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Pains in Implementing the Total Quality Management (TQM)

There are ample evidences that implemented TQM systems improve the organizational bottom line performances. Fewer defects, reduced scraps and rework, lower inventory levels, reduced lead times, higher flexibility and increased employees’ happiness and customers’ satisfaction. These are some of the benefits of a successful Total Quality Management System.

However, the inconsistent implementation of TQM has resulted in much debate about the usefulness of TQM. Today, many companies dropped the TQM System and do not talk about TQM at all. In the current tight labour market, they are urged to increase productivity using automation and technology to help them in cutting headcounts and boosting profits. In looking back into the past on TQM and heading into the future, the majority of failures involve the process of which the TQM philosophy is implemented rather than the flaws in the principles of TQM itself. 

Today, I believe that the lack of focus on strategic planning & core competencies, obsolete & outdated culture are the two major attributes of the success in designing an effective TQM. TQM system must be implemented within a framework that includes the strategic intent and the cultural characteristics of the company. 

Let’s take a look of the pains (I prefer using the word “pains” instead of “obstacles” for this discussion) that hinder implementing an effective TQM System.

  • No companywide definition of Quality
  • No formalize strategic planning for change
  • No employee’s quality focus group
  • No upfront budget for TQM
  • No real employee’s empowerment
  • Use of TQM as a quick fix
  • Interdepartmental communication breakdown
  • Politics and turf issues
  • Resources location devote to TQM initiatives
  • Leadership alignment issue


The above pains are just a few which is not inclusive of the pains on inadequate quality training for all employees. From my understanding, some companies only trained their middle managers on TQM and expected them to reciprocate their learnings by coaching the staff accordingly. Whereas, some companies go directly to start the Black Belt Six Sigma quality initiatives and expecting this Black Belt to start chopping up the organization. After a while, they create more the brown, green or even yellow belts. My one question to these companies is…where are the “white” belts?  There are companies that I came across adopted my favorite tagline of – “No Pain, No Action, and No Prevention”. There are many more pains that I will not mention here. If you are keen to dwell deeper, we can explore more pains together. 

Nowadays, companies need only to hold on to their ISO 9001 certification and claimed that they are in fact quality certificated organizations. To them, that is considered as quality. It is okay to recognize that many companies will never want to implement TQM systems but, they wanted to be a smarter and better organization because the government is pushing ahead with the ‘Smart Nation’ initiatives. 

What can go wrong? Well, as we are heading into a new ‘Smart Nation’ with younger generation workforce, these new young workers or managers are likely to hold the older quality professionals accountable to a higher standard of quality which they do not need to master. Sadly to say that slowly and truly all these true blue quality professionals will be gone eventually as most of them now are around the ages of mid 50s or early 60s. If we do not take this opportunity by engaging them to coach, mentor and facilitate the new generation now, then we will not survive the next 50 years. (By then, I will be 109 years old if I am lucky!) 

The questions that remain for each of us to answer are… What will we do to prepare for this emerging Smart Nation?  Will companies still need TQM? Companies will need to answer these questions for themselves or wait till the pains become Cancerous then move forward to develop the plan to remove cancer.  

In the end, I still believe that in a so call “Smart Nation”; the QUALITY of any company’s goods and services may be the only feature that separates them from their competitors. To remain sustainable and successful, each company must realize the crucial role QUALITY plays. Thus, TQM will still prevail.

On my Unexpected Quality Journey a.k.a. TQM, your employees will be provided with the necessary quality tools to meet the challenges of competing in today’s Smart Nation’s economy. When you’re ready to learn & explore more, please email me at

Sharing is Good; Sharing is Caring

As always, I’ll be available to connect for discussion on these ideas. If you’d like to dive deeper, just email me at

As always, I’ll be available to connect for discussion on these ideas. If you’d like to dive deeper, just email me at

Sharing is Good; Sharing is Caring

Join me in advocating – Make Money & Love Safety 赚钱第一; 安全在我心!

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