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Friday, July 29

2016 FSY Week 031- Be Responsible

Hello Friday Friends & PengYiu,

Please join me in advocating:

Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


Quick Quotable

No Shortcuts

FSY has always believed in earning money from FSY’s personal skills and practicing going in one full circle — For example, the Plan, Do, Check, & Action (PDCA) cycle. Each successful cycle builds skills, experiences, and trust. The young generation should do the same. In today’s globalized environment, everyone steals other people’s ideas, concepts, and designs shamelessly. But skills, experience, and trust are earned, and no one can take that away from FSY.


Quick Question

What is the difference between hot dog and sausage?


Today Sharing:

How you drive a safety revolution in your workplace

The war to improve workplace safety needs an overhaul.  This war cannot be won using conventional rules and regulations. We cannot be always be reacting to incidents. When an incident happens the authority standard protocol is to tighten rules. Bear in mind that rules and regulations are all man-made, and given that if you are businessman you are more or less a smart person who knows the loopholes of all these rules and regulations. You choose which rules you want to follow as long as you don’t break the law.

Working safely has got to be immersive. You need to be engaged. You need to get all the 3 SME parties (S)Supervisors, (M)Managers (E)Employee into the world of possibilities, a world where we can Make Money and at the same time Love Safety.

Maybe you try to implement the 3Ms idea – (M)Monitor, (M)Measure and reward safe (M)Mindset  to Make Money & Love Safety.

At home, when you want to change your teenager’s mindset, you should be praising your teenager’s efforts rather than talent, so that the teenager associates success with hard work. When you see your child playing games on the hand phone you don’t nag at your child about homework. You should be re-framing what you see as ‘Bad’ behaviour. Example for me, I received feedback that sometimes I am stubborn, but being stubborn also means that FSY is sticktoitiveness. Try to reframe your teenage so call ‘bad’ habits into different frames. I teach “Reframing Mindset” and there are 10 frames you can apply to reframe your mindset for better outcomes.

When you work with your teenager, look for opportunities to praise the good, instead of constantly pointing out the bad.  You monitor, measure and reward the mindset you want and change the behaviour accordingly.

In your workplace, the processes that you monitor and measure get done safely and right the first time, every time. And if you reward the employee who carries out that process in a safe manner spontaneously, you’ve nailed the safe behaviour forever. A safe repeated and reward mindset get repeated and repeated safely every time.

In you weekly toolbox meeting, if you are megaphoning about unsafe behavior, unsafe conditions, and poor housekeeping until everyone zones out and stares at the ceiling. Then you drill the fact that the authority is tightening up the rules and regulations, and how you want  them to improve the workplace safety and the importance of good housekeeping, blah, blah blah…You’ll cause angry reactions and damage relationship because your employee doesn’t feel respected. You’re also unlikely to see as much of it as you wanted.

You don’t need to always be megaphoning, just monitor, measure and reward employees who have safe mindsets. Above all be friends with your employees and accept that in any working situation, there will be ‘cool’ days and there will be ‘hot’ days. During the ‘hot’ days make fun of yourself, it costs nothing and often changes a ‘hot’ situation to a ‘cool’ one.   At the end of the day, you need to lead by example. Your influence is powerful, yet you have to be a nudger, not a megaphone. 

If you want to make money and love safety you got to be immersive, be engaged, monitor, measure your processes and acknowledge safe behaviour. If you want to be more progressive, recognize your employee’s initiatives. The people at source have better ideas to make the workplace better and safer or even ‘cooler’ than you. Change doesn’t start at your dashboard or statistic. It starts at the source where you (M)Monitor, (M)Measure and reward safe working (M)Mindset. (3Ms)

A better, safer & driven employee is every manager’s dream.


With gratitude


Until We Meet Here Next Friday… Be Responsible


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