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Friday, November 27

FSY week 48  - Foods Shelter You

Hi, Howdy, Hey Hello,  Fantastic Friday!

As always, please join me in advocating – Make Money & Love Safety 

赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Every 2 hours take a short quality break? 

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply for 30 seconds and exhale slower. Repeat it 3 times.
  • Go get a cup of coffee, with coffee everything is possible.
  • Stand up, stretch and walk around.

Quick Quotable:

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song ~ Maya Angelou


Today Sharing

At the front door on Sunday morning, a couple stopped me and asked, “Have you got time to speak with me?”
Unthinkingly, I opened my metal grille gate and said, “I wouldn’t say I have time but let’s talk for a bit.”
Soon I’d forgotten what I was doing before I met this couple because the beautiful face locked with mine.  The couple knew they had my attention and they poured out something that they said they wanted to share with me.
“I want to thank you for loving us. I read your Friday Sharing posting just recently and we just knew we had to find you and thank you for sharing and loving us. You probably don’t think we’re religious but lots of us pray every day”. Imagine if I didn’t open the door for the couple, I’d have missed this moment by being too busy! What an amazing outpouring of love and what a gush of affection.  So, the next time when someone knocks on your door, please give them a few minute of your time.
I thanked the couple for the love and said, “You are a wonderful couple”. They opened their eyes wide and said, “Oh, we wouldn’t say we are loving couple.”
There are 3 beautiful children living in my house. When they are young, some mornings they have missing socks. There is always at least one child running late for schools or something. Almost always, one sister has taken the other dress or shoes or food.
In my house it loves and it’s chaos. My girls are learning to live with imperfection. They may go to school wearing mismatching socks but they can laugh about it at the end of the day. Interestingly, mismatch socks become someone million dollars business.
They may find that a little sister or brother has moved their homework to a secret location. It’s unpleasant and frustrating, but not the end of the world. They learn to drop whatever they are doing because baby brother is crying and they can comfort, soothe and make sure Mum is on her way. 

We’ve largely forgotten the skills that are learned by living with a little chaos.  With next to less money; there are few luxuries. Keeping petrol in the car and food on the table are serious daily worries.  Yet we find who we are together, each part of the other. Sisters and brother who might drive each other crazy will defend each other if anyone dares to attack the other.
There is something unusual and lovely in my house. Voices are raised but kisses are frequent. We laugh hardest not at any form of entertainment but at the (F)unny, (S)illy & (Y)ounique things that one of us have made. We need imperfection to survive and thrive. But I’m lucky to be living in the other side of a terrorism-free world and a fear-free sharing of love today because we need to simply remember to love those around us. Like the couple who knock my door. We just need to walk over to our neighbour and say we love them.
Yes, I understand that even with make money and love safety strategies, we can’t fix world violence or industries incidents problems but we can go out of our way to meet (F)riends, (S)trangers or (Y)ouniquely Muslim, Christians, Buddhist, Jewish and atheist people to foster discussion, understanding, respect and sell them Make Money & Love Safety strategies.

This story is modified, adapted & inspired by Rev Graham Long AM, CEO & Pastor. The Wayside Chapel.



My FSY’s sharing is unscientifically and some are contributed by wife & children, friends, acquaintances. I write and share things that matter to me. I understand that everyone have their own opinions, views, & thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers. Nothing is true or untrue, most facts and data can be twisted to your favour.

To the authors, contributors and original sources, my thanks and where appropriate my apologies if I forget to quote your names.