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Friday, April 15

  2016 FSY Week 016 Creatuve

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Make Money & Love Safety

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Jana Wang, Cinta Keselamatan


Quick Quotable

“Every time we have built new eyes to observe the universe, our understanding of ourselves and our place in it has been forever altered.” ~~Lawrence M. Krauss


Quick Question

Are you making money, or loving safety in the workplace, or both?


Today Sharing:

Is your management and employee relationship headed for long-term success, or is it more of a hired and fired short-term relationship?


Someone asked me the following questions on Make Money & Love Safety (MMLS) so I’ll try my best to answer it.


Does my management love safety?


Tough question. Typically, if employees have to think about it, the loving safety concept is not a very strong one in the workplace. On the other hand, there are situations where management does love safety but have trouble being consistent because of business volatility . Does your management consider your monetary needs as well as their own end of the year bonus and company profitability? Does your management think about you when you get injured and do little things to make your life better and safer? Does your management say sweet things to you about unique talent or qualities you possess that set you apart from others? Those are all signs of MMLS. If your management speaks in generalities about you, using descriptors that apply to half the organization and doesn’t seem to keep you in mind, it suggests more of a make money and not love safety based management system.


Question on Perseverance & Consistency


An organization who love safety stick together and are there for one another even when business gets gloomy and tricky. There is less of cost-cutting into safety budget and being suddenly unavailable when things are unsafe, annoying or challenging. Management and employees in MMLS are more likely to hang in there when the chips are down. Staying consistent during stressful times is a critical part of forming a long-term management and employee stable relationship. For example, management and employees who make money and not love safety often leave the workplace unsafe and ignore risks during routine activities. Management and employee with MMLS mentality stay together throughout the day, through the ups and downs of daily work safely experience.


Can make money turn into love safety?


Another tough question Yes and No.  Let’s face reality: in all businesses it often begins with making money, and then deepen into loving safety. Some organization doesn’t deepen into love safety because of immediate gratification and greediness to make more money. If you’re looking for an MMLS relationship, a secure and stable long-term partnership with an organisation, you want to identify signs of making money and love safety within the first three months of joining the company If you missed these signs by then, chances are the company may not love safety, and you should evaluate whether you want to continue working or quit to find a better and safety MMLS organization.


Does Make Money kill Love Safety?


No, not necessarily. But it can. The idea that companies exist to be profitable is correct, but it not entirely accurate.


Feeling safe and connected emotionally is typically good for the workplace, because both management and employee need to be able to relax and be vulnerable to understand the workplace physical risk. But within that context of overall safety and trust, management and employee need to know how to turn on the risk factor of their physical workplace as well, to keep things exciting to the most instinctive part of the brain.


Question on Vulnerability


Management and employee who make money and not love safety show less vulnerability (Employees are particularly vulnerable members of our workplace and can be easily hurt physically or emotionally.) with one another. The showing vulnerability may be seen as a sign of weakness, something management and employee that make money and not love safety can’t afford to do because of the power game still being played. Management and employee that MMLS want to work safely and go home safely. They seek to deepen their emotional relationship by showing more vulnerable parts of themselves.


Question on Family


Management and employees who want to make money and not love safety typically are not as interested in each other’s family members, or complicated aspects of their current life. They are more focused on immediate gratification and making money. Management and employee who want to make money do not love safety are totally not true friends or partners. They can’t be trusted to really care about the other people important to each other’s lives; they mostly just focus the business of making a profit. Management and employees who MMLS take are interested in each other’s family members, including extended family, and want to understand each other’s past and the nuances of current life experiences.


Question on Communication


Management and employee who MMLS engage in more open communication. Open communication is exploring the nature of how they interact and implement the safety management system. Management and employee who MMLS are more open and trusting. They are interested in making their workplace better and safer. The employee also personally feel safer will working. Management and employee who want to make money and not love safety tend to stick to certain topics, like, productivity output, deliveries, cost cutting, etc, because the daily conversation is not as important. Conversation, in the case of making money and not loving safety, is more of a prelude to immediate gratification and profit making rather than an important fun and joyful experience in its own right.


Can we have both?


Yes. A better and safe workplace relationship can have both make money and love safety. In order to accomplish that, it typically needs to mature in both areas as the relationship grows. For example, as love safety deepens, do management and employees keep their workplace stimulating with fun, joy and deepening their exploration of true friendship as well? Or do their workplace remain more or less the same old, same old, business as usual? Both aspects benefit from tending and attention. Management and employee need to focus on deepening their emotional bond in order to expand a sense of MMLS but also preserve the mystery and novelty that drives MMLS. A great way to do both is to have a healthy sense of play, fun, and joy that extends to both emotional and physical workplace.


Question on Team Bonding


Management and employee who make money and don’t love safety play more blame, shame and justification mind games with one another. In this type of workplace, risk assessments are more strategic, using manipulations to leverage cost cutting or outsource to the cheaper contractors to mitigate the risk responsibility on themselves. On the other hand management and employee in MMLS build team bonding activates to have a more sincere and transparent communication between them. Management and employee in MMLS are less concerned with immediate gratification and greediness, and more concerned with trust, safety and security


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