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What is it all about Management Responsibilities in the Quality or Safety Management System?

Many companies that have implemented a Quality or Safety management System will have a Quality or Safety policies and objectives in placed.  Today, I would like to share on what is all about Quality or Safety   Management Responsibility. 

Quality or Safety management responsibility means clear delegation of activities to prevent the mindset of “I thought you would be doing this or that situation.”

Quality or Safety management responsibility is widely misunderstood because most people thought it is just a rubber stamp process for managers to chop and chop all the Quality or Safety procedures with no mean of execution. 

The Quality or Safety management responsibility in the implementation of the Quality or Safety management System is maintaining the usefulness of this system and keeping the momentum moving forward. This requires 3 areas of Focus, Suitability and Yearning for effectiveness.


All documented procedures and processes indicated who does what as well as where and when. It is also important to have job descriptions for each staff that outlines his/her duties.  Focus on resources, besides time and budgets, Humans and physical are also very important to achieve the Quality or Safety policies and objectives.


On suitability, it is important to observe the trends in all performances, potential problems and changing of customers’ and employees’ needs. Do your current organization structures meet the current needs?  From your customers and performance measurements, are you achieving your Quality or Safety   policies and objectives?

Yearning for effectiveness

Customers want products to perform better, cost less and maintain free for a longer period.  It is important to conduct an internal audit of your Quality or Safety management system based in Dollars & Cents. That’s the audit is quantifying the Quality or Safety efforts in financial terms. Dollars & Cents measurements that demonstrate a Quality or Safety management system’s effectiveness in terms of sales per employee or rework and scrap costs clearly display the cause-and-effect relationship between Quality or Safety and profits by using the familiar financial terms. 

If your company Costs of Quality on scrap & rework or Safety in incidents & injuries costs is at an ever-increasing rate then, it is a clear indication that your Quality or Safety management system is ineffective.

Your Quality or Safety management system relies on your Management Responsibility and your steady commitment, not slick slogans and artificial cheerleading. As managers, you become professional in your niche area because you’re passionate about your organization successes and committed to eliminating risk. Like it or not, your job also requires you to convince those in power that Quality or Safety has value and will save, not cost, the company money.

A few tips for your Management Responsibility and a steady commitment:

  1. Understand your company overall operations. It’s not enough to be knowledgeable about Quality or Safety management system; you’ve to know how your business operates and makes money.
  2. Lead with steady commitment. Identify the benefits and value of your Quality or Safety management process and make these your word-of-mouth communication.
  3. Focus on your efforts. Successful Quality or Safety management system have a common language, look and feel. Develop the simple key messages and keep them consistent.
  4. Get the facts right. Know the impact of quality escapes and safety incidents as well as the precise costs the company is facing. Present these in a clear, convincing manner.
  5. Share Quality or Safety management success stories. Bring the discussion to the individual level and communicate how quality escapes and safety incidents affect workers, families, and coworkers.

Quality or Safety management responsibility is an ongoing communication with your top leaders, middle management, suppliers and your frontline workers, including a regular meeting to update them on Quality or Safety management. The more they know, the more likely they will support your efforts

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Sharing is Good; Sharing is Caring

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