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Friday, January 29

2016 FSY Week 005a- Be Resilient2016 FSY Week 005- Safety Leader


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As always, please join me in advocating – Make Money & Love Safety 赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

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Complaining is finding faults. Wisdom is finding solutions.~~ Buddhism – Path To Peace

Quick Read

Yesterday I went to NTUC, (old uncle like me still preferred the old name NTUC, even the name has changed to FairPrice) and after selecting my stuff, I queued up at the cashier.  The line was quite long, probably because Chinese new year is approaching.

One of the NTUC staff asked me to try automated checkout lines, but I told her ‘NO’. As usual, I love to give feedback. I told her if I use that automated checkout lane, and everyone else does, sooner or later, you don’t have a job. Many of the Do It Yourself (DIY) business are transferring the work process to the consumer and unknowingly we become an unpaid part-time worker for them. When you do it yourself at the automated checkout lines the price is the same from the queue to pay to the human at the cashier, so it is a fair price.

Today Sharing:

ABC of 2016 Safety

Working safely seems so easy – just make sure your employees completed the mandatory safety training and you too, make sure the mandatory regulations, administrative and compliance duties are all in its place. Then, thank God nobody will get hurts.

What if I tell you that we will never be safe and there are always risks around you. 

I would like to share with you just these ABC ideas to make the world or your workplace a little better and safer.


From what I have learned in order to achieve a better and safe workplace, you must first accept that workplace risks and unsafe behavioural are inevitable. You have to accept that it’s contrary to the safety goal that your bosses want you to achieve, such as Zero Harm, Zero incident or Zero Destination. When you think about it, most of our daily mental stress comes from the anxieties and worries of unmet expectations of other people requirements.

If we can let go and accept that the workplace risks and unsafe behavioural are inevitable and stop the Blame, Shame and Justification culture. A better and safer workplace where Make Money and Love Safety will prevail

Assumption kills. If there is a long period of zero serious incident with nothing serious being reported to you and during your monthly safety management review, you happily reported that you have another month of Zero Incident! You are indeed describing a complacent workplace, one which is no longer able to see the risks and unsafe behavioural that is hidden somewhere waiting to explode.  You assume that the effectiveness of controls of the mandatory regulations, administrative and compliance duties are all in place. 

Have you forgotten that I told you, we will never be safe and there are always risks around you?

Okay, if you accepted that the workplace risks and unsafe behavioural are inevitable, what’s next?

Being Mindfulness 

Being Mindfulness is not a buzz word in safety. Many safety gurus teach about to focus your mind on task, keep your eyes on task, don’t rush, don’t be complacent etc. These are all mindfulness teaching.

The 5Ss Good Housekeeping System, the ‘Take 5X5’ steps that you practice before starting your shift and at the end of your shift and your Job Safety Analysis (JSA), these are all mindfulness safety tools and system that prevent you from rushing and distraction. The famous “Keep Calm and Carry on” is the best mindfulness that you can also practice. If you are interested in the history of “Keep Calm and Carry on”, please Google.

 One Mindfulness exercise that you have to manage before the start of the day is your personal internalize angst.  If you just have a divorce, your spouses, family members have a serious illness, or even your cat or dog; you do need to let someone know about it so that they can have your back. If you wake up and your spouse slapped you, then you better take a day off, regardless of any work urgency because mindfulness of any form can never prevent you from taking risk and behavior unsafely. The next time if you got a chance to investigate an incident or accident, try to trace back 4-6 hours to see the developing of the mind-boggling situation triggering the incident or accident.


Working safely is all about caring. We are brothers and sisters in the workplace, you look after my back and I do the same for you. In a caring work environment you have all the right to tell your colleagues to stop work immediately if you see them work unsafely. In the workplace, there should be a lot of informal dialogue sessions, providing open space to gain insight into the actions and motivations of others. This sharing if done spontaneously is going to make a better and safer environment. 

Ever think of bringing your team to Jungle Retreat and having a campfire night sharing story. Storytelling is an important part of our adulthood’s development not just for the sake of caring but for collaboration and bonding growth as well. Sharing personal experimental stories, telling personal stories or even fairytales, ghost stories are all important, it gives each one of us a perspective of how someone has been moving throughout history and allows them to see how he/she is working in every person’s life today. If you are interested in the Jungle trip, you can drop me a line to explore further at

Yes, a better and safer workplace are possible when we can have an (A)cceptance, (B)eing mindfulness, and (C)aring workplace The bad news is that to create a safety management system and keeping it alive is not a particularly easy task. The good news is that it is worthwhile, both in terms of saving lives by loving safety and in terms of making money. Finally, the other good news is that it is not as hard as it may seem once we accept that Make Money and Love Safety is Synchronicity.  The journey to Make Money and Love Safety may seem long and hard, and appear to wind, but the rewards at every pit-stops of Quality Work; Quality Life make this Unexpected Quality Journey worthwhile.


I am moving away from the so call ‘Safety Culture’ mentality because personally I don’t believe there is such thing call ‘Safety Culture.’ I strongly believe that we need systematic management systems in helping to ensure that organization’s first priority is to make money and become better & safer and hopefully stay that way. What is also needed is an Organizational Culture that supports the safety management system and allows it to flourish as a value. Thus, Safety is a value not a culture.

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