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Make Money; Love Safety

A Being-Safe Process A Six Months Guided Workshop

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IMG_8748 (640x427)“A leader provides the necessary framework and makes it available to employees so they can perform their tasks independently and efficiently.”

This Friday Topic > THINGs, HAZARDs or PEOPLE

During my last week talk on “Make Money and Love Safety” for the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) – IQM Interest Group, participants are given 4 case studies to get a sense of the broad strokes of cultures.

They are told to pretend for a moment, that they are going on a fact-finding mission of four factories. After the tour of these 4 factories, I asked the participants my first question – ‘When you walk into these factories, what are you looking for?’ The answer is no difference this time from past responses I got which is the usual answer “HAZARDS!

Participants are usually shocked when I respond to my own question that I don’t primarily look or listen for hazards when I walk into a factory. My primary is to focus on people’s behaviour and listening to them whilst touring the factory. Unless we have a profound understanding of how people make decisions and judgments, how can you know if some THINGs are hazardous? Unfortunately, the safety industry elevates the mindset to a status quo of looking for “THINGs”

THINGs or Hazards are objects, unless a person engages with that object, it has no likelihood of harming anyone. So, when you as managers or supervisors doing the facility tours or “wondering” around like other inspectors and auditors looking at THINGs or Hazards; what are you really doing? You are entering into a world of social and psychological imagination for which you might not be trained. When you look at THINGs, you are either responding to that THING because your mindset (unconscious bias or one of the participants added confirmed bias) history, rule or experience tells you that the THING can be made unsafe or you are imagining what can happen when a human engages improperly with that THING. In either case, you are using imagination to engage in social or psychological projections to propose a judgment.

Make Money and Love Safety is not about THINGs rather it is about how people make decisions about THINGs. When you walk into a factory, are you good at asking effective open questions and listening?

There is a social psychology with Make Money and Love Safety; it’s not just about THINGSs. It is amusing how most of the paperwork associated with incident or accident reports collect data on THINGs too! Some managers I know created to invoke culture changes, clearly think that culture is about THINGs and the collection of information about THINGs. There is little discussion about learnings, imagination, people skills, decision makings, human judgment, communication skills, social or psychological knowledge. Most safety training is about engineer control, follow established rules, regulations and standards and policing. If the Safety Management System is all about THINGs then, that would make sense to train managers, supervisors and safety people on engineer control, follow established rules, regulations and standards and policing. However, that is your training Not FSYQualipreneur.

Question time!

How do you then communicate what you know about working safely – Make Money and Love Safety?

How do you engage the very people you are trying to make them safe? – Home Safe; Work Safe?

Do people skills come automatically to those who have their primary focus on Safety?

Isn’t there a balance in both training and action for those who are taught that safety is not all about THINGs or Hazards?

Teaching safety is about telling people how to think or is it about helping people learning on how to think for themselves about risks at workplace?

Are people only safe when the safety officers are around? How does that create a culture of Make Money and Love Safety ownership?


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