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Make Money; Love Safety

A Being-Safe Process A Six Months Guided Workshop

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Happy Friday!

If you’ve ever wanted to change the world, do it today. 

Is there something you want to be, do, have or create? Do it today
Is there something you’d like to buy or sell? Do it today
Are you still getting ready?
Did you know that no matter how much you plan and prepare, you can only tweak the details once you START!

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” ~~Zig Ziglar

This week Topic: The future’s is here – Working together

Do you place your phone next to you on the dinner table at home, restaurant and even sneak a peek between meals? Do your spouse or child watching television whilst simultaneously playing video games on a tablet or smartphone? Have you given up alarm clocks, flashlights and calculators as machines of bygones era because their functions are all in your smartphone?

Leaving aside the bad table manner and social etiquette issues, to query about our abilities as a society to fully concentrate on any one thing anymore due to our multi-tasking obsessions. This is an undeniable truth that we are living in a digital era with businesses and even your homes need to be leveraging to new possibilities enabling for successful growth.

Welcome to the NEW World….

You can ban mobile devices or no device allowed from your dinner table and may impose time-outs or curfews on your children and spouse. You may even make them to buy an old fashioned alarm clock or abacus just for the novelty value but, the reality of instant gratification is the new norm. If you dodge it, you may find yourself becoming more like an abacus, a quaint product of the past!

Interestingly, the other day whilst having coffee with one of my Malaysian friends in my Setia Business Park Office; he told me it is very strange that Singaporean teenagers have not seen a live chicken before. What they see nowadays are de-feathered packaged in cling-wrap chickens on supermarket shelves. My answer to him is Yes and responded that not only pre-packed chickens on supermarket shelves, there are also pre-packed Hainanese chicken rice with all the relevant ingredients too!

These anecdotes don’t just help to refresh my childhood’s kampung life, it is important for perspective. Perspective about how far we have come and perspective about how ordinary people are living in poorer country. I hope we are not so out of touch with all our new technological devices and instant chickens on supermarket shelves that some experiences in between the Third World and First World about certain things we take for granted and have more empathy towards working together in the future.

Both instant chickens and new technological devices are necessities as the future is here -Working together!

If you are in Singapore see you next week on Thursday, April 23…
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Occasionally, my children will write some stories to be uploaded onto my website. The latest story that my eldest daughter, Cheryl has posted was “My Parents’Marriage & Mine”. Interesting read, I might say. If you are keen to read about their stories, I have provided the links below: (Cheryl – My Parents’ Marriage & Mine)

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SIM Flyer - Make Money Love Safety


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What will I do after the Learning Session.

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Friday Sharing - Its all about me


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Quality Work Quality Life Bees


003 -Safety - A Paradigm shift


Safety Value



Health, Safety & Environment


Banners Displayed in my Malaysia, Johor Setia Office.

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Everyone loves quality 2013-Dec-29   




Friday - I Love Quality 



My FSY’s sharing is unscientifically and some are contributed by wife & children, friends, acquaintances. I write and share things that matter to me. I understand that everyone have their own opinions, views, & thoughts. There is no right or wrong answers. Nothing is true or untrue, most facts and data can be twisted to your favour.

To the authors, contributors and original sources, my thanks and where appropriate my apologies if I forget to quote your names.

Friday - if you keep reading

I understand that everyone’s attention span is very short and if you read till here, I would like to say thank you for staying with me till the end. It might be rubbishes to some people but I do know that there are some gems hidden to be picked in all rubbishes… Hope you have pick one or 2 gems?

On behalf of myself, me and I, we wish you, your family and loved ones a Fun, Safe, & Youniquely happy and blessed days ahead

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LOVE 24/7

Someone said we have 2 choices everyday LOVE or FEAR, I chose LOVE. If you are holding my 3rd workshop book, I have used the word “LOVE” to talk about Leadership on page 14 – “Leaders Stay in LOVE”.

When you tell your friends and family (and/or me – thank you) that you love us – do you take the extra few seconds to become mindful?

Do you ever take a moment to stop and let that really sink in? LOVE.