Friday Sharing w/You

Friday, August 24

If you are bored today, it is not my fault. Most probably you see your boss more than your spouse or children. So just sit back, relax &  have a cup of fresh water from the tap to refresh yourself and enjoy my Friday Sharing w/You.  By the way, talking about tap water; do you know that it is unwise to buy bottled water in Singapore where fresh water are everywhere?  Wherever you go just bring along recycle bottle and if there is a toilet, there is fresh water.  A DOLLAR SAVED, IS A DOLLAR EARNED.  One more thing we shouldn’t do is flushing fresh water in the toilet bowl. This, we have little choice because we are still stuck with a 200 years old system.  We can explore further to save more fresh water.

Make everyday your FRIDAY, so that every day is a


If you are convinced that life must be serious and work is boring then fun will lighten your load and add joy to your work day. Playfulness is a foreign language to many managers but it can be easily relearn once they understand that the health and wealth of the company depend on FUN.


A reflection a day keeps the doctor away. Someone said “An apple a day took Steve Jobs away.”  At the end of the working day, ask what actions have you taken to make yourself happier? If not , refer back to my first paragraph “ If today you are bored it is not my fault”


Make every day your Friday, a feeling of enthusiasm to have new and creative ideas to make your boss successful.  Believe me,  you are employed to make your boss to achieve success the rests are secondary. Making your boss successful is not an apple-polishing technique or SQQDC (Safety, Quick! Quick!, Delivery & Cost)

Dress sexy -day

Make every day your Friday, so that you can dress sexy and tell your boss to toss the dress code out of the window. Sexy make my day.


Make every day your Friday, once you wake-up be as adventurous as FSY:

Future-Focused – Look back on the last 5 years what have you done or what is missing? Then future focus into the next 5 years.

Search & research – The  word ‘research’ comes from you, not the scientists or R&D professionals.  If you are a parent, you will be able to recall this situation when your child was searching for something and when they can’t find it,  they came looking for you. You will say to them “go back to your room and research again …… that is how the word started. We do research every day, sometime it is a non-value activity because we misplaced things. Be the adventurous side of the research that  adds value.

You start the day by reading for 2 hours as brain exercise is just equally important than legs exercise.


Make every day your Friday – So that you work less and enjoy life more.  You don’t need to work the half day (12-hours) that you are currently working. You  just need to work a quarter of the day like me and enjoy life or make more babies for Singapore (which you are bombarded daily).

People told me, Daniel what you have mentioned above will only happens “In your dream”…….. Yes, thing always happens in the dream and the statement is very true. That is why I have said “We never do things right the first time, we do most things correct the second time. The first time is in the dream “

My company logo represented a Forward, Successfully & Younique Business & Management Consultancy.  If you sit back, take a slow deep breath, hold your breath & stare at my company logo. You will have the same feeling like me.  You enter into the battle field, (the green square) you Fight Strong (FS) and put in Quality Work and the “Y”  Yearning outward for Quality life . That is the interpretation of my company logo “FSY Qualipreneur” – Instilling Quality in Business and achieving Quality Work; Quality Life

There are 52 Fridays a year, try to create one fun activity each Friday and share with me.

For a start – take the afternoon off, go for walk with your team to a nature park near your work place.  My ex-colleagues in China, Shekou, in the afternoon go for your nature walk @ the ’Blue’ mountain……… By the time you finished reading, I am up at the highest peak of Singapore, Bukit Timah Hill.   

Stay tuned for many more Fun-ridays to come…