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Friday, November 13


FSY week 46 -Story align ActionsHey, Hey! Is another new Friday 

Quick Quotable

The highest form of currency = Conversation and forming of relationship, that revolve in the word ‘CAT


(A)ltruism and



Today Sharing

Today, you can learn a new skill or get a degree for free. Alt-BBA, Alt-PHD, or Alt-MBA & Alt-Anything just by Googling @Coursera online classes. Even Singapore National Institute of Education (NIE) will be offering courses on the open online platform (US-Based Coursera) 

Monday morning when you start work, take on a new task without asking your boss or anyone. In your boring staff meeting, you can contribute an insight. You can make a connection. Find the system loopholes and close the gaps. 

In a Fast, Furious and Fluid Organization, are you moving ahead, staying status quo and just like everyone’s preference to follow your boss’ rule or falling behind? Never ask when is your boss going to promote you. I believe you should grab this opportunity to become someone who’s already 3 steps ahead of everyone and even a higher level than your boss’ standard. 

It is in your DNA, whether be it (D)iscipline, (N)ever-settle & (A)ct. or be the bottom-up Aspiration! If the people around you can’t figure out what an Asset, Talented and Alt-Exfactor (after you have Googled) you’ve become, it is their loss. 

If you save enough “(F)uture-(S)ecurity-(Y)ounique” Fund, the world is waiting for you. I used to use the other ‘F’ word for ‘Future’. The problem? The society is not ready for it. They still want you to live in the factory and labour organization.  I did it for over 40 years, where you are told what to do, followed instruction, made a living and that was that. The organization still prefers obedient, competent workers as cheaply as possibly. Organization turns the human into replaceable cogs. The easier the people can be replaced, the less they need to be paid. You are conned!  That the reason I left to ‘refocused’ (I don’t use the word retirement) 

Today, you have to be an artist.

We need artists, not factory & Labours that pushing for useless productivity. You need to be an artist in creating; for example: ‘The One Singles Day Sales.’ Where consumers splurged more than S$16.6 billion in a single day. Deployed a massive operation of 1.7 million deliverymen, 400,000 vehicles and 300 airplanes. That would be you. 

The systems you are in today will be replaced when we have enough artists who will take over the factory. No more CEO, no more Middle Manager, No need Safety? Because every artist Make Money and Love Safety. 

Art runs wild in everyone. The tragedy is your (F)amily, your (S)chool, your (Y)ounique boss and also your government keeps the artist part out of you. The society trades your artistry and artistic for a stability and security income. 

If you want to learn and implement the “(F)uture-(S)ecurity-(Y)ounique” Fund just drop me $5666 into my retirement F-S-Y Fund bank account which will be provided once you drop me an email at to explore further…



My FSY’s sharing is unscientifically and some are contributed by wife & children, friends, acquaintances. I write and share things that matter to me. I understand that everyone have their own opinions, views, & thoughts. There are no right or wrong answers. Nothing is true or untrue, most facts and data can be twisted to your favour.

To the authors, contributors and original sources, my thanks and where appropriate my apologies if I forget to quote your names.