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Thursday, September 22

FSYQ Business Card June 2016


5D4N Eco-exploration trip around Malaysia


A good day to you

If you like a rustic, easy-going, outdoorsy adventures, come join me and my friends for a 5D4N Eco-exploration trip around Malaysia! This adventure is not for fussy people.

Please refer to the itinerary for more details.

Please click to view - 5D4N Round Malaysia

Unlike the itinerary, though, we will not be staying in any hotel as suggested in the itinerary. Instead, we will be staying in communal kampong houses, Chalets, Floating house, and the Adventure Centre Dormitory for a more wholesome and local experience.

As usual, if you asking for any objectives of the trip, there are none. But if you know me well, my objective is usual 3 objectives: “FUN”!

(F)Fun and most importantly, friendship bonding

(U)Uniqueness — Go against the grain. Don’t go for the “standard” holiday. Take the adventurous, less traveled road. At the end of the day, laugh and enjoy the day with awesome friends around you.

(N)Newness — Just find, discover, and learn.

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