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Friday, June 3

2016 FSY Week 023- Be FitButton - Make Money & Love Safety

Hooray, it’s Friday!

Although we are all Perfectly Imperfect

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Hello Friday Friends & PengYiu,

As always, please join me in advocating:

Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


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Today Sharing:

The latest Fatality -


The Blame, Shames & Justify World


Implementing more rules and regulations will create more disorders and loopholes -


Working Safely Starts  from Here – Another area that Makes Money and DON’T love safety.


Can we solve workplace safety problem? Yes, it can be solved.

Let us go back to 1931, if you got a chance to visit New York, take a trip up the Empire State Building. But unlike the many express routes that most tourists take to the top, stop at the exhibition on the 80th floor to learn more about its extraordinary history. It is good to look at history and learn how the Empire State Building was built. History might provide us with some safety solutions. We would now reject many of the working practices as unsafe, they were considered very safe for the era. And the building was completed under budget and ahead of schedule with no fancy technologies, safety PPE or modern equipment & tools, no Microsoft Project nor an Excel spreadsheet in sight! However, look deep below the surface and some core safety, quality or project principles of sound management are very evident.


Empire State Building

Vital Statistics:

Location: New York, New York, USA

Completion Date: 1931

Cost: $41 million

Height: 1,454 feet

Stories: 102

Schedule: Complete in 1 year and 45 days

Labor Force: 3,000 + workers

6 men died during the construction


There is more than one solution to our workplace safety problems and it can be solved but they are challenges.


For me, I totally believe that make money and love safety strategy can go hand in hand and if I believe in my solution, then I go ahead and implement and make the problem go away. That’s how we operated in my ex-company. Once you believe in that solution which is the one and only way to make the problem go away. Please take advantage of the opportunity.

But don’t ever fall in love with your own solution because it makes it incredibly difficult to see its flaws, to negotiate with people who don’t agree with you, and to find an even better solution. I always believe there are better solutions out there.

And, on the other side of the fence…


When you find someone pitching a solution you don’t like,

Example: “Stiffer penalties for employers with potential workplace safety issues, announced recently by the Ministry of Manpower to curb a rise in workplace deaths.”

You will be tempted to deny that is not your problem at all. After all, if you diminish the problem, you won’t have to accept the solution that’s on the table.

Example: “No company wishes for accidents to happen,”  “Our members and contractors do their best to ensure that all workers come to work and go home safely. It is unfortunate that the accidents happened and no employer would want these to happen to their workers.”

But of course, the problem is real.

“In the first four months of this year (2016) there were 28 workplace fatalities, six more compared to the same period last year.”

The dissatisfaction or inefficiency or wrong direction isn’t going to go away merely because people deny it. It is only that the 28 fatalities are not our family members.

Implementing more rules and regulations will create more disorders and loopholes. And not forgetting you need to employ more enforcement officers, which I believe we are in shortage of. Maybe we have to go to the same way of displaying cardboard enforcement offices in the workplace borrowing the idea of the cardboard policeman you see everywhere in Singapore shopping malls.

I always believe if the bosses want something to happen they just make it happen, as simple as that. 

Don’t Blame,

Don’t Shames &

Don’t Justify.

It’s amazing how much we can get done when you agree to get something done. That’s making money and love safety.


Let’s set our own industries standard and requirement, just like in Total Quality Management making quality certainty and safety will fall in line.


What’s next?

Make every day’s a safety school day for our worker, treat each of them as a family member, not cheap labour. They, too are human, the different is that they are born at a not-so-right place and have to be exported here. And  maybe make a button promote “I have the POWER to MAKE MONEY & LOVE SAFETY” (Refer to picture)


With gratitude


Until We Meet Here Next Friday… Be Fit



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