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Friday, April 22


2016 FSY Week 017 - DeterminedHello Friday Friends/PengYiu,

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Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


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You are as safe as their last safely completed task.


Quick Question

When life is going very badly, what do you turn to keep yourself going?


Close your eyes and remember God is not biased. All his children are same. It’s just not your time. He planning something better for you to fight and live is life. God is faithful


Today Sharing:

The ABCD ways of Make Money and Love Safety. (MMLS)


Always be careful when your Safety Management System (SMS) is working well, you and your employees may become complacent and things will happen. You are as safe as their last safely completed task.


When it comes to safety function, most organization use these 3 letters word ‘HSE’ for Health, Safety & Environment. If you have a lady safety director, she will probably be coined it ‘SHE’ and if your safety director comes from European or an environmentalist then ‘EHS’.  How you tweak these 3 letters in your business card is the least important. The question is, are you able to focus on all 3 functions equally? If you have been following me, I practice only one letter which is the “S”. You can never be a Subject Matter Expect (SME) in all 3 functions. So, stay focus just Make Money and Love Safety.


Let’s just focus on Making Money and Loving Safety. Keeping your SMS (F)resh, (S)ustainable and (Y)ouniquely fun. Here are the ABCD ways.




Maintain an awareness of your workplace environment. Your workplace environment will always look the same from Monday to Friday. But, remember the tasks on hands are different every day. A task that’s done safely on Monday might end in an incident on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  A task that does not appear as a hazard on Wednesday could turn into hazardous on Thursday or Friday, where hidden hazards are not observed on previous days. Make sure that you pay attention not only to the routine task that doesn’t change but also to the hazards of things that do change depending on location, process, weather, and other variable factors. If you are asked to cover one of your colleagues who are on medical leave, the task on hand might be the same but your colleague might do it in a different way from you. You may need to stop and do a new hazard evaluation.




Bring your Safety Management System (SMS) to the next level. Always use a measurable term not subjective and define ‘what’s next’.  Example, if on the scale of 1 to 10 your SMS is at level 6 then, when you mentioned the ‘next’ level it should be at 7. To bring your Safety Management System to the next level it is not by focusing on how many days have you neither gone without a lost-time accident nor even without a recordable accident, property-damage incident, or a near miss. To bring your SMS to the next level is to start sharing successful safe-work stories in your organization. Sharing stories of how people work safely are the most important measurement of your SMS. 


Don’t just use one dimension incident and accident statistics for monthly presentation. Forget about PowerPoint slides to show your safety statistics instead bring your front-line staffs to the C-suit and let them share solid safe-work stories to convince your bosses, your CEO, even your customers. If you have only one safety goal for 2016 celebrate safe-work stories!




Changes are challenges. If you’re changing your work processes or procedures, make sure that not only the paper works are changed you will also need to educate everyone down to the lowest task level. Make sure all old posters, hard copies that are clipped around the workplace are subsequently removed and replaced with fresh copies. Your Change Management System must kick-in, don’t assume they know how to do a job safely because the change is just a minor tweak. You might want to spend a couple of days observing how the changes have been implemented to make sure that the workers are paying close attention to every little detail in the change process. If they keep doing a task the same old way, there might be hidden underline cause. You will need to be able to analyze whether it is the procedure or behavioural problems otherwise it could cause incident or accident to themselves and their coworkers. So, when you’re making changes for improvements in the work procedures or processes, do make sure you keep two ways communication lines and let them know that whether they are a young or old dog; there are always new tricks to be learned.




Action without direction is like a chicken running around without its head. Are you still training and teaching the Safety Management System contents the same old unidirectional way and only focus on the mandatory training that was required by your local Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations?  


If you are in the field of safety training or consultancies, you should know that the outcome of safety training in Singapore have turned south especially those mandatory Occupational Health and Safety training.   When we have a few training centers that only want to make money and don’t want to love safety, they will find a way to beat the loopholes in the system even though the law will catch-on with them and revoked their licenses. What are coming next is obvious imposing new regulations to close the loopholes.  But, new loopholes will prevail.

Workplace safety problems cannot be solved by passing new rules and regulations or even laws. FSY hope we can address the problem at its roots, from the perspective of families and education, so that there will be no longer be people who just want to make money and not loving safety in our society.


We are not solving the underlying causes it is just an eye for an eye and our workplace will never be better or safer. We are now talking about what’s next after the SG50. As we just enter into the SG51, why is that Make Money and Love Safety is not the hot button topic in the what’s next SG100 discussion?


My personal self-brainstorm concluded that we are still using the unidirectional model of training and teaching and the word “mandatory” created workplace stress for companies and loopholes in the system for ‘clever’ consultants to cheat within the loopholes.  Today, safety training or teaching have become disconnected from the three important aspects of learning - Trainer, Trainee, and Content

Qualities of your SMS training require a mindset of Making Money and Loving Safety synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) and the objectivity and subjective output.


You don’t need to reinvent a new way of training; you just need to shift a degree off from our personal compass to make your training a “Trainee-centered” process of teaching that places the content at the center of the educational work experience.


In your training seminar or workshop, the participants (trainers and trainees) should be the center of the content and work together to better understand that content, co-creating a discipline and knowledge of learning and sharing work experience of that content. The web of learning, connecting trainers, trainees and contents are better than a top-down, unidirectional training or teaching method we still use today.


There is a large amount of factual SMS content information available in Google where everyone can do some E-learning online anytime, anywhere. What we need is a discipline that stresses not on the training rather bringing the trainers and trainees together sharing the knowledge they have learned previously or E-learning in Google and create an experience that they can bring back to work safely in their own workplace. I would like to coin it a “Village-mindset” or the Kampong-mindset” facilitating of learning


In the “Village-mindset” of learning, trainer and trainee learn the essential concepts of that content and use it as a foundation for further learning. The “Village-mindset” of learning is always progressive and require an in-depth complete reading of each content and builds upon each other previous working experience.


In summary, 


Getting meaningful safety values and adding strategic value to your organization require much more than executing the mandatory regulations, administrative and compliance duties. If you want your SMS to be a business partner, you need to look into the ABCD mentioned and connect in a meaningful way with your boss and his CEO and other top executives.  


Your SMS must be one of your organization’s business strategy. You have to use the right vocabulary, aligning your suppliers and organization, evaluating external opportunities (like engaging a Qualipreneur) to sustain your SMS, raising your SMS among the C-suite, and using storytelling to sell your analysis and data, thus providing thoughtful insights into the business. By doing these things, you’ll become an Indispensable Artistic leader and  your safety function valuable, savvy business strategists.


Need more tips to take your SMS to the next level? Join me to learn the essential steps and be an advocate of Make Money and Love Safety and Quality Work; Quality life will prevail.


With gratitude


Until Next Friday… Be Determined



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