the next candidate do you have any questions.


With Gratitude


Until Next Friday… Be Artistic



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