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Friday, December 9

2016 FSY Week 50 - Be Yourself


Hello Friday Friends, 朋友, & PengYiu,


Quick Quotable

A plan without energy is a car without petrol.


Quick Question

What gifts will I give today?


Today Sharing:


@60 Part #6 – Reflection @60:1-10



This is for my wife.

As we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change. Hand in hand, together… This love will be


(S)Strong, sweet & soothing bond of togetherness & its

(Y)Younique freshness & fragrance will continue till eternity.


Happy Marriage Anniversary



We do not operate in a vacuum. Everything we do, the bad, as well as the good, will eventually come back to us.  Our actions now instigate our future.  We can never escape from Karma. Somehow, in every aspect of our lives, we rely to some extent on other people to make us success.  We can hardly be successful by ourselves. We rely on others for

(F) Food

(S) Shelter & Water &

(Y)You’re inextricably linked to other.



(F) First, they ignore you, then they

(S) Scold you, then they

(Y) Yelled at you, then you

(F) Fight back, then you becoming

(S) Stronger, then

(Y) You retire



We are here to do one thing and that’s to find the truth of ourselves, become our own best friend. (F)Forget what (S)Sotong (Silly)people tell (Y)You that dog/or cat are your best friends. I have been around the sun 60 times, so I have had some experiences in sharing that all animals are just good for food. Unless we all becoming Pescetarians or vegetarians, all animals, including pets or pests will become foods.



No more dress rehearsals

(F)Follow your dreams

(S)Satisfy your wanderlust

(Y)Yearn, just go, go now – travel the word – Do it

(D) Dream more – What happen to dreams you defer? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?



If I can still exercise and trek Gunung Lambak. I don’t see my age as a problem for me to be hired and doing Quality & Safe job.

About Gunung Lambak:  Located at Kluang town in the Johor state, Malaysia, it is about 153KM from Singapore and take around 2 hours to reach. To me, it makes a Quality day trip. It is situated at an elevation of 510 metres above the sea level. @60, I take around 2 hours, the regular there took just an hour hiking from the mountain base to the summit and back. For leisure, you might take 3-4 hours making it a suitable mountain for Fun time, Quality coffee & affordable food. If time permits, you can detour and look for a giant tree with a small stream at the other side of the same mountain to relax your tired legs after a long trek.



The proof has always been in the pudding.

I know you didn’t think that Make Money & Love safety is a very good product to sell. Trust me, @60, that’s the proof of the pudding



The Circumstances have changed. But FSY:

(F)Fundamental has not changed and remain

(S)Strong and

(Y)Younique momentum



I still practice “preparation” because I always want to get things right the first time and every subsequent time.  Brisk Walking is one example of my daily preparation so that I have the energy to teach and facilitating my future workshop.

Practice don’t make you perfect because Human aren’t perfect.

Practice makes you become permanent. Smokers know this very well because practicing smoking makes it become a permanent habit.

It is only through ‘correct’ practice that you able to make money and working safely, that’s loving safety, and getting things done right the first time and every time.



Yes, FSY has changed, but it remains FSY (F)Friendly (S)Strong & (Y)Youthful.


When I am @10   The word is: ‘Unknown’

When I am @20   The word is: ‘Playful’

When I am @30   The word is: ‘Hardwork’

When I am @40   The word is: ‘Enthusiasm’

When I am @50   The word is: ‘Walk’

When I am @60   The word is: ‘FSY’ (F)Friendly (S)Strong & (Y)Youthful.

When I am @70   The word is: ‘Fearless’

When I am @80   The word is: ‘Gratitude’ 感恩:Ganen (Grateful)

When I am @90   The word is: ‘Thanks’

When I am @100 The word is: ‘Goodbye’

人 生 短 短 一 百 年

Ren Sheng Duan Duan Yi Bai Nian

(We live short, short 100 years)


@60:11 to be continued…


Thank for reading

I write for myself & for my grandchildren but if the story helps you, share it around. As always, thank you & (F)Friday (S)See (Y)You…… here again.


谢谢; Thanks; 

感恩:Ganen (Grateful)

With Gratitude


Grateful (感恩:Ganen) Today, Joyful Tomorrow… fsy


It’s no secret that gratitude (感恩:Ganen) leads to more gratitude.


Please join me in advocating:


Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


Until We Meet Here Next Friday… Be Yourself


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