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Friday, December 11

 FSY week 50 - My Rubbish Board

Hello Friday Friends,

We are into the 50rd Friday of 2015 counting…2016
As always, please join me in advocating – Make Money & Love Safety 赚钱第一; 安全在我心! & 明天一定会更好!加油哦

Quick Quotable

You’re naïve enough to suggest eliminating all stress from your workplace because some situations are just stressful no matter what you do. It is important, however, to recognize when your workforce is under too much stress and take steps to help employees alleviate that stress by making Quality Certainty and Love Safety.

Today Sharing

The hepatitis C outbreak at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) may just need a simple intervention by using Quality Improvement Process as I coined it “The Unexpected Quality Journey”.

Read the link below.

In historical terms maybe Singapore is facing the decline of an era in Quality Improvement Process mindset. Which means Quality Improvement Mindset needs to be formulated rather than always emphasis about Boh-Ta; Boh Ti or productivity. The present system is not working anymore. The current issue is that many people do not believe in simple things, they prefer having protocols or policies.  And it’s almost impossible to tell someone that he/she is wrong. Someone told me not to teach Millennial Dogs new tricks.  Today, it is almost impossible to make your argument (F)aster or (S)harper and  (Y)ou will never be able to convince the other person to admit that he/she is wrong and he/she will change his/her mindset.. Interestingly, one of the many root causes of the hepatitis C outbreak at the SGH might be the trolley. So having more trolleys, adding more protocols and policies to the midst of so call prevention.

What we need now is to go back to basic and teach Quality Improvement Process as I coined it “The Unexpected Quality Journey” that is:

(F)irst things first is to instill Process Certainty Mindset 

(S)cope the process down and add integrity test to make sure the quality output is meeting the requirement.

(Y)ouniquely make a new quality decision, based on new quality alternatives and a new quality story.

(D)on’t forget that problems of output are the problems of input.  If your output isn’t meeting your requirement then work on your input.

If tomorrow you want people to believe your Quality Certainty; it better you kept your Quality Certainty yesterday.




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